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Freshwater Basics Complete

Saltwater Basics Complete

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Disease Prevention: long-term aquatic health

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Freshwater, Planted, Marine, Reef researched aquarium light information
Aquarium Lighting Information

Freshwater Aquarium Care Basics
Freshwater Aquarium Care & Information

Pond Care
A Clear Pond

Freshwater Fish Profiles
Freshwater Fish Profiles

American Aquarium Products Specials

TMC/AAP Vecton-6: V2 600 25 Watt- $289.99 (SPECIAL- UNTIL 12/31 ONLY)

Saltwater Balling Method DRY 3 Part Set- $35.99 (Limited Stock)

Ultra-Premium FDA Approved Aquarium Silicone- $8.19

AAP Green Water- $2.99

Tropic Marin Ultra Premium Reef/Marine Aquarium Salt- $19.99 for 7.5 lbs/25 gallons mixed

Select Driftwood- Price Varies

Aquatropic Tropica Premium Tissue Culture Live Aquarium Plants
Premium Tissue Culture Plants

*restrictions apply

We recycle and reuse our shipping material! We want to have a low-impact on landfills and energy. We allow this to be an opportunity to put a personal touch into each one of our shipment.

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TV commercial ran in Los Angeles, CA during the 1980s when AAP was Carl's Aquarium


The VERY BEST prepared fish food for your cichlids, livebearers, tetras, rasboras, gouramis, goldfish, bettas, and even many marine fish.
Made by fish food guru Clay Neighbors & Carl Strohmeyer

AAP Premium All Natural Custom Fish Food by Fish Food Guru Clay Neighbors
AAP Premium All Natural Custom Fish Food

AND: Kahoja Fish Foods; Tropical, Goldfish & Cichlid
Kahoja Tropical Fish Food Flake in particular has a better analysis than most premium brands as per the proven science of optimizing fiber in particular as well as lowering oxidative stress via lower energy levels.

As well, our professionally proven AAP Spirulina 20 Fish Food Flake
Offering in bulk qtys also!

For the most complete line of aquatic treatments & conditions, which includes formulas for fish diseases
AAP Professional Treatments

The BEST & most complete line of aquarium fish treatments

AquaRay LED Aquarium Lighting

Our professional AquaRay Lighting has the high lumens per watt, focused lumens, highest PAR efficiency, PUR, lower long term costs, & less wasted light energy than other popular LEDs.

AquaRay LED lights & other LEDs along with are the future of aquarium lighting, especially for planted freshwater or marine reef aquariums. Our AAP/Aqueon Freshwater Aquarium LED Clip-On Light are an excellent alternative for those on a budget, but not wanting to pay for all the bells & whistles of other LED lights.

TMC V˛Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with TDS Meter
Tropic Marine Center- Europe’s premier aquarium & pond products manufacture advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water filter System.
*Advanced models include TDS Meter.
*Make 95% pure water for delicate Marine Reef, Amazon River Basin, SE Asia, or other inhabitants for less than 2 cents per gallon.

Aquarium RO Water Filter System, Advanced Models include TDS Meter

Best Aquarium Silicone

Premium Aquarium Silicone
American Sealants: Dow Corning Aqueon Silicone.

The popular AAP Sponge Filter!!!

World Class Aquarium & Pond Information at AAP

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American Aquarium Mission Statement, Aquarium and Business biography
Our Mission Statement
Business Biography

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