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Aquarium Submersible/Internal Filter from AAP

Models AAP/SunSun HJ-752, AAP/Aqueon AT-40 (Large)
Submersible Internal Power Filters for Aquariums Vivariums, Terrariums, or Fountains

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Via Aqua 302, 305, 306 Internal Aquarium Power Filter

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Our AAP/SunSun & Aqueon Internal Power Filters are fully submersible quiet, energy efficient and use an oil free water pump.
The compact design makes these an ideal pump/filter for small water fountain and water falls. Equipped with a built in pre-filter.
The AAP/Aqueon comes with two replaceable cartridges that contain a sponge and carbon and are easy to rotate in changes to maintain good bio capacity.
The sponge in the HJ-752 pre-filter will provide extra mechanical filtration.
The SunSun HJ-752 are great water filters/pumps for small turtle tanks, terrariums and desktop fountains.
Easy installation just install in desired location and plug-in.

The AAP/SunSun Multi-Function Internal Power Filter is capable of running small UV Sterilizers as long as the UV is placed near the top of the aquarium so that head pressure is not a major factor (such as the Terminator 9 Watt).
See the picture to the left showing a SunSun HJ-752 attached to a Terminator 7 Watt UV Sterilizer
Compact design
Energy efficient
All models include water aeration attachment feature

Professional Aquarium and Pond Filter Experience, Via Aqua 302, 305, 305, SunSun HJ-752, HJ-952 Simple Installation
The AAP/SunSun 752 Internal Filters also include a spray bar attachment
Provides excellent cross (horizontal) circulation as opposed to the vertical circulation of HOB, Canister, and air powered sponge filters
Excellent for Terrarium or Viviarium use, especially the SunSun 752 requires only 3 inches of water when placed horizontally in a terrarium, making these filters useful for turtle, newt, frog or similar tanks where most filters cannot operate in the small volume of water.
The Aqueon AT-40 is an excellent compliment to a HOB or Canister filter in a larger aquarium
Excellent bio and mechanical filtration with the internal sponge.
Inexpensive operation, the internal sponge only needs rinsing in de-chlorinated water, no filter cartridge to replace

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SunSun HJ-752 (160 gph)- $11.99

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Flow Output; 160 gph

Dimensions: 6.5" L x 1.5" W x 2.25" H

Includes Spray Bar

Output Diameter: 1/2", 3/8"

For Aquariums, Vivariums, & Terrariums up to 30 gallons

Wattage: 10
Compare this wattage to similar GPH Internal power filters marketed elsewhere that are often 7 watts resulting in poor head pressure and/or flow under any kind of load.

Cord length: 6

*Minimum Water Depth for operations: 3 inches (7.5 cm) when placed in aquarium or Terrarium horizontal

The first picture to the left shows the HJ-752 in a couple of different configuration options such as laying horizontal to the bottom for shallow aquariums, vivariums such as turtle or frog tanks.

The second picture to the left demonstrates how to take apart your SunSun HJ-752 including how you can rinse or change your sponge.
It is noteworthy that these parts are connected firmly together and firm grip is required to pull these apart.

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Aqueon AT-40 QuietFlow Internal Power Filter

AAP/Aqueon AT-40 QuietFlow Internal Power Filter- $39.99

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The AAP Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Power Filters offer unique versatility for both aquariums and aquatic terrariums.

Aqueon AT-40 QuietFlow internal filter use, configurations Designed to be fully submersed, these filters effectively clean water using a three-stage internal filtration process:
Stage 1 uses a foam to remove particles and debris;
Stage 2 utilizes activated carbon removing toxins, odors and discoloration from water;
Stage 3 uses a patented Biogrid to remove ammonia and nitrates from water.

The uniquely designed return pipe allows for either vertical or horizontal positioning within the habitat and has an adjustable flow rate.

The AAP/Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Power Filters are self-priming and come pre loaded with Aqueon replaceable cartridges.

Flow Output; 170 gph (7 Watt).

Aqueon AT-40 QuietFlow Replacement Cartridge Set

Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridge QuietFlow Internal Power Filter Med/Large Set- $10.99

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Each cartridge acts as a two-stage filter. The dense foam outer layer removes dirt and particulates while inside the activated carbon removes odor, organics and discoloration. The rigid frame ensures that water passes through the cartridge, and not around it, for optimal water filtration.

Dense foam mechanical filtration removes particles and debris

Activated carbon chemical filtration removes toxins, odors and discoloration

Large Cartridge fits QuietFlow Internal Filter models AT30 (one) and AT 40 (two)

Replace approximately every 30 days for crystal clear water and proper filter operation.
The PROs at AAP recommend rotating which cartridge you change so as to maintain good bio function.

302 Internal Aquarium, Terrarium  Power Filter

Via Aqua 302PF (120 gph)

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)

Via Aqua 305PF
(315 gph)

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)

306 Internal Aquarium Power Filter

Via Aqua 306PF (525 gph) -$26.99

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)

Via Aqua Sponge Replacements;

*302PF Sponge- $1.89

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