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Frog, Pillow Moss |
Peat Replacement for Softwater Aquarium

For Terrariums or Aquariums as a Natural Acid Buffer
AAP/ZooMed Frog Moss is Similar to Peat for Soft Water Preferring Fish

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Pillow, Frog Moss

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AAP MeWe Page

ZooMed Frog Moss (Pillow Moss)- $9.39

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Frog Moss (Pillow Moss) will come back to life and grow in many terrarium or vivarium conditions.

Increases Humidity in Terrariums for all high humidity loving species of reptiles and amphibians.

Although originally intended for Terrarium use, our use in aquariums has shown this to work well as an alternative to peat by placing in filter or anywhere else peat is used.
As well Frog Moss can potentially be used as a living decorative plant in aquariums (results may vary for this application, generally better results will be found in vivariums).

ZooMed Pillow Moss/Frog Moss acts as a natural Acid Buffer, acting to counteract Alkaline Buffers (KH) in aquariums, which is helpful for soft water preferring fish aquariums.

An excellent substitute/compliment to Peat, Indian Almond Leaves (Bio Lif), etc.
As well, an excellent compliment to 1/4- 1/2 dose AAP Wonder Shell use so as to still maintain mineral Cations and a balanced Redox in Amazon River and SE Asia fish.

In experiments with a 15 gallon aquarium utilizing two Frog Moss pieces; the Frog Moss reduced KH from 60 ppm to 10-20 ppm in one week
For this reason, Frog Moss is not recommended for aquariums where a high KH is a must such as African Cichlids.

Even when this Frog/Pillow Moss turns brown, its natural tannins are still useful for aquarium acid buffering, so it should not be disposed of unless it disintegrates into small fragments that could clog filters.

Suggested use would be to place in a filter bag, then into the filter where it still acts as a source of acid buffering tannins (or even place the filter bag containing the Pillow/Frog Moss directly into the tank in an area of higher water movement).

Includes FOUR approximately 4-5" by 4-5" pieces of Frog Moss.

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