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*AAP/Lees Aquarium Gravel Vacuum and Siphon
*Eheim Battery "Quick Vac" Sludge/Detritus Remover/ Cleaner
*Aquarium Water Change Valve

Also *Lees/Python Pump Replacement, *Valve Kit,
*25' Ultimate Gravel Vac Kit, & *DIY Super Gravel Vac System

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Aquarium Cleaning Products

Aquarium Cleaning Equipment; Whether it be the economical and popular Lees Gravel Vacuum or the Advanced Eheim Sludge Remover or even parts to make your own economical aquarium Cleaning System, these products should meet most of your aquarium cleaning needs.

The Lees Gravel Vacuum/Siphon can be used to simply clean mulm and drain water into a bucket or attached to garden hose (or vinyl tubing) and then exhausted to your garden, bathroom, or even utility sink (via Faucet pump for “uphill” draining). See the picture after the shopping cart for a DIY Gravel vacuum system (similar to the Python) using parts sold here and your garden hose.

The Ehiem Sludge Remover is a premium battery powered gravel aquarium cleaning device is an excellent way to remove uneaten fish food or other organic debris/mulm before it can decompose and over load the aquarium bio system or simply cause sudden drops in pH and rising nitrates due to decomposition.
The Sludge Remover does not take the place of water changes, but this is a recommended piece of equipment to have for a quick clean up, better aquarium maintenance and control of water parameters.

Lees Gravel Vacuum Aquarium Siphon

*Lees Gravel Vacuum;

MEDIUM: Self-Start 2” BY 10” (Model # 11555)- $19.99

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Please note, the model 11556 with nozzle is no longer available, as the model with the nozzle tended to crack and was actually not as effective.

* Self Start
* Designed to separate and remove debris from aquarium gravel.
* Wide mouth nozzle for faster cleaning and hard to reach areas (many other gravel vacuums do not have this feature)
*10 inch vacuum bell with 56 inches of hose
* Compare the features on this superior gravel vacuum to many others that may cost less, however are not as easy to use (also compare our low shipping costs to see the REAL price, as ours is often lower when shipping is factored in).
* Can be used to replace Python gravel vacuums or make your own vacuum system by inserting the plastic end into a standard garden hose.
* A must have for any aquarist for aquarium cleaning

See section below the shopping cart for a DIY ultimate "Python type" aquarium cleaning system


Aquarium in-line water change valve

Aquarium Water Change Valve- $19.99

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Please click on the picture for more information and better viewing

*Excellent for use in EI planted aquariums where a gravel vacuum is not generally required, however regular large water changes are.

*Simply connects in line from either your sump or canister filter.
Then after attaching a hose and then by closing one valve and opening another, you can quickly an easily pump your water to a sink, toilet, or outside to water your plants (if freshwater).

*Heavy duty PVC construction with 1/2 to 5/8" male hose barbs to allow for easy splicing into your filter/pump return line.

Hose Barb Adapters *Also can be made to fit 3/4" tubing with purchased separately 1/2" by 3/4" Hose Barb Adapter
Please click on the picture to the right for the web page selling this part (Part #3 @ $2.89 Each)

Eheim Sludge Extractor Battery Gravel VacuumEheim Sludge Remover

Eheim Sludge/Detritus Extractor Battery Gravel Vacuum- $57.99

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• Battery operation (4 AA batteries included)
• Will run up to 4 hours on Alkaline Batteries
• Strong suction pump
• Easy to use
• Excellent in between compliment to regular water changes/vacuuming with Lees/ Python or similar Gravel Vacuum/Siphons
• Suction jet with extension element
• Suitable for marine and freshwater
• Minimum suggested water for best operation is 12 inches of water (such as a full 10 gallon aquarium)
• Fully submersible up to 3 ft. deep
• Uses easily cleaned micron filter element, which is easily removed and opened for easy/simple cleaning.

See the picture to the right for a picture of the Debris trap/Micro Filter element with the ends removed for cleaning (click on the picture for a larger view).
• A relatively inexpensive alternative to the discontinued Aquarium Cleaning Machine

Eheim Sludge Extractor Gravel Vacuum DemonstrationEheim Battery Vacuum Mulm Remover demoAlthough not as effective as an aquarium cleaning machine, the Eheim Sludge Extractor Battery Gravel Vacuum is a simple less expensive alternative for smaller aquariums.

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Python/ Lees Gravel Vacuum Pump

Ultimate Gravel Vacuum Pump Kit and Faucet Adapter- $10.99

(Replaces Python Pump as well)

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• Can be used with 5/8" ID Aquarium Tubing or a 5/8" garden hose and regular Gravel Vacuum to make a DIY Ultimate Gravel Vacuum or Python (slip the gravel Vacuum hose into the male end of the garden hose)
• Excellent for use in draining low aquariums or sumps into a sink where gravity siphons are an issue
• 4 to 1 water waste ratio (4 gallons of water siphoned from aquarium to every 1 gallon wasted tap water used to create siphon)

Python/ Lees Gravel Vacuum valve adapter kit

*Lees Gravel Vacuum Valve Kit- $10.99

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• For use in existing Ultimate Gravel Vacs/Pythons
• Can be used for a DIY Ultimate Gravel Vac/Python
• Includes valve, female splice adapter (to add to existing gravel to easily attach to a garden hose, etc.), and a male splice adapter

Lees Gravel Vacuum Kit, with valves, faucet adapter

*Lees 25' COMPLETE Gravel Vacuum Kit- $49.99

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• Includes 25 feet of hose/tubing
• Includes Lees Gravel Vacuum Valve which lets you easily start, stop, and control suction and water flow rate.
• Lees 25' Vacuum Kit includes the Lees Vacuum Pump Kit and Faucet Adapter to allow this Ultimate Gravel Vac to work on most kitchen faucets (some faucets may require additional adapters).

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World Class Aquarium & Pond Information including Aquarium Vacuums


Rena XP Canister Filters
The BEST Canister Filter at ANY price; Rena XP1, XP2, XP4

ATI Hydro Sponge Filters
ATI Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filters for bio and mechanical aquarium filtration. New Hydrosponge Pro filter for high bio load tanks. Also replacement sponges and parts for Hydro Sponge

Algae Scrubber Pads, Aquarium Scraper, Breeder Box
Lees Algae Scrubber Pads, Aquarium Scraper, Breeder Box, Filter Saver Bag.

Aquarium Silicone
Professional Grade Aquarium Silicone

Reverse Osmosis Aquarium Water Filter System
Newest Generation Reverse Osmosis Aquarium Water Filter with TDS Meter

For the best in hot cathode low pressure UV Bulbs; Hot Cathode Low pressure UVC Lamps for replacement in UV Sterilizers, Clarifiers.
Keeping your UV Sterilizer well maintained with a fresh lamp is part of regular aquarium and pond maintenance.


Aquarium Cleaning
Relevant information which includes, Methods, Reasons, Procedure, Refill, Tips and more about Aquarium Cleaning.

DIY Python style Gravel Vacuum
DIY Super Gravel Vac Style Super Gravel Vacuum

Please click pictures to enlarge
This is a DIY Super Gravel Vacuum using 5/8" ID Aquarium Tubing OR a sterile garden hose (5/8"), a Less 10" or other Gravel Vacuum, some duct tape for wrapping around the end of the Vacuum tubing for a better fit, a Lees Water Pump and Faucet Adapter.

The use of a female adapter from this kit makes attachment to a hose much more simple than the use of duct tape (suggested above). This kit also includes a male adapter and a valve, which makes water flow control more simple.

We recommend removing the Gravel Vacuum when filling and using a suction cup attached to the hose to secure it to the inside of the aquarium when filling (although it works fine with water returning thru the gravel vacuum, just make sure the whole vacuum is in the water before filling just in case the end becomes detached)

Aquarium Gravel Vacuum & Parts

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