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2015 Wrap-Up Newsletter
Happy New Year!
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Ask the Expert:
By Carl Strohmeyer
Interviewed by Devon Trigg

Q: So, AAP is now offering free shipping?

A: Yes, that's correct. We have now changed our pricing structure for products, and are now utilizing UPS SurePost in more shipments where it is the lowest cost option, although this method is also not as quick as other methods we have used in the past.

This will result in lower shipping charges for orders under $50 and free shipping for orders over 49.99 in the lower 48 USA. As well, all other locations will have lower cost shipping too, but since SurePost cannot be utilized in these other locations, the shipping decreases are not as dramatic. We are also subsidizing shipping costs more than ever since we still do not get the rates that Amazon and other "big Boys" get, so this may cut into what we can pay for staff to help out in outside forums and other means of Aquatic education.

We at American Aquarium Products (AAP) utilize many shipping methods from USPS First Class, Priority Mail, UPS, as well as SurePost (by UPS & USPS). Even when expedited shipping is NOT paid for, we often ship via Priority Mail for packages under 2-4 lbs.. We also ship on Saturday.

The result is many customers ordering late on Friday a package weighing 2 lbs receiving their purchases on Monday or Tuesday for Standard Shipping.

However this same customer ordering late Friday from Dr. Foster & Smith and receiving free shipping, will have their package shipped the following Monday via UPS SurePost which will then take until the following Wednesday or even Thursday a total of almost two weeks (stated delivery time for both FedEX Smart Post and UPS SurePost is 7-9 business days).


Welcome to 2016!

TMC AquaGro GroBeam 1500

One of the highest grade 6500K high light Sunlight LED. Full square spread. Waterproof IP67 rating. 10 HO Cree licensed emitters. Longest warranty of 5 years. Limited supply for the New Year!

Built by a company long recognized as a industry leaders in its innovation and quality of products. There's no better better light watt per watt of energy used or more professional grade.

TMC V2 8 Watt Vecton Sterilizer

Most UVC watt per watt from any sterilizer available. Long dwell time gives maximum exposure, which leads to a high level of protection for your aquarium. Best amount of UVC for $ spent. Best professional brand for aquatics.

American Aquarium Products Specials

• GroBeam 1500 Ultima High Light Planted Aquarium Capable LED- $215.99 (ONLY until 1/13- Limited Quantities)
• AquaBeam Ocean Blue NP #1500 Ultima High Light Reef Capable LED- $249.99 (ONLY until 1/13- Limited Quantities)
• TMC Vecton 15 Watt Premium UV Sterilizer- $155.99 (ONLY until 1/13)
• Hydro Sponge Filter #4- $8.39 (ONLY until 1/13)
• SunSun HBL-501 HOB Power Filter- $12.99
• #PUVLF46H, four pin 50 Watt HO T5 UV bulb- $32.99
• Premium 9 Watt G23 UV Bulb/Lamp- $14.99
• Premium 18 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $17.99
• KING 1A Water Pump/Power Head 185 gph- $11.99 (Limited Stock- ONLY until Out of Stock)
• SunSun High Outut 500 Watt Submersible Heater- $15.99 (Limited Stock- ONLY until 1/13)
• Kent Marine Coral-Vite Essential Vitamin 16 oz- $13.99 (Limited Stock- ONLY until 1/13 or Out of Stock)

Recent Updates
Mouth Fungus vs. Columnaris:
"Beside new content, this update also includes a new picture showing the difference between Columnaris of the mouth and mouth fung."

Flow Head Pressure
"Aquarium Filter Siphon DynamicsWhat adds to the confusion canister filter flow rates is the subject of open system versus closed system.
A pump in a sump is an open system, where as a motor/pump as part of a canister filter is a closed system by virtue of the aid of a siphon. This Siphon aid also applies if we were to use a water pump placed in the aquarium to power the canister filter, which I have often done when the motor has failed (this is less expensive than a new filter and often makes for an easier starting filter). This siphon aid results in much lower affects of distance upon water flow rate between a canister filter and a pump in an open sump.

What is noteworthy is that despite this siphon aid, tests and 1000s of practical use applications show that there is still a drop in flow rate for a closed system canister filter due to friction, tubing size, devices such as UV Sterilizers, CO2 equipment, etc. along with some impact from head pressure.

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University LED Study
LED Study

Statistical results are being released soon! This study was focus on VHO, MH, and high powered-low watt LEDs. There's increase growth to corals, with much less energy. Follow along to be the first to see the results released.

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