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AAP Terminator/SunSun CUV In-Line Series WITH HO UVC Lamps

AAP SunSun Terminator Compact UV Sterilizer UV Sterilizer Experts, SunSun Compact UV Sterilizer
For Aquarium and Pond Disease, Green Water control, & Redox Balance
True Level 1, 'Category B' Sterilizers with excellent UVC MW/cm2 intensity, in a Compact UV Sterilizer/Clarifier Unit. Unlike similar SunSun UVs that are only Category C

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DO NOT be fooled by some Compact Inline UVs sold on the internet with medium pressure UV lamps (which the MAJORITY now due with a resulting 75% reduction of UVC output), poor construction, and poor ballasts that often burn out after a few months.
We admittedly sell models with the baffles due to customer demand, but our experiments show these do not improve UVC dwell time and over all sterilization and therefore we refuse to charge extra for the models with baffles/twists.
We have tested via our sister aquarium maintenance businesses and rejected units such as Jebo, Coralife Turbo Twist, or Aqua Medic as they did not measure up!! (there IS a reason these UVs are found at eBay & elsewhere for cheap prices)

As well do not be fooled by similar models sold on Amazon or Ebay that are cheaper versions of these models.
FACT: Our AAP models INCLUDE Low Pressure High Output UV Lamps that have 4 times the important UVC output as well as electronic ballasts capable of firing these High Output lamps (these lamps/ballasts add to the cost, thus the higher price of our units).
Reference: Actual UV-C Emission from a UV Bulb; A MUST READ if you are thinking of purchasing one of these cheaper versions!!!

Compare our customer service and 38+ years experience in UV Sterilization Research and hands on use
For more in depth UV Sterilizer/Clarifier information please read!!
Compact Pond or Aquarium UV Sterilizer, Clarifier Information

Please note that Via Aqua initially changed their Terminator UVs, to which the newer design had more issues than the many previous year, however Via Aqua has failed of late at customer support while at the same time discontinued many of their products including the Terminator.
We have since picked up this upgraded line SunSun line of UVs with High Output/low Pressure UV Lamps, from our extensive experience is 95% of the more reliable Terminator design & include a HO UV lamp, making these easily the best Compact UVs available for the price based on our 38+ years using and designing UVs.

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  • Descriptions/Features of each Terminator UV Sterilizer/Clarifier or Kit follows this section

These Terminator now AAP/SunSun UV Inline Sterilizers feature:

Solid construction with easy service and maintenance

One Year warranty against defect (6 months for UV-C Bulb/Lamp)
Includes all weather indoor/outdoor electronic ballast. This does not warranty against miss-use such as letting the unit run dry (or near zero flow), which generally results in over-heating which then results in damage to the electrical contacts and more (cracking, etc.)

AS PER OUR TESTS; Excellent exposure time per gph of water inside unit with a flow design that maximizes water exposure. As well as a less than 1.5 cm distance between UV inside wall and quartz sleeve (approx .6 cm reaction chamber) with an Intensity Factor of at least 250.

This ENSURES the AAP/SunSun Compact UV can provide at least LEVEL ONE UV Sterilization!!

ALL these Compact UVs can be used in Fresh or Saltwater Aquariums, as well as for Pond use

Excellent value, especially when compared to the Tetra UV or gimmicky units such as the Turbo Twist which I have personally used in our sister aquarium maintenance & design business with NO better results, not to mention the high rate of ballast failures for the Turbo Twist noted by our aquarium maintenance company

Quite simply there is NO better UV in its class, the "Compact Aquarium or Pond UV Sterilizer" (yes there are better units for more money in a different class such as TMC Advantage or Vectons).

Standardized Replacement Low Pressure High Output UV Bulbs/Lamps; NO problem finding replacements unlike proprietary UV bulbs used by many UVs such as Tetra

9 Watt UV Sterilizer under cabinet attached to Fluval canister filter AAP SunSun (Previously Terminator) UV Clarifiers can be installed in-line, (such as with a Canister Filter or power head) placed on a valve controlled bypass, or hung on the back.
For HOB applications where an internal power head/pump/filter is used, I recommend the purchase of the intake and return adapters which are sold separately to keep tubing from "kinking" (see picture of these lower on this page).
The picture to the right shows a 9 Watt UV installed under the cabinet with a Fluval Canister Filter

EXCELLENT for use with Bio Cube or Internal Wet/Dry Filters for which they easily install to (See this blog post: Bio Cube, UV Sterilizers )

These Compact UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers use 3/4 inch to 1.50 inch ID (inside dimension) tubing, except for the 7 Watt SunSun/Terminator which uses inch to inch vinyl tubing.
We recommend a pump with at least 4 feet of head pressure to adequately "push" water through even a 5 Watt UV.
These UVs are not designed to be "hard plumbed" directly to PVC, rather utilized with flexible tubing then to pump/filter or PVC.

AAP/Terminator UV Sterilizers/ Clarifiers utilize premium standard low pressure mercury High Output UVC lamps are rated at 36,000 to 42,000 microwatt-seconds per square centimeter (uw-sec/cm2), which is the industry standard.
Although be aware that many SunSun UVs using the same model utilize UV bulbs that are medium pressure which ONLY provide 7-14% UVC irradiation, which is 1/4 the output of the lamps we utilize (often sold for low prices at eBay & Amazon) .
This is why SunSun on the box calls it a UV Clarifier, as when run under the flow rates suggested on the box, along with the medium pressure UV lamp that is standard on many models other than the AAP models, this would only be a UV Clarifier.
Our flow rates suggested along with the low pressure HO lamps, makes our AAP/SunSun UV Sterilizers true level one units!!

Also, many popular brands of UV Sterilizers such as Cal Pump or Tetra use proprietary UVC Lamps/bulbs, forcing the purchase of replacement UVC bulbs at often triple the price of industry standard bulbs.

-For more about Ponds including a UV Pond Installation Diagram

Although we give many pond/aquarium size suggestions, these can vary greatly based on bio load & more and in the case of ponds for instance, even a very small pond in full sun in a warm climate would likely be best with a minimum of a 9 Watt UV Sterilizer.
Please see Why Use UV Sterilization; Correct UV Sterilizer Use for more in depth information to help best fit your aquarium or pond UV Sterilizer/Clarifier

Please note that while our suggested aquarium/pond sizes as well as recommended flow rates may seem lower than most other web sites UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers (& even what the manufacturer writes on the box), this is because we publish tested and proven flow rate and aquarium/pond size suggestions based on our 30 years experience, not best case scenario or even impossible flow rates.
Know that when you purchase a UV Sterilizer from us whether the SunSun/Terminator, TMC or others that recommendations are based real world experience and facts.

Also consider the TMC Vecton/Advantage Premium UVs such as the Vecton 8 watt, which due to their high UVC dwell time actually outperforms a 9 watt Terminator or the 15 Watt Vecton or Advantage which outperforms the 18 watt SunSun/Terminator.
See this article for more about: UV Dwell Time

Best Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilizer for the Price
VIDEO: Best Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilizer for the Price

SunSun/Terminator Compact UV Sterilizers

Terminator 7 watt UV

*AAP CUV-107(Formally Via Aqua Terminator) 7 WATT QUARTZ UV STERILIZER (with HO UV Lamp) -$68.99

Temporarily Discontinued due to costs to produce the product to AAP Standards

Now a 7 Watt UV for not much $$ more than the previous 5 Watt UV
In FACT as per our testing/usage, this is probably our favorite Compact UV Sterilizer as per construction, effectiveness, & value (often our recommendation over the next size up 9 watt)

For aquariums up to 100 gallons (best under 50 gal. for level one Sterilization) or ponds up to 300 gallons, although we suggest the 9 watt or larger for any size pond due to high bio load typical of a pond (10" in length)

Suggested flow rates 175/315gph (aquarium/pond); this is very generalized, Please read this article for more specifics: UV Sterilization, all about

Design of UV maximizes the length on the UV body, allowing for more REAL UVC exposure time/dwell time of UV Sterilizers

-We have found to 5/8 inch ID Tubing works best with this size Terminator UV

Dimensions: 10" x 3"

  -UVC Bulb included, replacement bulb available here:
7 watt Replacement lamp; G23/PLS 7
(Click Picture to enlarge)

SunSun, Terminator 9 watt UV*AAP CUV-109A (Formally Via Aqua Terminator) 9 WATT QUARTZ UV STERILIZER (with HO UV Lamp) - $72.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

For aquariums up to 150 gallons (best under 75 gal. for level one Sterilization) or ponds up to 1000 gallons (11" in length)

Suggested flow rates 225/360 gph (aquarium/pond); this is very generalized, please read this article for more specifics: UV Sterilizations, all about

Unique Swivel directional intake/outlet at the end of the UV Sterilizer body; with this you can change the direction this inlet/outlet port faces for easier mating to specific aquarium or pond applications.

Easy to view light port at the end of the UV Sterilizer body allows for user to see if the UV lamp/bulb is properly functioning.

Design of UV maximizes the length on the UV body, allowing for more REAL UVC exposure time, and better UV Sterilizer dwell time

Dimensions: 11" x 3"

-We have found 3/4 inch ID Tubing works best with this size Terminator UV
Since this UV Sterilizer generally works best with pumps or filters that utilize 5/8" (16mm) ID Tubing, we suggest a couple of these 1/2-5/8" x 3/4" adapters for a more easy fit:

  -UVC Bulb included, replacement bulb available here:
9 watt Replacement lamp; G23/PLS 9
(Click Picture to enlarge)

Terminator 36 Watt UV

*AAP/SUNSUN CUV-136 (Formally Terminator)36 WATT QUARTZ SLEEVE UV STERILIZER (with HO UV Lamp)
*AAP/SUNSUN CUV-118 (Formally Terminator)18 WATT QUARTZ SLEEVE UV STERILIZER (with HO UV Lamp)

We have discontinued the 18 & 36 Watt Model models as market pressures from Amazon, Chewy, eBay, etc. made it impossible to sell these models at even a $1 profit after the upgrade in the High Output UV Lamp & ballast we made.
These products are now among many that are a casualty of our industry's self destructive slide into expecting every thing at a discount or free. Before discontinuing, we fielded questions regularly from person here and in forums we are active in only to have the person purchase a lessor product from a discounter. As well, we still constantly get questions from those who purchased lessor products via these discounter now seeking help with their product.

We suggest our True 'Category A' AAP/TMC line of UV Sterilizers, as these have still a much higher dwell time, and 2-3 times the longevity. Long term, these TMC UVs pay for themselves.
AAP/TMC Premium UV Sterilizers for Aquariums or Ponds

Further Reading: Buying Aquarium Products via Amazon (& Chewy, eBay)

We still sell the High Output Replacement UV Lamps/Bulbs here:
18 watt HO UV Replacement lamp; G11/PLL 18
36 watt HO UV Replacement lamp; G11/PLS 36

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SunSun CUV UV Sterilizer Body



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The picture to the left shows just one of many ways to connect these AAP Terminator Compact True UV Sterilizers to an aquarium when not run in-line on the return from a canister filter.

Readers might note how we connect the parts for simplicity as well as for a snug fit that does not put too much strain on your UV Sterilizer.

Rio Plus 1000 PumpThe picture to the left shows internal filter/pumps, but we would recommend the Rio+ 1000 connected to a Filter Max #2 or #3, then connected via 5/8" tubing, and utilizing Intake & Return Adapters.

Links to above suggested parts:
*Rio+ 1000 Pump
*Filter Max Pre-Filters
*Flexible Vinyl Tubing
*Return & Intake Adapters

For help in connecting aquarium tubing to hose barbs or similar connection, please click the picture below:
Aquarium and pond tubing installation

7 Watt Terminator Attached to Aquarium Picture

Sold on Separate Web Page

Aquarium & Pond Plumbing Parts

  -UV Water Return and Intake Adapter
For use with Vecton, Terminator, or any other under aquarium UV Sterilizer. For use with in-tank power heads or internal filters to safely return or intake water to the aquarium without hose kinks.

  -3/4" X 1/2" (TO 5/8") Hose Barb Adapter
Useful for adapting 3/4" inch hose barbs on UVs (such as the 9 Watt Terminator) or other aquarium equipment to the 1/2 to 5/8" hoses common Ehiem and other filters.
FOR EXAMPLE; to fit a 9 Watt Terminator to a Fluval 404 Filter, you would splice the out flow tubing and connect the 1/2 to 5/8 barb to the filter tubing on both sides and the 3/4" barb would attach to the Terminator (in the middle of the outflow).

  -Water T Diverter Valves For use with ponds, sumps, or any high flow water application where the flow rate exceeds the recommended GPH per watt for a UV Sterilizer as well as other applications

Please Click on the above picture link to purchase these items form the Plumbing Parts Web Page

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World Class Aquarium & Pond Information for Compact UV Sterilizer Use

Why Purchase from American Aquarium Products


For a Water Pump Specifications & Flow Chart
This guide may be helpful in matching a water pump to your UV Sterilizer

A MUST read for anyone serious about the use of
UV-C Sterilization in their pond or aquarium!

Tubing Installation
For help in connecting aquarium tubing to hose barbs or similar connection, please click here


TMC Vecton or Advantage for more UVC Dwell Time over Compact UV SterilizerTMC UV Sterilizers

Tropic Marine Center Vecton & Pond Advantage Professional UV Sterilizers for Ponds or aquariums.
There are no better UV Sterilizers at Any price!
Compare the TMC 15 Watt Advantage or Vecton with the 18 Terminator, while the Terminator is an excellent Compact UV design (with NO better compact design), NO compact UV compares with the long exposure time of the TMC UVs (the 15 watt TMC will out perform the 18 watt Terminator).

For H series (twin tube compact lamp) UVC lights/bulbs, please follow this link:(Bulbs to fit these Terminator UVs are found on this page)

G23/G11 Compact 'H' Shape UV bulbs

Submersible UV Sterilizer Pump
The SunSun Third Generation Internal UV Sterilizer Pump/Filter is a notable improvement on the other 1st & 2nd generation Internal UV Sterilizers of questionable performance and reliability

Aquarium UV Quartz Sleeves, BallastsSelect Quartz Sleeves, Ballasts
Including Ballasts and Quartz Sleeves for most Terminator UV Sterilizers/p>

SunSun Canister Filter
The SunSuns's external 3 stage canister has 3 flexible media trays that allowing you to add the filtration media of your choice.
These are excellent Filters along with the Filstar to use with your Terminator UV Sterilizers!

If a you do not have a canister filter or sump pump, these filters/pumps can run your UV Sterilizer:
SunSun 1542 aquarium water pumpAAP 1542 (Via Aqua 1300)
Includes a sponge pre-filter (very important for better UV Sterilizer performance)

For all our water pumps:

Many of the pumps sold on this page such as the SunSun HJ-1542 or the SunSun JP-065, Rio Plus 1000, 1100, 1700, SunSun JQB-3500 ALL work well with the Terminator UV Sterilizers (depending upon UV size).

Fluidized Sand Bed Reactors/Filters
Our Reactor when used as a Sand Bed Filter increases Bio Capacity of any Aquarium system, with unsurpassed Nitrifying Bio-Filtration. An excellent compliment to any Canister Filter

Vinyl Aquarium TubingAquarium/Pond Vinyl Tubing;
- Airline, 3/8", ", 5/8", , 1": and hose clamps too.


What Direction for Water Flow?
Terminator Ultraviolet Sterilizers/Clarifiers (and most others) are non directional and either port/hose barb can be used as the inlet or outlet.
The position of the UV Sterilizer (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) also makes little difference in effectiveness, however flow rate and aquarium/pond turnover does (protecting the Sterilizer from harsh weather or yard "sprinklers" is also helpful for Sterilizer life even though these are weather resistant, but not proof).

Cannot tell if the UVC light is functioning:
*View through the clear plastic barbs on the 7 watt unit, light indicator on the 9 watt unit, and clear hose barb or glass cover on the 18 and 36 watt unit in dim lighting or at night as it is often hard to see the blue/green glow in bright lighting, especially with lower wattage units such as the 7 Watt.
If not lit (especially new units), make sure the UVC lamp/bulb is properly inserted or not broken.

The UV Sterilizer does not appear to be functioning:
*There is a safety switch with ALL Compact UVs (not just this SunSun Model) that must be depressed to allow current to flow (the switch is intended to prevent viewing of the UV-C Lamp when the top is open while the unit is plugged in). This switch is depressed when the top is properly screwed on all the way.

As well, sometimes this switch can be bent and still will not properly make contact even with the top properly screwed on; in this case use a flat head screw driver to make sure this small silver metal switch (tab) properly seats (if plugged in while testing, please shield eyes and do not look at the light for more than a second or two).

Often a simple solution is wrapping electrical tape around this switch can over-ride this switch that is easily disturbed during shipping or a UV bulb change despite our checking prior to shipping.
Please click on the picture below for a better view:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to view/check the light from at least 4 feet away and then only for a second or two with the tape applied and the unit open!

Make sure your hose barb nuts/tightening rings are threaded properly, however not overly tight. Over tightening or cross threading can cause pre-mature failure of the "nut".
The tightening rings only need to compress the O Rings on the hose barbs for a leak free fit (even if you accidentally over tighten and crack this "nut", super glue or PVC Cement is strong enough to hold assuming no over tightening in the future)
Also, make sure you do not crack your quartz sleeve or improperly "seat" it; otherwise even the smallest leak can cause damage to the electrical components. I personally have cracked quartz sleeves, however I repaired small cracks with silicone sealant or with major cracks replaced the Sleeve.

For more information about pond applications (including a diagram for reducing flow), please see the UV Sterilizer section in this article:
A Clear Pond; Pond Information



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