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Aquarium, Fountain, Pond Submersible Water Pump;
AAP/SunSun JP066

475 gph; Economical Aquarium, Pond, Terrarium, or Fountain Pump

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Via Aqua, SunSun JP-066 Aquarium, Fountain Water Pump

We now sell the SunSun line of economy pumps as a compliment due to Via Aqua production issues (this is caused by the loss of an Asian factory due to a competitors actions).

The SunSun JP-066 pump is similar to the Via Aqua Economy line of pumps in both reliability, economy, and design; and in fact we have found the the JP-066 to be more rugged and durable in their design along with MUCH higher header pressures for otherwise similar pumps!
However the Via Aqua line does offer more exhaust/outlet attachment options with four outlet attachment options versus one for the SunSun

The bottom line is with the SunSun JP-066 you will get a BETTER MADE pump with MORE head pressure, but with less attachment options!

Professional Aquarium and Pond Pump Experience Compact design

Energy efficient

User Friendly

Simple Installation

SunSun JP-066 Aquarium, Fountain Water PumpSunSun JP-066 Pump - $27.99
Compare to Via Aqua 306, except SUPERIOR performance, head pressure

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* Maximum head: 102.3"
* Dimensions: 4" L x 2 3/4" W x 4" H
* Wattage: 45
* GPH: 475 (1800 L/h)
* Variable flow control: yes
* Cord length: 66" (Standard Polarized Plug, NISPT-1 cord)
* Recommended tubing size: 5/8 -3/4" ID tubing
* Superior pump in head pressure, design to NP 306 or VA 306 and ALL related pumps!!

Aqua 306 Pump -

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)

*Maximum head: 51.2"
*Dimensions: 4 1/4" L x 2 3/4" W x 3 3/4" H
*Wattage: 35
*GPH: 525
*Variable flow control: yes
*Cord length: 6 (Standard Polarized Plug, NISPT-1 cord)

Via Aqua 306 Parts, accessories*Recommended tubing size: 5/8 - 3/4" ID tubing

*See Picture to the left for parts

Click below for our vinyl aquarium tubing page:

Tubing, hose clamps

More Via Aqua Information (Pump specifications, etc.)

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