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Jungle Labs Products, treatments, water conditioners

Jungle Labs Products, now owned by Tetra, has been in the Aquarium Industry for few decades, with many unique & often affordable aquatic treatments and water conditioners.

We at American Aquarium only sell a few of Jungle’s products such as the effective and affordable Start Right premium water conditioners (for chlorine removal, electrolytes, slime coat generation), Clear Water (an excellent source of Potassium Permanganate which is useful for water clarification caused by large amounts if organic decomposition and as a fish bath remedy), as well as a few of their excellent fish parasite treatments; Tank Buddies Parasite Guard & Ich Guard.

Jungle Clear Water Potassium Permanganate

Potassium Permanganate/ Jungle Clear Water
2 oz. - $3.49

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• Contains pure Potassium Permanganate
• Excellent for "net dips", as well as fish baths & direct swab application for severe eye infections (especially useful for baths or swabbing of sores caused by the disease Columnaris)
When uses in a bath, use at recommended strength
When used as a swab, use diluted 50/50 with water and do NOT apply to bloody sores
When used as a "net dip" to prevent/check spread of disease between multiple tanks (such as in a fish room), use at double strength.

• Tank Clarification (established tanks ONLY!); Quickly clears cloudy discolored water and removes odors caused by decayed organics (fish waste, dead plant matter, and bacterial blooms. Converts organic matter such as microscopic plant and animal life, into relatively inert detritus.
• Removes iron from tap water.
• Mild Fluke infestations
• One 2 oz. Bottle treats 120 gallons for aquarium clarification or Fluke Treatment purposes

• Note: Do NOT use with Start Right, Prime, Amquel or any other similar water conditioner meant to remove chlorine/chloramines as they will neutralize the active ingredient; Potassium Permanganate).
If using any other water conditioner or treatments, wait 48 hours before using this product.
Remove activated carbon during use. Water may turn dark at first but will clear within a few hours. If used for cloudiness and the tank has not cleared in 48 hours, treat again.
For Flukes, at least 2-3 treatments may be required.

Jungle Start Right, water conditioner, chlorine remover, fish stress reliefJungle Start Right, water conditioner, 2 ounce

Start Right Aquarium Water Conditioner for Salt or Freshwater

16 oz, treats 960 gallons- $9.99
2 oz, treats 120 gallons- $2.49


• Complete Aquarium Water Conditioner for Freshwater, Saltwater, and Goldfish;
• Reduces stress
• Removes Chlorine, Chloramine, and Neutralizes Heavy Metals
• Contains Allantoin – a Natural Skin Protectant and Stimulant of a Fish’s Slime Coat

Please note we limit sales of the 16 oz to (5) in the lower 48 USA and (2) to HI, AK, & Territories due to high shipping costs.
All International locations are limited to (1) plus an additional shipping charge of $10 usd will be billed. Sorry for any inconvenience, however this is a heavy item with low mark up and the shipping charges we pay generally FAR exceed what we charge

Tetra Ich Guard Aquarium Ichthyophthirius Multifilis Treatment

Tetra (Jungle) Ich Guard; 8 Tablets -$3.99

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Treats 80 gallons (10 Gallons per Tablet)

• Contains: Victoria Green (Malachite Green), Acriflavin
• Ingredient Acriflavin protects fish form secondary infections.
• Simply drop the Fizz Tabs tablet into your aquarium water, the fizzing action assures you the ingredients are working immediately!
• Safe for freshwater aquarium fish and plants..
• No need to raise the water temperature.

Hikari PraziPro; 4 oz -$13.99

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Treats 480 gallons

• Treats, Tapeworms, Flatworms (Planaria), Flukes
• Contains Oxybispropanol (as an inert solubilizing agent) and 5% praziquantel by weight
• Extremely safe & effective. Will not negatively impact biological filtration when used as directed.
• Can be used as a bath or "in-tank" treatment
• For a 30-60 minute Bath; we suggest use with water removed from the aquarium to avoid additional stress.
Use 1 teaspoon per 20 gallon in either the bath or directly in tank (remove and carbon or related filtration such as Purigen if used "in-tank").
Can also be safely combined with Methylene Blue in a bath for added bacterial and secondary infection effectiveness

Tetra Parasite Guard aquarium treatment

Tetra (Jungle) Parasite Guard; 8 Tablets -$4.29

Recommended replacement: A combination of AAP/API General Cure & AAP Super Velvet Plus (this provides Praziquantel, Metronidazole, & Acriflavin, as well as NaCl)

• Contains Praziquantel, Metronidazole, Acriflavin, Diflubenzuron
• Quickly clears external and internal parasites such as Flukes, Nematodes, & some cases of Anchor Worms.
• Helps prevent secondary infections.
• Will not harm biological filtration.
• No need to raise the water temperature.

Clears external and internal parasites. No need to raise the water temperature. Also helps prevent secondary infections and will not harm biological filtration. The fizz lets you know its working!

Aquarium Solutions (Hikari) BioBandage Gel; .08 oz (2.5 mL) -DISCONTINUED


AAP Wound Control/Merbromin For Direct sore or external disease application
AAP Res_Q Medicated Slime Bandage Premium medicated slime coat conditioner

Medicated parasite fish food, praziquantel, levamisol, metronidazole

Jungle Anti- Parasite Medicated Food; 1 oz.-
DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer

• Directly treats fish
• Protects against secondary infections
• Can be used as a preventative
• Will not cloud water
• Contains: Metronidazole 1%, praziquantel .5%, levamisol .4%

*Ingredients: Soybean Meal, sorghum distillers dried grain, fish meal, fish oil, dicalcium phosphate, di-methionine, ascorbic acid, ethoxyquin, calcium carbonate, vitamin E, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, , d calcium pantothenate, niacin, folic acid, riboflavin, menadione sodium bisulfite, biotin, choline chloride, vitamin D3, anganese sulfate, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, cobalt carbonate, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, ferrous sulfate, sodium selenite, Vitamin A, mineral oil, vitamin B12.

As an alternative to Anti- Parasite Medicated Food for a Fish Food Soak, consider API General Cure Parasite Treatment

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