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Submersible Quartz, Betta, Thermometers

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• Submersible Thermostatic Glass/ Quartz
• Submersible High Output Glass (500 Watt)
• Titanium (Digital) (for Pond Use too)
• Hydor Mini Undergravel Heater (7.5 & 15 Watt)
• Thermometers (Digital & Fusion Magnetic)
• Heater Tips

Our Via Aqua (& Others) Aquarium Heaters are State of the Art Technology, especially our NEW Quartz & Via Aqua Titanium Heater (with the Most Accurate "Out of Aquarium" Temperature Control (Thermostat) Available.

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Aquarium Heaters from AAP AAP MeWe Page
AAP MeWe Page

We sell the most reliable yet best value aquarium heaters to fill most aquarium keepers heating needs, including the popular Via Aqua Glass, (Now Quartz) Submersible Heaters which in our service business use compare to the best in its class, yet are generally less expensive.
In fact, our aquarium service use has found no more reliable heater than the Via Aqua without spending vastly more money, best of all the Via Aqua is USA designed (Camarillo CA). Please be aware that there are many non-authorized sellers online via discounters (such as Amazon), that if you have a problem we cannot help with support since these are likely clearance and non authorized product.

We feature the newest innovation in reliable, yet simple aquarium heaters; the Premium Via Aqua Digital Quartz Submersible Aquarium Heater!

AAP also sells the simple Hydor Mini Heaters that are useful with Betta, Endlers livebearers, and similar small fish tanks.

We currently sell these aquarium heater types:
• Glass/Quartz Submersible Thermostatic Pre-Set
• Under Gravel Ambient Mini Heaters

For more about different heater types, please refer to this article:
Aquarium Heaters; Types, Information

(Please click pictures to enlarge)

Hydo Mini Aquarium heater, 4 watts

Hydo Mini Aquarium heater, 7.5 watts Hydo Mini Aquarium heater, 15 watts *HYDOR 4 WATT MINI HEATER; Mini (1 to 2.5 gallon Tank)- $12.99

*HYDOR 7.5 WATT MINI HEATER; Small (2 to 5 gallon Tank)- $13.99

*HYDOR 15 WATT MINI HEATER; Large (5-10 gallon Tank)- $15.99

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• For 1 - 2.5 gallon aquariums (4 watt).
• For 2.5 - 5 gallon aquariums (7.5 watt).
• For 5 - 10 gallon aquariums (15 watt).
• Extra small: easy to hide in mini tanks and bowls
• Super safe even under gravel; no damage if left running dry
• Completely submersible; ideal for use in both glass and acrylic tanks

• Each model increases the ambient temperature of a tank/bowl within its size range approximately 5- 10F (2.5- 5C)

• No setting necessary as this is an ambient heater that CANNOT raise temperature any more 10 degrees.
As an example if the 7.5 watt model used with a 2 gallon bowl that is normally 70 degrees without a heater, the 7.5 watt model will raise the temperature to approximately 80F. This same model would raise a 5 gallon tank/bowl with the same ambient conditions to approximately 75F.

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Shock Guard aquarium titanium grounding device

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• Easy and precise setting of desired temperature
• Sensitive and reliable thermostat maintains uniform temperature
• Heating Element is highly efficient and compact
• Designed for extended use and complete safety
• Supplied with strong support clips and suction cups
• Adjusts temperature from approx. 66- 91 F (via a side view for the Via Aqua)
• Preset prevents too high temperature setting
• Hardened Plastic Tip to protect glass along with an extra sturdy modern design
• Based on our Professional Aquarium Maintenance Companies use and other customers use;

the Via Aqua Quartz Heaters are among the MOST reliable, strongest construction glass & quartz heaters available!

We have had less than 1 defective failure in 500 used/sold!
(American Designed/Engineered and Asian Built)!
You will find no more reliable Economy Heater Anywhere; Compare to Tronic and Ebo Jager in Quality & Reliability!
• Please click on the pictures to enlarge for a better view


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*New Quartz Tube
*For 5 to 20 gallon aquariums.
*8.75 inches (23 cm.)


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*New Quartz Tube
*For 10 to 40 gallon aquariums.
*10.5 inches (27 cm.)

*VIA AQUA 200 WATT SUBMERSIBLE HEATER -$25.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

*New Quartz Tube
*For 50 to 125 gallon aquariums.
*12.5 inches (32 cm.)


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*New Quartz Tube
*For 75 to 200 gallon aquariums (for large aquariums such as a 300 gallon, two 200 or 300 watt heaters may be best)
*14.5 inches (37 cm.)



SPECIAL; AAP/SunSun 500 Watt Glass Submersible Aquarium Heater- $21.99 (Limited Quantities)

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*International Centigrade easy pre-set dial control; Approx. 18C to 33C (64F to 91F)
Centigrade to Fahrenheit Calculator

*Advanced design with double seal material

*Plastic End/Tip Protector

*Explosion Proof Design, preset prevents too high setting

*For 200 gallon plus aquariums

*15 inches (38 cm.


(Please click pictures to enlarge)
Via Aqua titanium aquarium heater, separate controller, temperature probe
*VIA AQUA TITANIUM HEATER- 100 Watt - $38.99
*VIA AQUA TITANIUM HEATER- 200 Watt - $48.99

Temporarily Discontinued

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*8 inches (31 cm.)

NEW & improved Via Aqua Titanium heaters, more accurate than before!
There is no more reliable and accurate Titanium Heater in its class/price range than the Via Aqua Standard Titanium Heater (this does not include the vastly more expensive high end such as the Via Aqua Digital Titanium or the Pro-Heat II Titanium IC Heaters).
• Our extensive use through our large aquarium maintenance partners bears out the Via Aqua Titanium Heaters quality and reliability vs. ALL other comparable Titanium Heaters!

• For fresh or saltwater
• Durable construction
• Internal temperature probe
• Controls temperature from Approx. 68- 91 F (20- 34 C)
• Separate controller
• The most accurate, state of the art thermostat available.
• The temperature probe must be placed under water at least 10 minutes prior to plugging into an outlet.

For Heater installation tips based on real world experience, please see the sidebar
Please read these tips, especially if you purchase a Titanium Heater:
Heater Tips, Including Correct Titanium Heater Installation


ATI digital read outside aquarium thermometers

• ATI Digital Thermometer for Fresh or Saltwater Aquariums & Terrariums -$2.99

SPECIAL;ATI Liquid Crystal Digital Aquarium/Terrarium Thermometer (Limited Quantities)

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• Available in Horizontal stick on aquarium front or side thermometers.
(Please Click on the picture for a better view of the thermometer)

• Wide Range 70F to 102F for fish, reptiles and amphibians

• Fahrenheit and Centigrade

• Mounts on Glass or Acrylic surfaces

Fusion magnetic aquarium thermometers NOW AVAILABLE:
• Fusion Smart Temp Aquarium Thermometer -$4.99

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• Stays in in place with a unique magnetic fastening system.
• Simple to use, simple to read

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World Class Aquarium & Pond Information including aquarium heaters and thermometers

Why Purchase from American Aquarium Products



Zoomed MagClips
*Excellent replacement for suction cup holder that are standard with most aquarium heaters
*Also useful for filter intakes, spray bars, etc.


For the best aquarium lighting for your reef or planted aquarium , BAR NONE:
AAP AquaRay LED Aquarium Lighting

For ALL your Aquarium or Pond UV Sterilizer Germicidal Bulb needs:

Aquarium & Pond UV Replacement Lamps

Including the PUVH2309, 9 Watt UV bulb

Aqueon & American Sealants Aquarium Silicone Sealant

Dow Corning/All-Glass 100% Pure; the best silicone available!

Aquarium & Pond Pumps
Both Value and Quality Aquarium/Pond Pumps; from the Via Aqua, the Rio HF, Seio Propeller, Million Air and Fusion Air Pumps, • 3828 GPH (14,500 LPH) Pond Pump, & much more!

TMC V²Pure 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with TDS Meter

Three-stage, professional RO (reverse osmosis) system incorporating the highest quality components. Vastly superior to RO units found at Lowes or Home Depot (and for less too!)

Sponge Filters
Premium ATI/Lustar Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filters for bio and mechanical aquarium filtration.

General Aquarium Heater Tips

• We recommend 25 watts for every 10 degrees of ambient temperature per 10 gallons you need to raise your aquarium temperature. EX: If your home is 68 degrees and you have a 40 gallon aquarium, to reach a temperature of 78 degrees you would need a 100 watt heater.
The above calculation is HIGHLY accurate, and despite what many manufacturers print on their boxes in an attempt to get you to purchase a more expensive higher wattage heater, this formula/calculation is what should be followed.

• The Via Aqua Quartz/ Glass and Titanium (ReSun as well) are FULLY submersible heaters. The minimum water line is for the LEAST amount of water covering the heater, in other words, the heater should never out of the water past this line while plugged in. I recommend letting a operating heater cool down (in water) for 10 minutes prior lowering water level past this point.
With a new heater or when refilling an aquarium after a water change, we recommend placing the heater under/below the minimum water line at least 10 minutes prior to plugging in the heater.

Please note that the instructions for the Via Aqua Heater (#2 & #3 on the instruction sheet) is stating to not get the controller wet, this refers to the compromise of the internal controller via damage, a broken seal, etc. that allows moisture into the heater, NOT that the heater cannot be submersed.

• The manufacturer recommends indoor use, HOWEVER this is simply for legal protection (for them) as I have used these heater in mobile outdoor “ponds” that I have moved in and out of my business and other outdoor applications with no problems.

• The heaters are best installed in an upright position as this minimizes the chance of water leaks around seals, HOWEVER I have used these (& other brands) in horizontal positions with few additional problems.

• Warranty 6 months with proper use. Warranty void if not used properly as noted above

Titanium Heaters:
• Titanium Heaters do not work well in restricted spaces and/or with poor circulation near them, otherwise they can over heat and burn out. Provide adequate circulation and do NOT place in outside heater modules (use glass heaters for these applications).

• Place probe in the water at least 10 minutes prior to plugging in the unit

• The Titanium Heater is most accurate heater element and probe are placed as far apart as possible in the aquarium.

• The controller Must be kept dry and away from the water
• The new digital Titanium Heaters have a factory default setting of 79F; this is where it will return should the power fail then re-start


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