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Updated 5-20-15

Information/Customer Service

*I want to say THANK YOU for your article and information on Columnaris. 2 Bettas saved.

My local Petco gives injured, sick, or customer "donated" Bettas to me. The donations from customers are usually at "deaths' door". The injured or sick Bettas arrive from the breeder in no condition to sell. One fish arrived without a tail! It wasn't fin rot, it was just ripped off at the base. Betta Detail has become their last chance at survival. It seems that if you know what is wrong, and act fast, you can save the fish. The real problem is when you can't figure out what is ailing the fish.

At any rate, you guys are a real treasure. I hope to be able to buy your download soon. There is plenty more to learn. Tattered, shredded fins, and pop-eye are next on my list of ailments to overcome.


Evelyn D.
Betta Detail

*Hey, thanks for your prompt reply!
This is a really great article. I am a chemistry teacher and am amazed by the in-depth technical details presented here in a very clear format. Well worth the 4 bucks!
Lisa C.

(in reference to the Chemistry Article Download)

*Comments/Order: Hello! First off, I have no clue why I haven't discovered this website until now in the entire 4 years I have owned an aquarium, kudos to EVERYONE one that has made this site so exquisitely informative!!!

-Mike R

*Richard H.

"Wow.. only 24 hours after installing your TMC Vecton 200 UV Sterilizer I find myself looking twice to make sure there's water in my tank it's NEVER been so clear. Many thanks for opening my eyes as to the value and the issues around quality, water flow, etc. Until I read your article on UV Sterilizers I hadn't even considered buying one. And that was after your Aquarium Chemistry article put me on the right track---thank goodness---re buffers & cleaning (for my planted tank).
Now KH/pH is remarkably stable, algae explodes no more, and my fish really seem to like those Wonder Shells.
Sorry for the long blurb but after a many hours of Google'ing in search of sage & cogent advice, I have to say your articles---the entire series---are unique on the net. The breath of information, the detail & specifics, the understandability & organization, the experienced-based process tips, not to mention your high-quality orientated product line---altogether in one place. It's wonderful, incredibly helpful, precisely what I've been looking for. You turned my prior confusion & frustrations into a success story.
Thank you and keep up the good work!!"

*Oakley M

I read your articles numerous times a week. Most recently I finally got correct info on treatment of Columnaris. I lost two angels before I was able to get my hands on some Kanaplex.
Thank you again for sharing all of your knowledge. It's appreciated.

I just wanted to thank you for all the information you have provided on your web site; I bought my 2.5 year old daughter a 5 gallon
Aqueon Minibow aquarium because she loves to look at fish and this the first time in my life I am taking care of fish.
Unfortunately, the fish kept on dying and I didn't understand what was wrong until I read all the in-depth articles on your webpage about how aquariums worked and purchased
some very reasonably priced items from you. Now the fish are happy, disease free and my daughter is very happy!
All the best,

*Whoa... on top of the your extensive information you've shared with me, I am now confronted with honesty. You are out of site. Most all retailers I run into always "know the right" answer. A lot of it sounds made up. They are never open and honest like you, so one does not know what to believe. Your awesome. Thanks. Your idea of different coralline needing different light makes sense. I will have to pay closer attention this time too. Have a great weekend.

*im3@xxx Just wanted to say thank you so much for your in-depth articles and research on aquarium processes. I am so sick and tired of all the cr!! that people post on web forums. The logical fallacies, woo, and PRATT (point refuted a thousand times) arguments that people spout make me want to stab myself in the eye with a fork. All this isn't helped by a complete lack of research on the subject, and so it's great to see someone putting the effort in for the greater good. I'm currently trying to convince the woman in my LFS to let me use some equipment to do some research on some of the more stupid points that people make as well.

*Bgcat249@xxx: Well all I can say is Thank God for scientific, objective aquarium information...from someone who "has done it all just about" and seen the results. This is info I am unable to get anywhere else and I am so grateful Carl has put in the time to write all this down to help others who want to have the healthiest fish tank possible. I have forwarded this info to others who have aquariums.
I am a veterinary technician of 30 years and after many years have finally set up a 60 gallon tank and wanted to do it the right way. I have ordered many of the products Carl has recommended and hope to have a healthy tank for years to come. (awaiting wondershells-Ca and Mg problems-something I would never have been aware of )My Fish seem to love the spirulina 20. Aquarium advice sites do not even come close to the accurate information found on your site. Antecdotal at best
Just wanted to let you know how ecstatic I am that I came across this site and grateful I am for the wonderful well reearched in depth info you have provoded MANY people.THANK YOU! Betsy Gagen

*rixrox@xxx; You're welcome. I always prefer to do business with local companies
like yours. BTW, your website is very well done. Nice job.

*slyarch@xxx; Thanks Carl. . and thanks for the info on the website for questions and answers. I will put your store in my favorites for when I need more stuff . .which I already know I do. I am making a list.

*earwigz@xxx; Thank you,
Doing business with you feels a lot like trading with my Local Fish Store. I really appreciate your help.

*Thank you again for all of your informations you provide! It is amazingly shocking about the comments on some forums. I enjoy reading your blog and website.

wprat@xxx; The site really shows all the work. I’ll be directing people there for the informational content alone as it looks like a great resource, not to mention the products. Again nice work. Thanks,

*agrossauer@xxx; I am in the process of setting up and expanding a new tank, and will definitely order the supplies from you.
Sincerely, Andreas G

*faithfullove2@xxx; Your website is one of the most informative I have EVER seen. Excellent and concise information. Easy to navigate and user friendly. Great Job!

*kagomekeg@xxx; Dear Carl, Steve, and other American Aquarium staffers,
I just really wanted to tell you thank you for your awesome website. Since finding your website when researching ammonia cycling in my new tank I think I've read almost every article. I really enjoy the information and have learned a great deal. You have greatly increased my knowledge of aquarium care and have helped me improve the health and happiness of my fish. I'm trying to send all the business your way that I can. If I need something for my tank and you guys carry it, I buy it from you and only you. I have a lot of friends who are avid aquarium hobbyists and I am doing everything I can to direct them to you for buying their products. Also, I would like to thank you for your excellent service. You guys do a GREAT job handling and shipping orders. So thanks, you deserve a pat on the back!
Your loyal customer,

*abel_j@xxx; I just set up my tank this past Sunday the 25th so I'm not going to be putting the skimmer on for a bit until the bio is established. Thanks for the quick response as usual. I'm going to go check out your forum. Take care.

*ericnguyen23@xxx; thanks for the quick response Carl...
its pretty cramped quarters in my built in wet/dry so its tough putting a uv sterilizer. i'll think of something.
but fantastic articles btw. i'm certain everyone should have one of these in thier tank. I'll have to work on mine first ;)

*meidchen-baai@xxx; Hi Carl
Just a reply to tell you thank your for your (2) notes (one from the previous order). It's a nice touch. Also, you have a steady customer in our family for your very reasonably priced, excellent products.
Ida H.

*droberts_ms@xxx; Thank you for having information on fish fungus. I have a Betta that I've been struggling with what I believe to be fungus, but only found very confusing information on the web, until I found your site. I've bookmarked it for further reading and reference. Thanks again. Donna Roberts Betta lover!

*vfx.bishop@xxx; Thanks for the quick fix idea! It is quieter now, still audibly louder than the other two though. I really appreciate the tip, the quick reply, and overall level of customer service you have! I'll definitely be buying from you in the future!
Best, Brandt

*ggolightly@xxx; Carl, Thanks for the heads up on the shipping. I enjoy the articles on your website. If it was not for these articles I would not have placed an order with you. It is a real good way to find the things that are needed to complete a successful system. I like the way the products are highlighted in the article to make ordering simple as you read thru the material.

*tclhb@xxx; You are very welcome!I was very happy with my previous order, and I like your website. You have great information there, particularly on food

*Laura-bql46a49fe9@xxx; That did it - thanks for your help. Laura

*chad.craft@xxx; Carl,
It's refreshing these days to hear from someone who actually knows what their talking about and has enough backbone to express an opinion. Sincerely hope you turn a profit soon. I think I'll go with an air-driven Hydro Sponge filter 2 in each rear corner. This gives me the redundancy you recommend. Thanks. Chad

*orlandojunkmail@xxx; Thanks Steven. Just so you know, I had no idea where to order this kind of stuff, and your website came recommended on the Happy Turtle Pub forum, a forum on turtles. I will recommend you as well when my heater comes in.
Thanks!!! Cindy

*tsposte@xxx; Hello, I received the pumps today and wanted to drop you note and thank you for the excellent service and communications. I really appreciate dealing with companies that recognize the importance of great service and keeping the customer informed.
Thanks again. I look forward to doing business with you again.
Sincerely, Tim Poste

*brianleelehman@xxx; Thanks Carl.... I appreciate the support and plan to brag about your exceptional service.. Keep the suggestions on the site coming and with that additional products.. After spending much time on the web, your site is definately the most helpful and informational (w/ actual facts and science vs. just product push).. I am an engineer by schooling and appreciate that...

*tealas@xxx; Thank you so much Carl! I really appreciate this detailed, thoughtful reply. (And very kind to offer up your cell phone - though I wouldn't want to trouble you.) The lady at the tropcial fish store just stared at me about 3 weeks ago when I bought the Methylene blue. I explained all that I had done for Lady and asked her advice about the green coating. She looked at me blankly and said "that is one lucky betta fish". Who knows why I am doing all this for one little betta, but hey I'm learning a ton about fish and I can help other folks in the future with the info. I read your articles about electrolytes and Aeromonas. I'm getting the regular wondershells, Kanaplex, and Neomycin ( in case of tummy infection) in my shopping cart. I'll read about the Nitrofurazone and get that too. I have another Betta (Rosie) too, though Lady is taking all my time right now. Also you are the first to explain about RO water. I have been using 1/2 RO water to balance the acidity of my city water here.... gonna reread your article on that and go down to 25% RO water and watch the pH changes more closely!
Have a good & safe journey, Teala

*ptcmini@xxx; Wow! Wish everyone was as conscientious as you. You'll hear from me again, that's for sure.

*mikelang52@xxx; Thank you Gentlemen. I wanted to give you my business because you have done such a great job on your website. There's a ton of useful info there, as well as the benefit of your personal experience and opinions on equipment, something not always easy to come by. I've been keeping fish since the late 80's and there are two large outfits in my area that offer a lot of quality equipment at attractive prices. Perhaps I could have saved a buck or two by going to them, but I don't think so, even with shipping costs from OR. it was still a good deal. Besides, I felt that your personal input on numerous subjects was valuable and shouldn't be taken for free. You ARE in business to make money. Anyway, I'll let you know how the new tank setup works out once things are up and running. Merry Christmas and may you be well.........................Mike Lang

*zijmelton@xxx I wanted to thank you all for the prompt attention. The LED and controller arrived yesterday. Your company is always the first I seek out when looking for the best products and the most complete information. You are extraordinary in service and unique in your presentation of information. Thank you! Iris Melton


*Comments/Order: To Carl and the entire staff at AAP,

Just received my first order with AAP and wanted to write and express my sincere appreciation for the excellent packaging, everything arrived as ordered and securely packed in the box. Reminded me of when I prepare for a week long camping trip and having to utilize every square inch of space in my SUV.

Looking forward to placing many more orders in the future and I wish nothing but continued success year after year for AAP. Take care and thanks again for an awesome first experience. Cheers!

-Mike R

*Philip C.; Purchasing Manager
Last Saturday afternoon, I placed an order for two Compact UV Bulbs. The people on duty could not have wasted any time fulfilling my order and getting it to the Post Office. (Mine closes at Noon so someone at AAP must have a key.)
I even got a phone call to correct my email address…my error.
My order came in Monday’s mail!
Order placed on Saturday afternoon in Grants Pass, OR, gets to me Monday morning in Jaffrey, NH.
Kudos to the folks at American Aquarium Products.

larrywilson2000@xxx; I have done three orders from you over the last year or so and just want to tell you that I am very impressed with your service. The orders are processed quickly and shipped almost immediately. It is a pleasure to do business with you from my end. Thanks and wishing you continued success. Sincerely, Larry W., Tucson, AZ

*ksgill@xxx; Carl, I have received the bulbs and the UV filter worked great. The pond cleared in 2 days!!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service, delivery and the instant communications. It was an important factor on all aspects of the sale and you guys surpassed it , especially for an international ( Canadian) customer like me.
Looking forward to doing more business with you.
Dave Gill, 8/5/10

*akcmlh@xxx; WOW, fast. Thanks very much!

*laundramutt@xxx; Hi Steven, Gee, I don't think I've ever had a company write a personal e-mail back, thanking me. How wonderful!!!! It's nice to know there's a human at the end of the line. LOL! Thanks for letting me know when it's going to ship,too. Coming from Grants Pass, I should have it in a couple of days. Appreciate it!!!! God bless, Debbie

*shirlz@xxx; Thank you so much for shipping them today! (Wonder Shells)

*jashu51@xxx; Thanks! That's why I love ordering from your family business.
~John Z

*lcpetruska@xxx; I just wanted to contact you about an order I recieved today. I placed the order on Tuesday, February 19, at 3:10 pm Eastern time and recieved it on Thursday, February 21. WOW, THAT WAS FAST!!! Great service! Thank you. Lisa Petruska

*ermlichfred@xxx; Thank you so much!
I hope I can reward your exceptional extra effort with more business or in any other way.
I received the order (the next day!!). Thank you for the great articles you have posted and of course your prompt shipment of my order.
Everything fit perfectly and works fine. I like how you package the stuff with whatever you have at hand. Tomorrow is recycling day, and all the packaging will get recycled.
Very truly yours,
Fred Ermlich

*lucifowler@xxx; Hi Carl,Just a note to let you know that the Filter Max 1 arrived today and that the guppies born today REALLY appreciate your fast shipping.I'm putting you on my Favorites list and plan on doing business with you again. All the best, Luci

*flaphotog@xxx; Thank you.. couldn't pass up getting 2 of those pumps for under $20... and when I saw your Kansas and Journey videos on your page, your obvious good taste in music clinched the deal! :)
My son likes to say that Kansas was his first concert... since my ex-wife was pregnant with him at the time when we saw them in a local club... and we saw Journey this past July with Heart and Cheap Trick down in Tampa.. that new singer for Journey is awesome!
Anyway.. thanks again for the prompt service!
Ric Brown

*strangesk@xxx; To whom it may concern: I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service and the fast shipping on my 7 watt bulbs I had order from this company. Sincerely, John Kraemer

*li546@xxx; I ordered a 9w uv light on the 6th of August, I received it on the morning of the 8th of August. Thank You Soo much for the prompt manner in handling my order. The Bulb was well packed also. Thanks a lot, I will always order from Your Company. George L. Walters

*res07jsj@xxx; I wanted to thank you for the swift response and turn around time from order to delivery on my recent purchase of a UV lamp. Thank you so much and have put you on my favorites list. Thanks again Jack

*patwalden6036@xxx; Carl, Thank yo so very much for the heads up on the shipping!! Sellers who take the time to respond or interact with the buyers are a rarity!! I just added some new fish to my aquarium (guppies & angel fish). I know that they will love this food!!
Pat G Walden

*blgainey@xxx; Thanks so much -- you guys are awesome! I have a sick electric blue and I'm sure he appreciates the quick service. v/r,Brenda

*ZZHOTLEGS@xxx; Hi Steven.
I just received my order and am ecstatic!
It is as beautiful as it looked on line and it arrived safe and sound.
I loved the packaging, local newspapers plus biodegradable material. Nice touch!
I am sure it will bring lots of enjoyment.
Take care.


*LED Lights
*UV Sterilizers


Hello, I just want to let you know these lights Aqua-Ray Ultra 600's are FANTASTIC!!! I purchased two AquaBeam AquaRay 600 Ultra Reef Whites and one AquaBeam AquaRay 600 Fiji Blue. I have had them on my tank for about a year. I purchased them from you on 5-3-2012. Your staff recommended the two Reef Whites for my particular mixed reef. They have Great color and I really like them. I added the Fiji Blue myself because I like more blue than white on my tank. The Fiji Blue had just come out at the time I purchased them and I could not be happier with the color. I also wanted to be able to have a dawn to dusk phase prior to the Reef Whites coming on and going off. The Fiji Blue really brings out the Fluorescence of my LPS and Zooanthids Beautifully.

Before I purchased these Amazing strip lights I had a MaxSpect G2-160 and I hated that fixture. I also had to replace a cooling fan and the fixture was not even a year old. I had really strange colors and not true to life like the AquaBeam AquaRays. I should have purchased these strip lights first but you live and learn in this hobby of reefing. I would put your AquaBeam AquaRay Ultra 600 strip lights up against ANY of the Big Name Big Dollar$$$ led fixtures.
I have just recently went from a 29 gallon long to a 10 gallon nano and have kept the the AquaBeam Aquarays and still love the color, glow, and growth I am getting from my corals. I cannot Express how Great these strips are!!!
Again, Thanks for your staffs recommendation of the Reef Whites and Thanks for knowing the hobby and not just selling junk.
Regards, Michael C. Coffey Jr.

(TMC GroBeam 1000/1500 LED)
*1. - Extremely well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I'm only using one light for the next two weeks until I get my big tank set up.
2. - VERY WELL MADE lamps from the water resistant covers to the sockets. These are very sturdy lights. You get what you pay for.
3. - I LOVE these Gro-Beam 1000 lights! I may have been using an old 175w metal halide bulb, but these lights are every bit as bright and concentrated as metal halide. I love the "beam" effect it has when punching through the water. The color is beautiful, and it truly looks like my tank is in the sun.
4. - NO light pollution - the light goes where it is directed. I had light going everywhere with my metal halide. It is a more calming light. When I'm on my couch starting at the aquarium, I don't feel like I am looking into stage lights.
5. - Have you done a PUR study on these? My plants have NEVER pearled as much under halide as they do with this light. It's kind of like looking through a weak glass of 7-up. Outstanding! So, I know my plants are loving it if they pearl within and hour and oxygen saturation has occurred within that short time frame.
6. - The dark corners when the light is close to the water (for the next few days, it is sitting on the glass canopy) gives a beautiful appearance of great depth or distance to the tank. It isn't a light explosion like with UGLY fluorescent lighting. Extreme lighting in all areas which can be accomplished through HO fluorescent is far from calming to look at. With the GroBeam 1000. it looks like I am underwater looking at the items - there are shadows, glitter lines, and a sense of depth which is natural in nature.
7 - These two lights will pay for themselves in 3 years vs. metal halide or other LED systems. I ran the numbers, and with the amount saved and the 5 year warranty, they can't be beat. After seeing and experiencing the build quality, I can now certainly confirm this.
8 - Bye Bye to my metal halide, the heat, the very warm ballast, and the feeling I was always under a sunlamp when working in my tank.
9 - Bye Bye to the expensive bulb replacements and the special handling they require. You aren't supposed to touch the halide bulbs with your fingers - hmmmmmmmmmm, how do you replace them then, with gloves? If oil from the skin can damage a metal halide bulb, why are we using such "delicate" things? I always used my bare hands but always worried too what would happen.
10 - and finally, HELLO to the LEDS!!! Welcome to the new technology and the safety of them. They are worth every penny. I'm looking forward to having to prune my planted tank often. That's what makes the hobby fun.
gary s

*I would just like to say thanks for a great product.
Lights (LED) arrived yesterday morning and I easily assembled them into the aquarium canopy.
The lights look fantastic – I can’t believe they are so good for such low wattage
Thanks again; David M

I just received the one Aquaray 1000 LED light and installed it immediately. WOW! What a difference. It's exactly what I hoped it would be. The "shimmer" effect is not just marketing either. The ripples on the surface just sparkle over everything they illuminate.
So I've just placed my second order for 3 more plus a multi controller for the ramp option. Up front expensive yes. But long term economical for a fantastic looking lighting setup that easy and simple to install and maintain. Just what I'm looking for. So who wants to buy my MH and PC's?

Thanks guys,


* Now that I have you on the line I must pass on some comments. I have never used or seen LED lights before so was apprehensive about getting into them. First off, I never would have without the unbelievable educational write-ups. I read other sites and most was meaningless advertising dribble, one coping from the other. Yours is unique. I assume that is your doing. THANKS. But even with that I was not sure in my case which ones to get. Steve has been absolutely wonder helping me with that decision. I never would have bought the lamps without your great explanation on lighting and Steve's specific advise on my tank. And since you did such a great job supporting me, I've supported you and bought two 1500XG Ocean Blues.
Thanks, Carl



Just wanted to let you know that our TMC Pond Advantage UV-25 arrived Friday and was installed on Sat. Wow!! to say that I am pleased is an understatement. The pond water prior to installation had a green tinge. The next morning it was crystal clear and has stayed that way!!! I am so happy to have found the TMC pond advantage. The packing was superb as well. Thanks for all of your help...Mike

*The uv sterilizer I purchased from you is working fine and have been using it for about 6 months. Green algae? Gone. I have tried clarifiers from tetra and both corroded and burned out and was not as effective as the one you've made so keep up the good work.
Gregory C CS2 MIUWU 501

*XX65XX@xxx; (Custom UV Sterilizer) Ok Carl your light works great, It's been 5 days to clear a 475 gallon pond. Great stuff. Just wanted to let you know I now can see 12" from the bottom on a 4" pond. The green is all gone. Thanks again! Jim Vecchiano Clearwater, Florida.
Hi Carl, just bought one of your custom 15 watt UV Sterilizer. I think the way you made this fine crafted UV light it should last a while just replacing parts as they go, not like some of the junk made out there from China selling on e-bay. I got taken for 100's of dollars before reaching out for your uv light. I can just bet it's great. Thanks for your time....Jim Clearwater, Florida PS: My friends are waiting for me to set up your uv sterilizer. Hahaha I guess I'm the test man. Hope to get you more sales. Your now known in Florida. Thanks again!


I wanted to let you know that your uv sterilizers are great! I have used them over the last week or so and my aquariums have never looked better. Your website speaks the truth. I have spent a lot of money on other filter devices, particularly very expensive protein skimmers, that do not do the same job as a simple uv sterilizer. I like your device more than my Coralife UV as yours has more secure connections and it has a nice flow.

My reef tank now has pristine, clear water. The inhabitants are doing well.

My discus tank has shown a dramatic improvement. Previously, the water was always slightly cloudy, even with multiple filters and daily water changes. Now, it is much cleaner. My discus are very large and although beautiful, they are sloppy eaters that produce a lot of waste. It makes no sense to keep a bacterial bloom in the water column, as you have pointed out! The color of the discus has improved. Previously, several of them would hang out near the back and they were very shy to eat. Now, with your UV unit, they all come out to the front of the tank and beg me for food. They have never acted that way in the past. They also appeared to have cleared small spots on them that I believe may have been a low grade hexamita infestation.

My planted tank is also improved with high intensity lighting and less algae growth noted. I had occasionally lost fish in this tank when newly added from the store and I believe that the odds of success have been greatly improved.

I wish you well and I hope that others read up on your site. I have been keeping fish for over thirty years and you have taught me a lot. I am reading about tropical fish constantly and it is very seldom that something new comes along. I give you a lot of credit. It is interesting to go back to some of the standard authors and texts in the hobby and compare your notes. I think that you have something to teach them.

I also appreciate your meeting with me to show me your products first hand. Please feel free to stay in touch with me. If you are ever in Roseburg, I would love to show you some very fine aquariums. Keep in the hobby so that you can keep up your skills.

Your friend,

*MidgerPCsupport@xxx; Hi AmericanAquariumProducts, I just want to say I love the Custom 15 watt UV sterilizer! I have bought a 9 watt Uv sterilizer from Lowes, and it's just to slow and after seeing yours I'm packing it up and getting my $75.00 back and will be back on your site to buy your custom 15 watt sterilizer. I see your using a T8 Bulb, Great job! Smart man. And a magnetic ballast. Your ahead of your time my friend. And parts that can be obtained at a hardware store! I hope you have a patient on this product. Keep your prices right and shipping like you have it and your going to own uv sterilization. Money is not going to be an issue when you get this uv product all over the web. And never let go of your flight dreams. You have been given the challenges through your life due to you being an honest and smart and obviously a strong individual. People will magnetize to you as you well can see in your past. Keep the ones close to you that come to your circle and your going to be surprised in the next two years how great things are. Get your UV light out there! I've been on the web on and off for a year buying UV lights and this one is the UV light that will take over. Parts you can get easy and your price is the key. I also had three 80.00 36 watt UV light from jebo. And all three are now dead, burnt, and melted. Transformers melt, seals fail, bulbs short out. I feel yours will be one I want to see run. Sorry for the long letter, I know your busy as heck. But I just thought you should hear what some people out here on the web think of your ideas & creations. It's like the every day thing, we walk around all day thinking of nice things we would like to say to our friends, family, and just people walking down the street and we don't. Not realizing the affect we would or could make if we just opened our mouths and mind. So look for me soon buying some UV lights from your site, and I will definitely tell your story to all my pond friends here in Clearwater, Florida. Good luck to you and all you do. Heck you don't need luck... You got it! and you just don't realize it yet. Sincerely, Jim: Clearwater, Florida Three Koi pond owner.

*j.rue@xxx; (Clear Stream Filter/ Terminator UV Sterilizer) Thought I would show you what your product is working on. I appreciate your
help. The clearstream and UV were setup today. Thank you again for your
advice tonight on the phone. Once again, any advice is great and
thank you again for all you help. Your website is a great resource.
John Ruane
Canton MA

*Hi Carl,

Thanks for a great product! Our 150 gallon shubunkin tank is finally crystal clear. No more green water. I highly recommend your UV filter. It was easy to set up too.

Janet S

*coscioj@xxx; Finding a reasonably priced UV bulb replacement has been a challenge. I'm glad I found your site. Have a great day!!! Jon...

*Matthew Jablonski, (15 Watt Custom UV) Canada test@xxx;
Thank you guys, superb product (15 W home made sterilizer ), my water is crystal clear after few days ,product's simplicity is stunning . I wish every product was that simple to use ,without complicated cheap electronics yet extremely effective.You can use it as my testimonial

*horsepower engineering, yvonner@xxx;
I received my fish food and filter accessories yesterday and I was delighted! Thank you so very much for the very quick service and the add on for the HOB filter has greatly improved the whole tank. An ingenious idea. My fish love the food. A great web site and I will definitely shop with you again.
Thank you and take care;

*sel2@xxx; (SHO Bulbs) Dear Carl and Steven,
I got my SHO 105WCFL and am very pleased. The effective light output with the reflector looks to be between 5500 and 6000 lumens (spec is 6300 lumens). The color is a good daylight at ~6500K. The spectral analysis looks like an ~ 80-85 CRI. It runs very cool, base up or base down.
The reflector makes all the difference.

*Anne-ba0ak3dagc5@xxx; (Via Aqua 80 pump)Got the pump. Works great.
Thanks, Anne Lippert

*Sean asa1@xxx
Just wanted to send you a note of thanks.
I bought a Top fin 10 gallon kit from Petsmart.
After looking at your sight I was unhappy with my filtration.
On your recommendation I purchased a #2 sponge installed it and waited a week & exchanged the Top fin HOB with a VitaLife 100.
My water had been incredibly cloudy and in a matter of 2-3 minutes of turning on the 100 my tank is now almost clear.
Thanks, Sean

*airsmith@xxx; (Via Aqua 1300 pump) Awesome. Thank you. I believe I bought this pump from you 4 years ago and then just the impeller 2 years ago. Looks like every 2 years needs a new impeller and every 4 years, need to replace the whole unit. I like the pump and it works perfect for my pond.
Thanks, Aaron

*mailmenow@xxx; (Via Aqua 3300 pump) Thank you very much I received my powerhead today and it is working great at this moment. Good job with all aspects of my experience purchasing from American Aquarium.

*nyraised@xxx; (ReSun 9603 pump)Very nice products, arrived very fast, I definatley will recommend you to all my friends and will be a returning customer..Thanks so much...Dave

*redapple456@xxx; (Capiz Wind Chime) The double wind chime arrived today and it is just beautiful. They sound so lovely and dainty. Each time I pass it in our doorway, I find I just have to gently brush it to hear the strands "chime". Thanks for a little bit of the tropics in NJ.

*scrouch@xxx; (9 watt UV Bulb) Thank you! The bulb arrived intact and is working well. I'll remember you when we need other pond supplies.Suzanne Crouch

*gregballora@xxx; (Eco Light, T2 Light) Thought I would give you a report on your products from my point of view.
The Eco-light is a terrific product. I have a number of thoughts on places for it, but primarily for a bowl arrangement with a few white clouds and plants. Very exciting.
The T-2 fixture is cool, and gives a great light, but I am a little disappointed by the quality of the manufacture. The light was flickering from a bad connection, and as I went to try to figure out where the problem was, I discovered two things. First, the end cap of the main fixture pulled right out as I tried to take the power cord off the fixture for the first time. This was because the screw that should hold it on (as it does at the other end of the fixture) was missing. I found a replacement for that. The real problem was with the power cord itself. The connection from the cord to the plug that goes into the light was faulty. The wire had broken right where the crimp to the plug was. I fixed it myself, re-soldering it and patching it up, but I just thought you would want to know about this. I don't blame you as the distributor, it is clearly a manufacture issue, and hopefully it is quite isolated.
Looking forward to more aquarium adventures and purchases soon.
Thanks again for the great web site and information on it!
Greg Ballora
Response; I believe this is an isolated issue with the T2 lights, as this is the first problem in over 100 new generation T2 lights (including those we have used/tested), however since we have even one report of a problem, we will inspect all of these fixtures prior to shipping instead of random tests

*mtp7@xxx; (Via Aqua 305 pump) This is a very very good unit. At times I wonder if its working. Very Quiet pump

So A happy customer; Wieger Kunst

*Bob.Bowser@xxx; (Cleaning Machine) Worked great. Thanks for the product.

*rolchart@xxx; (Cleaning Machine) Carl, I purchased an Aquarium Cleaning Machine unit around Christmas time and used it around 10 days ago for the 1st time on both of my freshwater tanks. (a 28 and a 46 gallon)
I must say that the results are nothing short of impressive. The tanks have stayed crystal clear for the entire week in between water changes, which is what I was looking for from the unit.
I intend to use the unit on a monthly basis going forward, and I will be glad to provide feedback over a longer use on how the unit performs.
Just wanted to let you know that I am pleased with the unit and the result.


*Twilight Pets LLC;

Carl and Aquarium Products Team,

First off, I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all!!

There are no words to express such help to be so in debt to Carl and the team at Aquarium Products, with all the advice given, beyond exception, the absolutely best quality in products and service and price, in addition to, the fastest shipping and same day shipped, as it is just unparalleled perfection in providing these incredible resources with such articles, blogs, and the forum to boot! At Aquarium products, and through staff and the team, especially Carl in this case, beyond a doubt, had spent much more time answering a lot of questions, so I hope its known the appreciation and now I know I should have studied the articles prior better, and every link contained, to provide advice on the best system or products for my needs, and that of the health Carl helped to advance my knowledge on and provide advice, beyond what I could have ever known! I still keep 6 tabs open to research daily every article I can, and I'll be on the forum in no time!

I know, if I had not stumbled across this amazing site, and Carl, I am sure he health of my bettas would not be even near what they are now, nor be near the longer olives this has, without any doubt, provided. What words do you say to such a company, such free advice and time and articles, and what words express how grateful you are and word I want to say that if not you Carl, and the team, this would all not be possible for the best water chemistry education via articles, advice, testing, still always researching, and made possible by you and by all means possible by the company and all it provides its customers and even those not a customer.

Without products like the "Wondershell" and "Replenish" and the driftwood suggested after testing and realizing it was not as great of water as expected, those products were given as some ways of advice by choosing to be combined with a V2 Pure R/O system purchase and a simple yet really valuable 32 gallon reservoir to incorporate the SunSUn UV 13 watt compact. This was never once pushed to purchase. It was never suggested needing it because we did not know the basic NECESSARY water parameters, including KH and GH!. I fact, if anything, I pushed it more and upon the best advice, I got the best products and experience I will always be grateful for! I am so glad I did get all the products ( and some never suggested but mentioned in articles, and even meds like "Kanaplex" and Neomycin" etc. that further enhances the success of the health of my BETTAS and other aquatic pets/breeders ( even opposite species can benefit from the critical water parameter and articles supplied freely to all the products such as the V2 R/O system and added minerals back. Also contrary to popular belief, you do need calcium in the correct form to breed, and it will not harden nests of fry if you take such valuable advice and use it as a tool to success and health.

By having this privilege given so incredibly, that the words seem not to be able to escape such gratitude. I really suggest reading all articles to anyone that may see this and remember not to concentrate on groups or other forums only, because Carl and the team know what they are doing through hands on experience and knowledge, with facts and evidence and not merely opinion only, as well as dispelling all myths that you will be hard pressed to ever find these truths and in depth articles and the best company anywhere! Customer service is #1 , but it involves products and all that circumferences it. Why buy products that may harm than help? Aquarium products and those like Carl are so beneficial to the hobby as a whole, that they put so much passion to help when needed, yet leave a door open to such amazing published care and information to anyone! Do not skimp the links within articles, its so valuable and you will be so much more knowledge to your way to the proper husbandry and health of your aquatics etc. in the best harmon

I do give my full guarantee and back it 200% you could NOT REGRET ever getting the CORRECT information and research from a company so dedicated as Aquarium Products and such dedicated staff with the profound experience and knowledge like I had experienced with Carl. I am still In shock, and since my first order, I have been back twice and now want to again and count me in as a long time customer! The advice and products and fast shipping + articles and blogs/forum are simply unparalleled anywhere.

Thank you Carl for all you have done thus far, so much you have helped with, and thank you aquarium Products and all the team for making such a site possible and remain. I hope the years to come, I can always come for my now fourth coming order, and I am sure more. I will always be trying to gain more knowledge and join the forum as well. I needed to, so here it goes!,. The blogs were also so helpful and the brands for products are profoundly superior in quality and value. I give as many thumbs up as possible.

I hope others appreciate this as much as I and those I care for here do! No words can express it, so hoping this reaches all because I can't be more appreciative than I am! . I will be forever in debt for all advice and all the prompt attention to questions and links provided to help understand. I have a lot to learn, but what a great foundation to start! Healthy all around here so that is what matters and someday, I hope I can contribute, even if only just an ounce of prevention, that you contributed with the team.

Best regards and thank you again, see you on the forum and if I have a question, I know I can shoot it your way. I enjoy researching the articles however as well! YOU guys best stay there, I'd have been lost without such products and experience to a healthier life for my bettas and such longevity to my other aquatics etc.that the products and help have established. Off to spawn now and join in the forum as much as I can. If one person changed so many lives, as much as fish may not be important to those that do not understand or own, you Carl, and the Company/team, did make it possible; and if I can help spread the word, for the bettering of the health of all, I definitely will. After all, they say, "it only takes one to spread like wildfire" and I hope others follow and see it as well.

Thanks again!
Steve and the entire crew!

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