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Pond and large Aquarium Pumps by AAP/SunSun among the leaders in aquatic technology.
Including the high head pressure & amphibious (in or out of water) AAP JAP 8500, 13000, & 18000. As well as the highly energy efficient, yet EXTREMELY powerful AAP/SunSun JTP-12000

Professional Aquarium and Pond Pump Experience, Via Aqua 8000, Heavy Duty Amphibious pumps

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JTP-12000 High Efficiency Heavy Duty Pond, Aquarium System Water PumpAAP, SunSun JTP-12000 High Output/Efficiency Pond Pump- $169.99

Unfortunately sales of this pump have been very slow in the last couple years due to the demise of the professional aquarium/pond industry at the hands of Amazon, etc.
The cost of product in number of units we need to have built to the professional specifications we require is cost prohibitive as it would require a 3-4 years supply at current demand levels (if we get enough requests for this pump, we will reconsider)

Our UNIQUE Pond or aquarium system pump!
3170 GPH (12000 LPH)
100 watts
Maximum head pressure 20 ft.
High water flow rate
Suitable for a variety of pipe diameter connection.
Unique VERY efficient design; uses variable frequency technology for low power consumption yet large flow rate & high head pressure!
Submersible; Excellent for sump use in Aquarium Systems or placed inside a pond or pond sump
Very Quiet for the size/volume of water it moves
Thermally protected; Automatically shuts down if the pump runs dry for more than 5 minutes!!
Outlet fits 3/4 to 1.5 inch flexible tubing
Dimensions; 9 x 5.6 x 5.45 inches
Power Cord 15.5 feet (4.75 meters)
Weight; 11 lbs.
110/120 Volt

JAP-8500 Amphibious Heavy Duty Pond, Aquarium System  Water PumpAAP, AAP/SunSun JAP-8500 Amphibious Pump $149.99
AAP/SunSun JAP-18000 Amphibious Pump $179.99

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High water flow rate
Highest head pressure of ANY comparable mag-drive water pump available at any price!
Double Screen Guard to protect pump. Most pumps including the Jebao & Atlantic only have an inner guard!
Can be used either submersed (under water) or in-line; completely amphibious
   If used out of the water, in line; make sure the pump is place in a location below the water level of the pond
1" to 1-1/2" flexible tubing connections; Inlet & Outlet
1" hard PVC connections; Inlet & Outlet
Thermally protected
Encapsulated pre-filter
110/120 Volt
As with ANY Mag Drive submersible pump, these should NOT be used with a pond skimmer due to variable input restrictions that can damage the pump and void the warranty (only a direct drive pump should be used for such applications)

2245 GPH (8500 LPH)
230 watts
Maximum head pressure 23 ft.
Dimensions; 14.75 x 5.12 x 6 inches
Weight; 11 lbs.

4755 GPH (18000 LPH)
650 watts
Maximum head pressure 24.6 ft.
Dimensions; 15.75 x 5.5 x 6.5 inches
Weight; 12 lbs.

The picture below demonstrates the JAP-8500, 13000 or 18000 Pump with the outside cover off.
From the left, frame 1 shows the internal strainer, frame 2 shows the internal strainer off, frame 3 shows the inlet adapter attachment on.
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As with ANY submersible magnetic drive pump, your should always protect the pump intake with more than just the supplied screens with rock beds or similar as per our Pond Care Article.
The reason being is that when one gets into a magnetic drive pump with the amount of wattage and size magnet these and other pumps use, all it takes is some debris to get into the impeller well and the power of thus type of pump will simply shred itself in an attempt to run.
Just because a discounter such as Chewy or Amazon does not state this is not beause their pumps are better (actually they have less inner magnetic impeller protection), they simply do not have the expertise we at AAP have with decades of hands on experience. As well, these discounters sell more by not telling you the consumer this!!

The pictures below show a few examples what we recommend to protect your pump:

Pond Water Pump Pre FilterBog Filter with pump, pipe

Via Aqua DP-18000 Multi Duty Pond Pump-

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)

The Via Aqua Multi Duty Pond Pump is a fully submersible high flow rate pond and fountain pump which has the power to operate multiple applications. Each pump includes an encapsulating rigid external filter strainer and a directional vortex rotor.
Fountain heads and water diverting valve are included as well. Click pictures to enlarge

Via Aqua  DP-18000 Fountain Heads, configurations
3828 GPH (14,500 LPH)
250 watts
Maximum head pressure 21 ft.
High water flow rate
Energy efficient and internal use
Directional vortex impeller
Fountain head kits included
Thermally protected
Encapsulated pre-filter
Includes high-flow Water Bell and Tiered fountain as well

Via Aqua 8000 Power head pump

Via Aqua 8000 Power Head Pump -

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)

Consider the AAP JAP-8500 Amphibious Pump as a BETTER more DURABLE replacement for the VA 8000 pump!

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