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Aquarium, Pond Tubing, Clamps for Pumps, Filters, UV Sterilizer, Clarifier

All tubing is high quality Lees Aquarium Vinyl Tubing, NOT easily "kinked" low quality thin walled tubing commonly sold in hardware stores such as Home Depot.

All Tubing is sold in lengths of 5 or 10 feet.
As an example, if you change the number to (2) in your shopping cart of a tubing sold by 5' lengths, you will be shipped a 10 foot length of tubing OR if you purchase (5) 5' lengths, you will be shipped one 25' length of tubing.

Now Available; inch ID & 1 inch ID tubing!

Aquarium, pond Tubing Sizes, Pictures inside dimensions

*(Part 5) 1" ID, 5 length- $16.99

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Aquarium/Pond Tubing fits Via Aqua 8000, Rio 20 HF, 26, & 32 HF Pumps, and many more applications

*(Part 4) 3/4" ID, 5 length- $12.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
Aquarium/Pond Tubing fits King 3A and 5, VA 2600 & 3300 and many more applications

*(Part 3) 5/8" ID (3/4" OD), 5' length- $9.59 Jump to Shopping Cart
Aquarium pump tubing fits Rio 1100, & 1000; Via Aqua 306, 1300, 2600, 3300, our Custom watt UV sterilizer, and many more applications.

*(Part 2) 1/2" ID (5/8" OD), 5' length- $7.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
Fits Rio 200, 180, & 90; Via Aqua 480, 305, our Custom watt UV sterilizer and many more applications.

*(Part 1) 3/8" ID, 5' length- $4.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
Fits Via Aqua 80, 302, more

*(Part 7) Standard airline tubing, 10' length- $2.89

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*3/16 diameter aquarium air pump tubing.

Aquarium or pond hose clamps for filters, UV Sterilizers, pumps

*(Part 8) 5/16" to 7/8" Hose Clamps- Set (2)- $2.29

*(Part 9) 11/16" to 1-1/4" Hose Clamps- Set (2)- $2.59

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Aquarium or pond hose clamps for filters, UV Sterilizers, pumps

*(Part 10) MagClips Set- Set (2)- $9.99

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Industrial Strength MAGNETIC suction cup with interchangeable clips

Includes 6 assorted sizes of nylon clips to hold a variety of aquarium accessories, including:
*Canister filter outlet tube, aquarium heaters, filter intake tubes, filter spray barb, & airline tubing

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Aquarium Air line T valves

*(Part 11) Set of two airline 'T' valves- $3.99

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Aquarium inline air control valves

*(Part 12) In-Line Air Control Valves (set of two)- $3.99

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Aquarium Air Control Kit

*(Part 13) Lees In-Line Air Control Kit (#14103)- $5.99

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*Contains 4 Tees & 5 Tee Valves

*(Part 14) Air Line Check valve - $4.99

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Aquarium Air Stones, 4 inches and 1 inch

*(Part 15) 4" Airstone- $1.49
*(Part 16) 1" Cylinder Air-Stone (for lift tubes, sponge filters, etc.)- $.89

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*(Part 17) Limewood Wooden Air Diffusers- $1.99

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Excellent for use in air driven Protein Skimmers
Can be used for fine dispersion of CO2 in planted freshwater aquariums
2 Inches


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Terminator UV Sterilizers
Solid durable construction Terminator UV Sterilizers, Clarifiers, UV Filter Kits for aquariums and ponds.
Superior performance from a compact UV Sterilizer; proven superior results over Tetra and Turbo Twist

TMC UV Sterilizers
Tropic Marine Center Vecton & Pond Advantage Professional UV Sterilizers for Ponds or aquariums.
There are no better UV Sterilizers at Any price!

Pressurized Pond Filters

SunSun Premium Pressurized Pond Filter with UV, TMC Clear Stream and Via Aqua Parts

Via Aqua Pond Pumps

Via Aqua #DP-18000 Multi Duty Pond Pump 3828 gph, #8000 2200 gph, & more

Aquarium & Pond Plumbing Parts
Unique aquarium & pond plumbing parts.
Ball valves, T Diverter valves, hose barbs, intake and return adapters and much more for your aquarium and pond.

For Replacement UV-C Light Bulbs for your Sterilizer, see these pages:
UV Bulbs for Sale
Replacement Twin Tube UVC light bulbs, as well as link to Page 2 for Straight Tube UV-C Bulbs to fit TMC UVs

For help in connecting aquarium tubing to hose barbs or similar connection, please click below:


Aquarium/Pond Tubing, Clamps, Airline, MagClips

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