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Two Little Fishies PhosBan 150 Media Reactor
(Older TMC Models Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Also Parts For Older Models & Silica/Oolitic Media, Optional Adapters

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Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 150 Media Reactor AAP MeWe Page
AAP MeWe Page

The use of fluidized sand filters or multi-purpose reactors for aerobic bio-filtration is no longer a “new” concept, however the use these filters are still not well known to many aquarium keepers for use with sand or nitrate reducer products such as NPX Bio-Plastics, especially when it pertains to advanced planted aquarium keepers as these filters do not wear off your CO2.

With the use of nitrate reducing polymer products such NPX Bioplastics Nitrate Reducing Polymer, the "PhosBan 150 Media Reactor" can be an excellent nitrate reducing tool, especially for top tier reef aquariums!!

The animated picture to the right shows the AAP Phosban Reactor running with 200 grams of Silica Sand and similar volume of NPX BioPlastics (click on pic to enlarge).

As well, a deep sand bed, live rock, live rock crumbles, volcanic rock, refugiums, chemical nitrate absorbents (such as Purigen and/or Matrix placed in a Sump or other Filter), Protein Skimmers, etc. can be employed as a compliment where nitrates need to be lowered.

*Note with the exception of the NPX Bioplastics that require a reaction chamber, NO other products should be placed in your Reactor (place these products such as Purigen, Marix, Phosphate Removers in a separate filter or in a bag next to the water pump intake).
IMPORTANT: When BioPlastics is utilized, a Protein Skimmer or Purigen MUST be utilized!

For Phosphate Removal, we actually recommend SeaChem's Phosbond which blends the two best types of phosphate removers in a synergistic blend.
Resource: SeaChem PhosBond 250 mL (170 gr) from AAP

We have used this type of filter for many of our professional freshwater, marine, & turtle aquarium set-ups (by our affiliated aquarium maintenance company). When used with fine #00 grain sand, the advantage is the self cleaning of the surface area of the sand grains by the constant churning and mixing of sand suspended within the filtration chamber.

When used with #00 silica or oolitic sand, the "PhosBan 150 Media Reactor" provides high amounts of surface area for unsurpassed nitrifying bio-filtration capacity by any comparable size bio media filter.
In fact, when used with .3 Kilo (300 grams) of sand, these reactors have considerably higher bio capacity than most popular canister filters. With .3 Kilo of sand, the bio capacity is between 3- 7 lbs of fish or other bio load.
With the combination use of NPX BioPlasitcs, we recommend 200 grams of sand (.2 Kilo).
Sand NOT Included, but available in drop down menu

Please Note: The previous TMC models were discontinued by the manufacturer due to poor sales as the professional aquarium industry continues to contract due to discounters and lack of support outside of the shrinking professional aquarium keeping community.

PhosBan Reactor 150 Media Reactor Directions

Click on picture to the right to enlarge for a better view

  • Up-flow design for the most efficient use of PhosBond, Phosban, or NPX Bio-Plastics Absorption media

  • Even dispersed up-flow lifts media, prevents channeling, & increases contact efficiency of media or sand

  • Use with ANY granular media, including granular Activated Carbon.
    Resource: AAP Premium Lignite Activated Carbon

  • Easy to install on any aquarium or sump

  • Dimensions; 13" x 3.5" (4.5" with hanging clamp on width dimensions)

  • One PhosBan Reactor for aquariums up to 567 litres (150 US Gallons)
    Multiples can be used in larger aquariums or high bio load aquariums!!

  • Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 150 Media Reactor

    Two Little Fishies PhosBan 150 Media Reactor- $69.99

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    Suggested Pumps:

    OTHER PARTS; For Previous Models

    Replacement Oolitic Sand Media 1 kgReplacement Silica Sand Media 1 kg

    *Silica Sand Media 1 kg. (slightly over 2 cups dry) -$15.99 (NOT Included)

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    This media is inert

    *Oolitic Sand Media 1 kg. (slightly over 2 cups dry) - $15.99

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    The Oolitic Sand is an excellent choice for Marine, African Cichlid, Livebearer, and even goldfish aquariums as well as Koi Ponds.

    TMC Oolitic Sand will aid in buffering as well as adding calcium, magnesium, & trace minerals back into the water (this can be especially help for ponds with high amounts of organics that are often introduced to the water and subsequent decomposition).

    Strongly suggested for Marine/Reef aquariums!

    Ceramic Pre-Filter MediaCeramic Pre-Filter Media 4 oz. - $3.99Jump to Shopping Cart

    Fluid Bed Control Valve/ Union- $9.99

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  • Fit ANY 14mm to 5/8" vinyl tubing
  • Installation Suggestion; slip compression ring over tubing first, then screw back over threads on control valve/union.

  • Replacement O-Ring for TMC FSB Filters- $5.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

  • Fits all models (600, 1000, 1500)

  • Helpful Installation Tips

    Aquarium, Pond Tubing Connection Tutorial
    Aquarium/Pond Tubing Connection Tutorial

    For help with tubing connections with your UV Sterilizer, Pump, Fluidized Filter, etc.

    For help with figuring aquarium or pond water pump head pressure, please read this article from "Aquarium & Pond Answers:
    Head Pressure in Aquarium and Pond Water Pumps
    Excellent information for helping to determine the best pump for your Fluidized Sand Bed Filter

    Sold on Separate Web Page:

    Optional Plumbing Parts

    *Optional Water Return and Intake Adapters
    For use as an alternative method for adding water back into the aquarium with more directional control that the parts included with the filter.
    The Intake Prevents tubing "kinks" when powering a Filter placed below an aquarium with an internal filter or pump.

    World Class Aquarium & Pond Information, including FSB Filters

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    TMC Fluidized Sand Bed Filter

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