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Rio HF Hyper Flow Aquarium, Pond Water Pumps

Rio Pumps (by Taam of California) have been an industry standard for some time now with many innovative products.

While in our experience and testing their sister company (Via Aqua/Commodity Axis of California) has passed up the basic Rio Pumps in price, reliability & innovation (based on our experience), the newer HF line of Rio Pumps is second to no other product in terms of innovation with these patented high flow/ pressure water pumps that are designed specifically for the high flow needs of a deep aquarium sump or pond that has to lift greater distances to water features.

These Rio HF Pumps make an excellent choice for ponds, or deep fountains or sumps.
For Pond use, we suggest the use of a gravel/rock pre-filter around the inlet of this pump to remove more debris from entering the internal pump sponge pre-filter (volcanic rock or better; Matrix we provide best results). This will not only provide longer pump life, but require less pump cleanings and even result in a more clear pond!

Rio HF Pumps Parts Diagram
Vortex Rotor Blade

High Flow Rate, especially for deep/high water features

More Gallons flow per watt power

Fully Submersible

Energy efficient design

Rare Earth Magnet

Low heat emittance

Titanium Shaft with Ceramic Bearing

Multi Purpose; Ideal for high flow, high pressure Salt/Freshwater/Pond

Heavy duty three prong grounded cord

UL (Underwriters Labortories) Rated

As with ANY Mag Drive submersible pump, these should NOT be used with a pond skimmer due to variable input restrictions that can damage the pump and void the warranty (only a direct drive pump should be used for such applications)

Sponge and Valve (B) no longer supplied by Rio (Taam)

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Rio 32 HF- $149.99;
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*Flow Rate @ 1 foot Head pressure 7270 L/H (1920 GPH)
*Flow Rate @ 6 feet Head pressure 4920 L/H (1300 GPH)
*Maximum head = 14 feet
*110/120 Volt
*Dimensions 6" x 4.5" x 3.25"
*Inlet = 1 NPT (pipe); 1-5/16 hose (tubing)
Pump can simply be used in a sump method with no tubing on the inlet
*Outlet = 3/4 NPT (pipe); 1 hose (tubing)
*115 watts

Rio 26 HF- $135.99;
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*Flow Rate @ 1 foot Head pressure 6040 L/H (1590 GPH)
*Flow Rate @ 6 feet Head pressure 4330 L/H (1140 GPH)
*Maximum head = 13 feet
*110/120 Volt
*Dimensions 6" x 4.5" x 3.25" (15.3cm x 11.5cm x 8.3cm)
*Inlet = 1- NPT (pipe) or 1-5/16 hose (tubing)
Pump can simply be used in a sump method with no tubing on the inlet
*Outlet = 3/4 NPT (pipe); 1 hose (tubing)
*100 watts

Rio 20 HF Pump Rio 20 HF- $95.99;

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*Flow Rate @ 1 foot Head pressure 4900 L/H (1290 GPH)
*Flow Rate @ 6 feet Head pressure 3300 L/H (870 GPH)
*Maximum head = 10.8 feet
*110/120 Volt
*Dimensions= 5.4" x 2.7" x 3.7"
*Inlet = 1- NPT (pipe) or 1-5/16 hose (tubing)
Pump can simply be used in a sump method with no tubing on the inlet
*Outlet = 3/4 NPT (pipe); 1 hose (tubing)
*60 Watts

Replacement Impellers:

Rio 20HF Impeller- $43.99

Rio 26HF Impeller- $47.99

Rio 32HF Impeller- $48.99

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PLEASE NOTE: all water pumps whether these Rio, Via Aqua or ANY other must be connected below the water level of the pond/aquarium otherwise your pump may be damaged or simply not work!

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Rio HF Pumps

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