Tropic Marine Center, Vecton 200, UV15, UV25 and UV110 PRO, Pond AdvantageShipping Information for Vecton or Advantage Aquarium, Pond UV Sterilizer

TMC Pro Pond, Aquarium, & Hydroponics
High Flow In-Line UV Sterilizer/Clarifier

Vecton & Pond Advantage
Premium High Dwell Time UVs

  • The highest dwell/exposure time ultraviolet sterilizer/clarifier.
  • The BEST construction in a market flooded with low quality units.
  • For pond green water control & disease control. Including large ponds UVs.
  • For aquariums, capable of Level 1 and 2 Sterilization.
  • Quartz sleeve, sturdy construction, excellent parts availability.
  • HO (high output) straight tube professional UV sterilizers with maximum mW/cm2 UVC exposure.

  • TMC Ultraviolet Sterilizer Models and Parts:
    • Vecton-2: V2 200 8 Watt PRO UV
    • Vecton-4: V2 300 16 Watt PRO UV
    • Vecton-4: V2 400 15 Watt PRO UV
    • Vecton-6: V2 600 25 Watt PRO UV
    • 15 & 25 Watt Pond Advantage Professional Ultraviolet Clarifier/Sterilizer
    • Pro Clear Ultima 30: Super High Dwell Time Pond UV
    • 110 Watt PRO UV Clarifier/Sterilizer
    • TMC UV Parts
    • UV Adapters
    • Installation TIPs, Troubleshooting

    TMC Vecton & Advantage TRue UV Sterilizers, 3 year guarantee The Tropic Marine Centre Pond & Aquarium TRUE UV Sterilizers feature solid construction. Built by a company long recognized as a industry leaders in its innovation and quality of products.

    As well, these UV Clarifiers are built with low pressure, high output UV-C bulbs, which has maximize water contact/dwell time. Unlike many comparable high priced units.

    New LOWER prices from the UV Sterilizer Experts here at American Aquarium Products;
    North Americas Largest Seller of TMC UVs!

    Many pond UV Clarifier/Sterilizers currently on the market come with high price tags for features such as “wipers”, which do little to improve UV Sterilization (& often break quickly). When one considers a UV should be serviced every six months in the first place (wipers do little for the main problem that needs servicing; calcium buildup).

    As well, ALL models of TMC UVs are quite simple to change the UV Lamp. In most cases, the housing opens with the removal of a three screws and the bulb easily slide out of the quartz sleeve.

    Vecton Level one or two UV Sterilizer with twin canister filters

    • The Vecton aquarium UV has a more compact design than the otherwise same dwell, flow design of the Advantage, with opposite return/outflow specifically for aquariums. The Advantage can be used either for pond or aquarium. We recommend the Vecton primarily for aquarium use.
      The picture to the right displays a Vecton 200 8 Watt UV mounted to a canister filter combination.

    • Both the Vecton and Advantage are vastly easier to service than most popular Compact UV Sterilizers (including ones we sell), with the results being much less chance of a broken quartz sleeves during service of the UV.

    • Both the Vecton & Pond Advantage UV Sterilizer/Clarifier are superior to ALL popular compact UV Sterilizer/Clarifiers sold today (including those we sell).
      As well, there's no comparison between the TMC True UV Sterilizer/Clarifier, the popular Internal/Submersible, and especially the Hang On UVs which AT BEST are clarifiers, NOT level 1 or higher UV sterilizers..
      These TMC UVs provide long exposure/high dwell time per wattage of UVC irradiation (again unlike many of the HO UVs, which have inadequate exposure time as per wattage of UVC). The Result is that all the TMC UVs can handle flow rates 5-20 gph per watt more than most other UV Sterilizer/Clarifier to perform the same level. (Clarification, Level 1, & Level 2).

      As an example, the TMC 8 Watt Vecton will outperform ANY 13 watt compact UV sterilizer due to vastly superior dwell time time!

      The TMC 8 Watt Vecton produces 2.08 watts of UVC energy per second while the best Compact 13 watt UV produces 1.95 watts of UVC energy per second!
      See: UV Sterilization; Dwell Time Test between UVs

    • Quite bluntly, there's no better UV Sterilizer/Clarifier watt per watt than the TMC UV Sterilizer/Clarifier at any price.

    • Finally, please note, while our suggested aquarium/pond sizes; as well as recommended flow rates, may seem lower than most other web sites UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers. Even what the manufacturer writes on the box. This is because we publish tested, proven flow rate, and aquarium/pond size suggestions based on our 30 years experience. Not best case scenario or even impossible flow rates.

      As well, recommended aquarium or pond sizes are ONLY a guide and our recommendation often varies from the manufacturer since water turnover and flow rates are much more important!

    Know that when you purchase a UV Sterilizer/Clarifier from us whether the TMC, Terminator, or others, which recommendations are based off real world experience and facts not manufacturer claims based on perfect conditions that due not exist in an aquarium or pond.

    TMC Vecton UV Sterilizer/Clarifier Features:

    The new Vecton UV sterilizers by Tropic Marine Center offers a new easy and convenient way to utilize the benefits of Ultraviolet Sterilization on smaller aquarium systems.

    The new design is lightweight and easily attaches to a wall or cabinetry.

  • New design. Manufactured from impact resistant translucent polycarbonate.
  • NEW 90 degree adapter elbow (1) for difficult plumbing situations.
  • 2-3 Year warranty (six months UV-C Bulb/Lamp & Starters).

     UV shield to prevent direct viewing of the UV lamp

  • Also includes (2) standard hose barb attachments.
  • UV shield to prevent direct viewing of the UV lamp.
  • Highest Output low pressure UV Lamps by Phillips (please note these Phillips lamps usually have solder "balls" rolling around and this is perfectly normal).
  • Opposing inlet and outlet for easy installation and connection to the water supply.
  • Four stage hose tails for flexible hose from 1/2" to 1 1/4". Held in place with screw on collars for easy removal when servicing and maintaining unit.
  • Compact, rigid pipe adaptors, for connection to 32 mm, 40 mm or 1" rigid pipe, are available.
  • 5 foot power cord.
  • Vecton 2: V2 200 8 Watt -$149.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    Currently Out of Stock as per 2014 USA Dept. of Energy Regulation on Magnetic Ballasts.
    We are getting in early March an European model that is 220-240V and will supply a Step Up Converter to utilize this model which is now reflected in the higher price, however we are ONLY passing along the cost ($15.00).
    Also consider our excellent AAP Compact 7 or 9 Watt UV Sterilizers with HO UVC Lamps

  • Max flow rate for level one Sterilization. 280 gph (maximum effectiveness- 35 gph/ 132 lph PER WATT).
  • Size- 13” L x 3” H x 5” W.
  • Recommended vinyl tubing size- 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", or 1.25" ID.
  • Rated for up to a 60-100 gallon (378 liter) aquarium* for optimum level one effectiveness (smaller for level two), based on a water turnover rate of 1.5 times per hour or more through the Vecton UV at the recommended flow rate.

  • For replacement 8 Watt T5 2 Pin Bulb (supplied with UV).

    Vecton-4: V2 400 15 Watt -$166.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    Currently Out of Stock as per 2014 USA Dept. of Energy Regulation on Magnetic Ballasts.
    A new ballast has been in testing by TMC and likely will still take until April 2017 as TMC desires these new ballasts hold up to their durability standards unlike most that use cheap Chinese ballasts.
    Also consider our the Vecton 600 25 Watt which has past this rigorous testing and works for 99% of the aquariums the model 400 and performs even higher levels of UV Sterilization (both are the same size unit too)!

  • Max flow rate for level one Sterilization. 525 gph (maximum effectiveness- 35 gph/ 113 lph PER WATT).
  • Size- 20” L x 3” H x 5” W.
  • Recommended vinyl tubing size- 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", or 1.25" ID.
  • Rated for up to a 110-300 gallon (1135 liter) aquarium* for optimum level one effectiveness (smaller for level two), based on a water turnover rate of 1.5 times per hour or more through the Vecton UV at the recommended flow rate.

  • Vecton-6: V2 600 25 Watt -$179.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

  • Max flow rate for level one Sterilization. 750 gph (maximum effectiveness- 30 gph/ 114 lph PER WATT). Minimum flow 50-75 gph to prevent over heating.
  • Size- 20” L x 3” H x 5” W.
  • Recommended vinyl tubing size- 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", or 1.25" ID.
  • Rated for up to a 180- 500 gallon (1892 liter) aquarium* for optimum level one effectiveness (smaller for level two), based on a water turnover rate of 1.5 times per hour or more through the Vecton UV at the recommended flow rate.
    Please note this UV Sterilizer can work for most any size aquarium under the maximum as long as there is at least a reasonable flow (such as 50 gph or higher used on a 25 gallon aquarium), as it is difficult to have too large a UV Sterilizer
  • For replacement 15/25 Watt T8 2 Pin Bulb (supplied with UV).

    *Please READ these Flow Calculations for how we arrive at our flow and aquarium size calculations.
    We go by these calculations NOT what any manufacture claims on their box!
    In the case of TMC and many other manufactures, they tend to over rate their UV clarification abilities. While for Sterilization, TMC in particular tends to rate the tank size per Vecton UV for level two Sterilization (albeit a little high here as well), NOT level one!

    On most UVs these numbers which, while not perfect, and assume a few parameters such as low water turbidity and proper spacing between lamp/sleeve and inside wall of the UV, has proven over the years to be highly accurate for the author of the above cited article (Carl Strohmeyer).
    For us to change this formula to fit certain manufacturer sizing recommendations as some have asked would be highly dishonest for us to do.

    Flow rates are based on actual flow rates after Head Pressure is factored in.

  • For replacement 15/25 Watt T8 2 Pin Bulb (supplied with UV).

  • The same UV lamp & similar internal design as the 15 & 25 Watt Pond Advantage.

  • The Vecton's aquarium friendly design makes for easier mounting closer to the base of the aquarium, thus allowing canister filters or internal pumps with poor head pressure a better flow rate for otherwise marginal pumps/filters.

  • TMC Advantage UV Sterilizer/Clarifier Features:

    The same basic design as the TMC V2 Vecton UV15 & UV25. Also made by Tropic Marine Center, except with a more weather resistant/durable "shell", making this a more durable UV than its "sister" UV.
    As well, the 15/25 Watt Pond Advantage hold a larger water volume capacity for better clarification dwell time properties, although lower Sterilization properties for a given flow rate than the Vecton.
    Excellent for Hydroponics applications along with the UV30 and UV110 further below on this web page.

    TMC Pond Advantage UV-15 - $146.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

  • UV15- Rated for ponds up to 3600 gallons with a rated maximum flow rate of 1800 gallons per hour.
  • However, we recommend a maximum of 900 gph (after head pressure is figured) based on optimum flow calculations (60-65 gph per watt). As well, this UV for a maximum pond size of 2250 gallons based on a minimum turnover rate of once per three hours or less.

    With a more efficient flow design than ANY popular Compact UV Clarifier.

    TMC Pond Advantage UV-25 - $165.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

  • UV25 - Rated for ponds up to 4800 Gallons with a rated maximum flow rate of 2400 Gallons per hour.
  • However, we recommend a maximum of 1500 gph (after Head Pressure is figured) based on optimum flow calculations (60-65 gph per watt), as well I would recommend this UV for a maximum pond size of 3750 gallons based on a minimum turnover rate of once per three hours or less.

    As well, the 25 watt can used for larger yet Ponds by utilizing 2 or more. For example two 25 Watt TMC Clarifiers can handle a 7000-9000 gallon pond.

    This is most efficiently performed by utilizing separate intake and returns for optimum pond flow circulation patterns or by splitting the return of for example a 3000 gph pump into two returns each with a 25 Watt Advantage UV.

    With a more efficient flow design than ANY popular Compact UV Sterilizer.

    TMC UV25 25 watt pond UV Sterilizer diagram Further Information about the Pond Advantage:

  • 3 Year Warranty against defect (six months UV-C Bulb/Lamp & starter)
  • The same design as the Vecton 25 & Vecton 15, except a more durable case. As well, this Pond Advantage UV25 can be used for aquariums where a high flow, high end professional UV sterilizer is preferred.
  • This is a PREMIUM UV Sterilizer/Clarifier equal to many other premium UVs such as Aqua or Emperor, except not a premium price.
  • Watt per watt, more efficient than ANY compact UV Sterilizer (including the Terminator we sell).
  • Robust construction and new ergonomic, green and black design.
  • Surface, filter, or wall mountable and supplied with a wall mounting kit and a filter lid fixing kit.
  • Four-stage hose tails designed to take flexible hose from 1/2" to 1 1/4". Hose tails are held in place with screw on collars, allowing the disconnection of the hose, leaving the unit or the hose in situ for ease of servicing and maintenance.
  • TMC UV25 25 watt pond UV Sterilizer features

  • Rigid pipe adaptors, for connection to 1 inch (40 mm) solvent weld rigid PVC pipe, are included with the unit. These adaptors are held in place with screw on collars, allowing the disconnection of the rigid pipe, leaving the unit or the rigid pipe in site for ease of servicing and maintenance.
  • Recommended Vinyl Tubing Size: 5/8", 3/4", 1", or 1.25" ID
  • Additional Hose Barb Adapter are sold HERE to help with fitting 1.5" Hoses or other problem fittings.
  • Size- 22” L x 5” H x 7” W
  • Easy access to working parts making maintenance quick and easy.
  • Supplied with a 9 foot power cable.
  • Complete with comprehensive instructions and backed up with full technical support from TMC.
  • Due to the VERY rugged construction for both effectiveness and to protect the UV from the environment. The most simple way to check your Advantage UV to verify the UV is "On" during daylight hours is to simply remove the two cover screws and then view from above (this takes less than a minute)
  • For Replacement 15 & 25 Watt T8 2 Pin Bulbs (supplied with UV)

    (See the "TIPS" section in the sidebar for more about set up & maintenance)

  • Full 36 month guarantee against any defect or failure. This covers all parts and labor.
  • For higher flow rate pond pumps (or aquarium pumps) we recommend using a flow diverter which is easily built (or purchased), this allows for instance a 25 Watt Advantage to work correctly with a pump over 1500 gph for a pond size this UV would otherwise fit well with. See this article for a further explanation:
    Pond Care Information, UV Sterilizer Use

  • TMC Pro Clear Ultima 30- 30 Watt Professional Pond UV Clarifier & Sterilizer - $275.99

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    May also be used for hydroponics systems & larger aquariums

  • Super High UVC-C Dwell Time based on 35" of UVC Lamp Exposure @ 30 watts.
  • No UV Sterilizer at ANY price has a higher dwell time as well as UVC exposure watt per watt of input energy, generally out performing 40 & 50 Watt UVs using much shorter lower dwell time T5 UV lamps!
    In other words the highest efficiency, highest dwell time UV Sterilizer/Clarifier in its class

    In fact in a test the TMC UV30 even out performed other TMC Vecton and Advantage UVs at 2.29 watts UVC per second in a rate adjusted test. This also allows for flow rates much higher than other UVs for level one and two sterilization (40 & 14 gph per watt respectively)

    See: UV Sterilization- Dwell Time Test between UVs

  • UV30- Rated for ponds up to 7100 Gallons with a rated maximum flow rate of 3560 Gallons per hour.
  • However we recommend a maximum of 2100 gph flow (after head pressure is figured) based on optimum flow calculations (70 gph per watt), as well I would recommend this UV for a maximum pond size of 6000 gallons based on a minimum turnover rate of once per three hours or less.

  • Robust construction and new ergonomic, green, blue, and black design.
  • Surface or wall mountable, and supplied with a wall mounting kit and a filter lid fixing kit.
  • 45 degree rotating hose tails (hose barbs)
  • Transparent end caps make it easy to determine if the UV lamp is on. Easy lamp/quartz sleeve changes/cleaning.
  • Recommended Vinyl Tubing Size- 1.25", or 1.5" ID
  • Size; 36” L x 10” H x 5” W
  • 120 Volt, 60 Hz with 10 foot grounded power cord
  • 2 Year Warranty against defect (six months UV-C Bulb/Lamp, quartz sleeve warranted to arrive unbroken)
  • For Replacement 30 T8 2 Pin Bulbs (supplied with UV)
    (See the "TIPS" section in the sidebar for more about set up & maintenance)

  • TMC 110 Watt Professional Pond UV Sterilizer, ClarifierTMC 110 Watt Professional Large Pond/Aquarium UV Sterilizer/Clarifier- $399.99

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    Only available in the lower 48 USA via UPS (no PO box) due to shipping issues and expenses elsewhere.
    Please contact us for special shipping to other locations.
    Standard Shipping recommended, otherwise if default Economy or Postal Shipping is chosen, there is is no shipping guarantee (buyer then assumes responsibility for any shipping damage with Economy or Postal International).

    • 2 Year warranty against defect (six months UV-C Bulb/Lamp, quartz sleeve warranted to arrive unbroken)

    • Designed for large ponds, hydroponics systems, or aquarium systems, such as those incorporating pressure filters, pressure circuits, sand filters, and venturis.

      In fact, this TMC 110 PRO UV is superior or at the very least equal to other UVs in efficiency/effectiveness that are designed for large ponds or aquariums (systems) that often cost vastly more $$!

      This is the UV sterilizer Carl Strohmeyer, the author of many professional pond/aquarium articles has personally used in multiple applications and highly recommends!

      Information Resources:
      *Pond Care
      *UV Sterilizer Use
      *TMC Professional UV Sterilizer/Clarifier 110 Watt; YouTube

    • New ergonomic, compact design

    • New energy efficient, electronic control gear

    • Universal 2" and 63 mm solvent weld inlet and outlet ports

    Since this is a PROFESSIONAL heavy duty professional model UV sterilizer, we also recommend that it to be hard plumbed either via 2" or Metric 63 mm PVC this can also be stepped down to 1.5" pvc after the connection (this hard plumbed method with a quick disconnect is preferred from Carl's extensive experience).
    The use of 1.5" heavy duty flexible tubing using the supplied 1.5" hose barbs is another option.

    If you are not reasonably handy with such installations, hiring a professional might be necessary (as it's impossible for our staff to be able to help with a unique installation). Please consider this prior to purchase.

    The TMC 110 PRO UV Sterilizer/Clarifier now includes two 1.5 inch hose barbs for more simple vinyl tubing installations, these fit and GLUE (with PVC Cement) inside the inlet/outlet ports.

    Please note that the SAE (2) inch pvc fitting is in the inner part of the inlet/outlet ports while the Metric 63 mm pvc fitting is in the outer part of the inlet/outlet ports. This is to allow for universal fitting in both USA & Canada (as well as the rest of the world).
    As well, the use of PVC pipe in these fittings is required for best results.

    2 inch slip by slip PVC Union

    Another suggestion is to utilize a (2) inch union for easy disconnect such as the slip by slip union pictured to the right (a threaded union can also be utilized).
    Not included- sold at plumbing supply stores.

    This is especially helpful in hard-plumb applications, although the use of the hose barbs makes this suggestion less necessary in our opinion.

    Diagram for 110 Watt Professional Pond Ultra Violet Sterilizer, Clarifier

    • Suitable for ponds up to 19,200 gallons (dependent on stocking density and the amount of sunlight the pond is subject to) with a max flow rate of 9,600 gallons per hour (we recommend under 6,600 gph for best results).

    • Suitable for aquariums or aquarium systems up to 2,200 gallons (dependent on other factors such as turnover, stocking, etc.) with a suggested max flow rate of 3300 gallons per hour.

    • Individually chambered lamps for optimum efficiency and contact time.

    • Fused quartz glass sleeves which ensure that germicidal lamps are able to reach their optimum 'burn temperature' where the highest amount of UVC radiation is emitted. Also facilitates simple lamp replacement by keeping lamp separate from the pond water.

    • Can be connected to either flexible or rigid plumbing using the appropriate plumbing fittings (not supplied). To ensure unrestricted flow, it is recommended that the unit is not plumbed in with anything less than 1-1/2” pipe work

    • Can be used for pressurized systems up to 43.5psi

    • Easily wall mountable

    • Very durable heavy duty PVC construction

    • Approximately 40 inches long X 15 inches wide

    • Flow is non-directional, either port can be used for inlet or outlet

    • New generation long-life electronic ballast that is also easily replaced (see TMC Replacement Ballasts)

    • Supplied complete with a 5m cable and a 24 month guarantee

    • Additional Information:

    • For Replacement 55 Watt T8 2 Pin Bulbs (supplied with UV)
      (See the "TIPS" section in the sidebar for more about set up & maintenance)

    Other Parts

    Lamp Contact with Cable for Vecton or Pond Advantage (each)- $5.49
    *Models; 15, 25, 30, 55, & 110 watt UV Sterilizers OR
    *Model; 8 Watt Vecton

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    Lock Nut & O-Ring - $5.49
    For TMC Pro Pond 30 & 110 Watt UV Sterilizer

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    TMC 110 UV Sterilizer 1.5 inch Hose Barbs
    TMC 110 UV Sterilizer 1.5 inch Hose Barbs SET - $7.99
    For TMC 110 Watt UV Sterilizer (included with 110 watt UV Sterilizer)

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    TMC 8, 15, 25 UV Sterilizer Hose Barb Kit Set - $15.99

    Included with 15, 25 Advantage UV Sterilizers & all but the black hard plumb adapter (for 1 inch pvc) is already included with Vecton UVs

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    90 Degree Adapter Elbow - $8.99

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    TMC 15/25 Advantage UV Body-$27.99
    #0796620 UV Body, 16.25 inches in length

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    TMC 8 Watt UV O Ring- $1.99

    TMC 15, 25, 30, 55, 110 UV O Ring- $2.79
    (These secure the Quartz Sleeve)

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    Parts sold on other web pages:

    Straight Tube UV-C Bulbs to fit TMC 15, 25, 30, 55, 110 UV Sterilizers

    Straight Tube UV-C Bulbs to fit TMC 8 UV Sterilizers

    Quartz Sleeves to fit TMC UV Sterilizers

    Ballasts/ Transformers to fit TMC UV Sterilizers

    Starters to fit TMC UV Sterilizers (FS-2, FS-4, FSU/S-10)

    Aquarium & Pond Plumbing Parts

    UV Water Return and Intake Adapter
    For use with Vecton, Terminator, or any other under aquarium UV Sterilizer. For use with in-tank power heads or internal filters to safely return or intake water to the aquarium without hose kinks.

    1.5" x 1.25", 1" x 3/4", AND 3/4" X 1/2" TO 5/8" Hose Barb Adapter
    Useful for adapting different size hose barbs, such as the 3/4" inch hose barbs on UVs or other aquarium equipment to the 1/2 to 5/8" hoses common Ehiem and other filters, as well as many pond filters with 1.5" barbs to 1.25" barbs such as on the TMC 15 & 25 Watt Advantage UVs.

    Water T Diverter Valves
    For use with ponds, sumps, or any high flow water application where the flow rate exceeds the recommended GPH per watt for a UV Sterilizer as well as other applications

    Please click on the above picture link to purchase these items & more from the Plumbing Parts web page

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    World Class Aquarium & Pond Information including use of TMC UV Sterilizer

    Why Purchase from American Aquarium Products

    Helpful Information:

    For a Water Pump Specifications & Flow Chart

    This guide may be helpful in matching a water pump to your UV Sterilizer

    How UV Sterilization Works; Facts & Myths

    A MUST READ article for anyone looking to get the most out of their Aquarium or Pond UV Sterilizer!

    For important How to determine Head Pressure in Pond or Aquarium Water Pumps information in determining your ACTUAL UV Sterilizer Flow rate.

    For the Very Best in accurate, researched Aquarium Lighting Information:

    Aquarium Lighting


    Aquarium and Pond Tubing Installation Tips

    For help with tubing connections with your UV Sterilizer, Pump, Filter, etc.

    Please Read these helpful articles for more about matching the correct UV Sterilizer to your Aquarium, Pond, Filter, or Pump
    *Flow Calculations
    *Head Pressure

    Here are a couple VERY helpful YouTube Videos:

    TMC Vecton UV Bulb Change

    TMC Professional UV Sterilizer/Clarifier 110 Watt

    Further Installation Tips:

    • While we check each unit prior to shipping, we recommend plugging in and checking the unit in a dark location, prior to connection.

    The UV lamps can easily be checked by looking at the hose-tails or the soft end caps of the larger UVs for a blue glow. With the 15 & 25 Watt Pond Advantage when used in bright daylight, removing the two screws allows for more easy viewing to double check lamp function during regular maintenance.

    • The TMC Vecton & Advantage UVs have very "soft" connecting Lamp Contacts at each end of the UV Bulb/Lamp for ease of service or bulb change. Because of this these easily can be disconnected when installing, moving, or shipping these UVs (although EVERY TMC is checked by us and then repacked BETTER prior to shipping).

    If your UV fails to come on, we have found that 90% of the time these Lamp Contacts are not securely connected to the lamp pins. We suggest fully disconnecting, then re-aligning the pins to the lamps connectors and simply gently pushing these against the lamps/bulb.

    With the 110 PRO UV, the white retainer clamps must be removed first to check each lamp pin connection. IF even one connection is loose the UV will not fire.

    • TMC recommends vertical mounting of the Vecton UVs (positioning the outlet and inlet up and down) for best results.

    However we have successfully used these UVs in less than perfect vertical positions with good success, but best results will still be achieved with vertical mounting (meaning the unit is horizontal).

    • We recommend testing for leaks for these and all other brands of UVs with a simple blow and "suction" test. Simply plug on hose barb and then blow in the other, then also suck into the other hose barb as well as it should maintain suction. This is 100% effective as per Carl's years of experience.

    • We recommend all outdoor applications be connected to a GFI receptacle (a standard 15 amp breaker works for all TMC UVs)

    • The Vecton should always be placed below the water level of the aquarium

    Teflon Tape on UV Outlet for better fit• The Vecton Pivoting 90° Elbow may need the use of Teflon Tape on the threaded nipple side of the Vecton for a secure fit, making sure to overlap the end of the nipple well with Teflon Tape.
    Otherwise, these need to be hand tightened VERY tightly for a best fit.

    Please click on the picture for a better view of an example

    The picture below shows another way of dealing with tight spaces using a 90 degree hose barb connection
    (part 7 or 8 on our Plumbing Parts Page):
    TMC Aquarium or Pond UV Sterilizer with adapter

    • We recommend changing the UV Lamps/Bulbs every six months for aquariums & warm climate ponds and every 12 months for cool climate ponds.

    'O' Rings should be changed every 3rd or 4th lamp change (although every bulb change as per TMC is OK)

    • The Pond Advantage UVs can be placed above the pond (assuming proper pump head pressure), however if possible less head pressure is needed for a UV placed at or below the pond level.

    Here are a couple of ways to connect an UV sterilizer to an aquarium:

    Vecton UV connected to Canister Filter: This is the most simple way to connect

    Vecton UV connected to Pump:

    The above picture demonstrates (using a small aquarium for demonstration purposes) a:
    • Vecton 8 Watt UV,
    • Rio 1000
    • Filter Max #3 Pre-Filter,

    OR instead of a pump AND Pre-filter, a SunSun HJ-952 Internal Filter or for more head pressure such as with the Vecton 15 watt. the SunSun 1542 (Via Aqua 1300) can be used.
    • 5/8" Tubing,
    • an Intake and Return Adapter.

    This is a simple yet VERY effective way to connect a premium high dwell time UV for level one or higher UV Sterilization utilizing a simple power head and sponge pre-filter for maximum effectiveness.

    The small valve included with the Rio 1000 (and some other pumps as well) can be used to slow the flow during critical times when a higher level of UV Sterilization is desired.

    (Please click on picture to enlarge)

    Recommended Pond Set up Utilizing correctly set up Pond Veggie/Bog filter with a 2nd to none TMC Pond Advantage UV Sterilizer:

    Pond Veggie Filter running premium True UV Sterilizer

    Aquamanwater@; Comments/Order: Carl & Steve,
    After installing my Vecton 600 on my 135 gal tank, not only is the water the clearest that I have ever seen, but the fish act more lively and seem to have more personality than I have ever noticed.., incredibly cool! Even my sick Azureus has started to eat again, even though he spits most of it back out again.

    Related Products:

    Click below for our vinyl aquarium tubing page:

    Tubing, Hose Clamps

    Please note that hose clamps or tubing are NOT provided with these UVs as with most ALL UVs

    For PREMIUM replacement UV-C Light Bulbs for your Sterilizer, see these pages:

    Page 2 for Straight Tube UV-C Bulbs
    ALL TMC UV Replacement Bulbs are found on this page

    AAP Terminator UV Sterilizers

    Solid durable construction Terminator UV Sterilizers, Clarifiers, UV Filter Kits for aquariums and ponds.

    Superior performance from a compact UV Sterilizer; PROVEN superior results versus over-priced Tetra and Turbo Twist.

    Select Quartz Sleeves, Ballasts

    Including Ballasts and Quartz Sleeves for most TMC Vecton and Advantage UV Sterilizers

    TMC V² O³ Zone Ozone Generator

    Top of the line Ozone Generator which raises oxidizing levels, making your Protein Skimmer more efficient which helps to break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water

    TMC V²Pure 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with TDS Meter

    Three-stage, professional RO (reverse osmosis) system incorporating the highest quality components.

    Pressurized Pond Filters

    High Flow Pond or Aquarium System Pumps

    Rio HF Pond & Sump Pumps

    Vortex Rotor Blade High Flow Water Pumps for the most demanding pond or aquarium environment; excellent pumps for the TMC 25 Watt UV or larger

    Rio Plus Pumps

    Models 90, 200, 600, 1000, 1100, & 1700; Proven and Versatile Rio Aquarium, Fountain Water Pumps, Powerheads

    Internal UV Filter/Pump

    SunSun Premium Engineered, Designed Internal 13 Watt UV Sterilizer Filter, Pump

    LED Aquarium Lights

    The PREMIER Aquarium Lights for your Planted or Reef Aquarium.

    TMC Ultra Violet Sterilizer/Clarifier &Parts

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