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Marine Aquarium Protein Skimmers;

*Tropic Marine (TMC) V2 Skim; High Performance Venture Injection Skimmer
*Rio Nano Skimmer Protein Skimmer/ Filter for Small Saltwater Aquariums.
*Wooden, Limewood Air Diffusers (Airstones)

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We sell the economical & cost effective Rio Nano Skimmer which also includes a small cartridge filter; designed smaller marine aquariums.

For more serious aquarium keepers with have the advanced venturi marine skimmers made by the highly regarded European company; Tropic Marine Center.


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• High performance, quality protein skimmer incorporating a patented venturi injection system which optimizes the perfect mixture of fine air bubbles and water and ensures intensive, efficient skimming and the removal of proteins and other harmful toxins (waste) from the aquarium.
• The versatile design allows the V2 Protein Skimmer to be used either as an external “hang on” skimmer OR internally in a sump or aquarium.
• The large tapered collection cup improves foam concentration and is easily removable for quick and effortless cleaning. On larger models (V2 Skim 800) there is a drain port to allow skimmate to be drained to waste using the collection cup drain hose supplied.
• The water level adjustment dial allows water level and flow to be finely tuned to ensure optimum foam consistency and highly efficient skimming.
• The V2 Skim’s unique outlet pipe assembly allows the water to be returned to the aquarium or sump at exactly the desired angle or location.
• All V2 Skim Protein Skimmers are supplied with V2 Bubble Stop which filters any remaining micro bubbles from the protein skimmer. The Bubble Stop feature also provides additional post skimming filtration Making this the best Protein Skimmer currently available in their class!
• Each V2 Skim Protein Skimmer is supplied complete with a high performance Rio 2100 pump (37 Watt) which delivers the optimum flow rate the venturi injection system requires.
• Ozone Compatible; The V2 can be combined with an Ozone Generator for even more efficiency. In fact when used with an Ozone Generator this premium Venturi Skimmer can surpass any available Needle/Mesh Wheel Skimmer!

Models currently stocked:

*V2 Skim 400- $205.99

SPECIAL/CLEARANCE; V2 Skim 400, 25% OFF- $149.99

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For aquariums up to 105 gallons (400 liters)
• Approximately 17 inches tall

*V2 Skim 600- $209.99

SPECIAL/CLEARANCE; V2 Skim 600, 25% OFF- $156.99

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For aquariums up to 160 gallons (600 liters)
• Approximately 19 inches tall

TMC V2 Reef Aquarium Skimmer inside and outside tank view
Please click on this picture for a larger view of how this TMC Marine Reef Skimmer fits to an aquarium or sump, both an inside view and outside view.

For Detailed Instructions for the V2 Skim; Please Click Here These instructions are very thorough and should help you with your purchase decision as well as how to mount this skimmer externally or in a sump.

Please note that the TMC V2 Protein Skimmer is an advanced piece of marine reef aquarium equipment, and with ALL advanced protein skimmers requires some fundamental mechanical abilities and understanding of how these work so as to install correctly.
Our professional aquarium company feels this along with the ASM are the very best, which is why we choose to sell this product at wholesale prices, however please understand that at the price we sell this product, we cannot give any better instructions than are provided in the pdf download above.

Rio Nano Skimmer RIO NANO SKIMMER - $36.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

• Great for small Nano Aquariums.
• Fits on sumps for improved skimming even in larger aquariums.
• Needle Wheel
• Simple installation and compact design.
• Adjustable variable venture with exclusive Air/Water mixing chamber.
• Ozone Compatible.
• Water level control.
•Innovative design that fills a niche between the problematic Skilter, the Tropic Marine V2 and the pricy Bak Pak
• 110 gallons per hour (400 liters per hour)
• Includes filter cartridge.
• For aquariums up to 20 gallons (larger if used with other skimmers/ filters in a sump, or as additional back skimmer)
• 7.25” L x 4.5” W x 10.25” H
• 18.5 cm L x 11.5 cm W x 26 cm H

*Replacement Cartridges- $4.19 Jump to Shopping Cart

Other Protein Skimmer Accessories:
Lees Wooden Air Diffuser, 2 inch
*Wooden Limewood Air Diffusers - 2 Pack- $6.99
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• Excellent for use in air driven Protein Skimmers
• Can be used for fine dispersion of CO2 in planted freshwater aquariums
• 2 Inches

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TMC V² O³ Zone Ozone Generator

Top of the line Ozone Generator which raises oxidizing levels, making your Protein Skimmer more efficient which helps to break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water

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