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The reason for all of this information is to provide our customers with clear and accurate understandings of our Return/Refund policies, not to make returns difficult.
Simply put, we do NOT require Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers as many online businesses require. All we basically ask is that we can identify your return (via email, transaction number, name and address, etc.), your reason for return and any directions for return or refund.
We also seek to handle most warranty returns for our customers rather than send customers to cumbersome, slow, and often costly manufacturer returns

Also, even if a product needs to be returned after 30 days, we can sell a label to prevent a customer from standing in lines at post offices, etc. and the often higher fees UPS, USPS, etc. might charge.

Purchasing at AAP infers buyers have read this policy and have agreed to the terms here in.

Cancel/ Change Order

Please note if you need to cancel or change your order, there will be a $2 Fee to change an order (this is to cover the time spent and fees charged us which usually exceed $2).
If an order has been shipped there is no practical way to get a package back from USPS or UPS so normal return policies apply.

If an order needs to be canceled and has yet to be shipped, we can refund all but 4% of purchase price including shipping fees (if any) regardeless of shipping method chosen.
Please note the reason for the 4% fee is we are now charged this by PayPal as they now do NOT refund these fees to us (so we are not keeping these fees, PayPal and credit card companies are, so please reserve your wrath for them).

If we have shipped the incorrect item or you as the customer have inadvertently purchased the incorrect item, we want to get you the correct product as quickly as possible, however we do need a written record, so this must be handled by email as well.

See Steps to Take further on this page.

30 Day Return Policy

All non warranty return requests must be initiated within 30 days from the date of purchase.
(This excludes returns initiated by email, requesting us to take care of warranty issues on a product purchased from us or to repair a product out of warranty).

It is impossible to refund any return (in part or in full) that we receive after 60 days (by terms of Merchant Credit Card Agreements)
Any Return after 30 days of date of purchase falls under the terms of a Warranty Return (NO Exceptions if Economy Shipping was chosen due to losses we already take shipping this method)

  • Broken, Damaged Shipments need to be handled within 7 days (so as to file a claim with our shipper as per their rules).

    *Please note as per UPS, FedEx, USPS rules for claims; that if ONLY parts are broken that can be replaced (such as a Quartz Sleeve on a UV Sterilizer), this is all we can send/replace, NOT an entire unit.

    If an international shipment and a forwarder is used, we can only make claims up to this address, so ANY and ALL claims must be made by your forwarder once it arrives there broken.
    After this, the breakage is 100% the responsibility of the forwarder and must be handled by them (we can provide an invoice for cost of damages and discount it too as a one time customer courtesy after proof of damage is provided).

    *Also note, that if Economy shipping is chosen, we often use SurePost (as with other merchants along with its cousin SmartPost); THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEED SERVICE by the shipper and therefore there are not guarantees for this service nor return labels provided for ANY reason since we are already subsidizing or paying shipping outright for a service that does not provide us with a guarantee (We will work to correct this at our expense, but we will do this the most expedient way for us since we would be bearing all costs). PLEASE keep this in mind when ordering fragile items such as UV Sterilizers & utilizing Economy shipping.

    Our shipping agent requires pictures of the broken part, outer packing (shipping box), and inner packing to file a claim, so we must ask for these three pictures to provide replacement parts.
    This is important whether a simple claim is made with the shipper for just replacement parts or a pick up by the shipper needs to be scheduled. So please inspect your products immediately upon receipt and save all shipping material, including labels until you are sure your product is in good condition!

    • The simplest way to handle all return or breakage requests/complaints is to respond directly to the email we send with ALL sales at the time we finish processing your purchase as pictures that are required by UPS, FedEx, USPS can be attached. Another way is via our Contact Page, and then attach pictures after we respond to your breakage claim.

      We send ALL customers this email, if you cannot find it in your email please check your SPAM.
      See Return Requirements for further shipping damage information

    • Please note that it is the SHIPPER, such as UPS, is who chooses how to handle a claim once submitted, NOT AAP.
      Often this calls for UPS to pick up the package for return for repairs or simply replacing a broken part if that is all that is called for.
      UPS or USPS will NEVER replace an entire product, it only a part that is replaceable is damaged.

    • We have also found that many customers use "old" email addresses in PayPal or similar credit card accounts that are no longer checked, Please note that these Shipping information emails from us are sent to the email provided by your PayPal or Credit Card account (unless you type the current email at the time of purchase), so please check these email accounts if our email cannot be found.
      See Information Section for "Incorrect Address" info.

    • Non Delivery; Once delivered and UPS, FedEx, or USPS shows a confirmed delivery, our legal obligation has ended. Theft of packages from a customer/recipient's property is the responsibility of the customer, not American Aquarium Products or our contracted shipping agent!
      We recommend contacting FedEx or USPS first with your tracking number, then contacting us to see where we might be able to help from our side, especially with UPS as they are very good about investigating any issues of non delivery.
      For USPS, once delivered usually means DELIVERED and we can do little, especially since we pay extra out of our pocket for proof of delivery with every shipment. Problems of non delivery are VERY RARE with either service, but if you have had issues in your area, I would suggest requesting UPS 3 or 2 day air in checkout.
      This said, occasionally USPS carriers make the "human" mistake of scanning delivery of a package at the wrong address, but new GPS technology in USPS scanners can show this, which is why it is IMPORTANT to contact the USPS immediately when your package shows delivery, yet is not at your location as it can be quickly tracked down!

      As with broken/damaged items, all non delivery claims MUST be filed within 7 days (as per shipper rules).
      Even with UPS or FedEx, unlike a broken item where we can send parts or whatever is need to fix the item, we have to wait for their resolution for non-delivery due to high incidence of fraud. We cannot send any replacements until UPS or FedEx finalizes their investigation.

      Please note that is Economy Shipping is used, resulting in shipping via UPS SurePost, or USPS First Class/Parcel Post, NO CLAIM for missing package can be filed!
      As well as per terms of agreement with our shippers, lamps/lights or other glass items are not considered covered. However we will cover ALL COSTS out of our pocket if Standard or higher shipping is used at checkout (with Economy we will also cover at our cost, but return shipping cost is the buyers responsibility as per our Shipping Terms).

    • International & Non Lower 48 USA Damage/Missing; As clearly stated on our Shipping Page, We do NOT guarantee any shipment sent internationally where the buyer elects to use the less expensive Postal Shipping instead of UPS Guaranteed Shipping. If you have a problem with a broken or damaged shipment, we can certainly try to help.

      If a shipping forwarder is used, once a package is delivered to them, it is their responsibility to check for damage prior to forwarding the package, especially since most forwarders re-pack items to save shipping costs.
      We are NOT responsible for packages after they leave these forwarders, and ALL CLAIMS must be filed with the forwarder.
      I would especially be wary of freight forwarders that use Postal forwarding, especially to Canada for fragile items.

      There are no exceptions other than helping in any way we can!

    • Returns for Defects with Missing Parts or Test Non-Defective; If parts are missing, we can only return these products as is after replacing any defective part (we cannot refund).
      If no defect is found, it is the purchasers responsibility to pay FULL shipping back (not simply the cost paid, as often we subsidize shipping costs on the front end of purchases). If a customer elects to not keep an non defective return, we can provide a 95% refund as per our policy in the next section, less the cost of shipping (including shipping paid for a return label as well). If parts are missing with a non defective return, we cannot provide any refund.

    • Returns due to incorrect item shipped; First, our apologies for this if it happens, which is rare, but since we employ humans, this still happens even with the double and triple checks we have in place.
      We do need to be notified within 30 days if this does happens and some sort of verification, so PLEASE CHECK YOUR PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY UPON DELIVERY!
      We also need the product returned in its original manufacturer packaging.
      If Standard Shipping or higher is used, we generally will send out the correct product, HOWEVER if Economy shipping is used, we can refund the price or send with a future order (sorry due to the high costs of shipping where even with Standard Shipping we often now pay part of the costs, it is often cheaper just to refund all or part of the incorrect item shipped).

      Unfortunately once a product is used, we CANNOT accept the return as new, but we still are willing to provide credits where applicable

  • *For non Defective NON-USED Returns WITHIN 30 days of date of purchase WITH original packaging
    (EXCEPT for Lighting Products, UV Sterilizers, Canister Filters, & Specials);
    UP TO 96% of your order will be refunded if any method of shipping other than Economy was used to purchase, this does NOT include shipping fees paid since we cannot recover this cost nor the 4% fee PayPal charges which is also not refundable to us.
    With larger/heavy purchases OUR total shipping cost often well exceeds the cost customers pay and this TOTAL amount cannot be refunded.
    Please note; The CUSTOMER bears the cost of shipping to return a product that they decide not to keep.

    If Economy Shipping was selected during checkout, since we bear the FULL cost of shipping the product out of the purchase price, the Maximum amount we can refund for "change of mind"/non defective returns is 85% (we can upgrade to another product of equal or great value for 95% of the original cost if Economy shipping was used, but return shipping costs will be applied).
    We DO NOT provide Return labels under ANY circumstances if Economy Shipping was used

    *If the product was purchased as a special and a refund is requested, the refund will be 5% less of normal regardless of shipping method used (this does not apply to exchanges).
      Special Order purchases are only eligible for a 50% refund of product price.
      Items marked as clearance or "one only at this price" are not eligible for ANY refund.

    *Products that are returned dirty, with missing parts or not connected, misuse, or without 100% original packaging will be refunded UP TO 85% depending upon condition of the return.
    Simply put; if we cannot re-sale a return as new, we cannot refund full purchase price.

    *If extensive testing is required for a return, the refund will be 85% or less depending upon time required.

    *Any product that is purchased/exchanges as an upgrade will be done at regular price should a sale be in effect.

    For Lighting, UV Sterilizers, ALL TMC Products, and Canister Filters purchased via Standard Shipping or higher (See Economy Shipping above if used), we stand behind our EXTENSIVE information provided that well explains all positives and negatives, as well as the quality of our products (it is noteworthy that we sell the Filstar Filters at a loss as a customer courtesy).
    This also includes proper use of UV Sterilizers, etc.
    Because of this and the low margin, time spent in testing and prepping of these products; we can only Refund UP TO 95% of these returns UNLESS returned for an exchange of equal or higher value.
    For UV Sterilizers that have not been used correctly, the maximum refund is 85% IF returned clean.

    *Once AquaRay LEDs are registered, we cannot provide any refund, as these light now cannot be sold to anyone else and still provide the full 5 year warranty.

    *Closeouts/"one only at this price" specials CANNOT be refunded (regular specials are refunded at 5% less than normal refund policy as per shipping method used)

    *Tubing, since it is cut, we cannot offer ANY refund for return
    As well any bulk items such as Sea Salt may NOT be Returned

    *Unfortunately all sales are final for driftwood since these are all unique specimens that take considerably time to photograph and get up on the website.
    *As well, all sales are final for filters once they have been used in an aquarium or pond.

    *Finally, while we test EVERY UV, Light Fixture, etc., sometimes a part such as a circuit, connection, etc may come loose during shipping; we are more than happy to replace these broken or otherwise defective parts at our cost for shipping, however this cannot be used as a reason to expect a shipping label to simply return an entire otherwise functioning product as a few have attempted to use this scam for free labels.

    • Returns, such as light bulbs, that are returned without reasonable care to prevent breakage and thus arrive broken ARE the customers responsibility just as we are responsible for reasonable shipping damage to customers.

    • For application of credit toward an exchange or new purchase, this can be handled either by the customer making the new purchase and once the return is received back, we would apply 100% credit (less shipping) toward the original purchase OR once the return is received we can send an electronic invoice for the difference in price plus shipping (if any).

  • We provide a customer courtesy (one time per purchase) UV Bulb replacement up to 6 months after purchase

  • We cannot respond to requests for returns or replacement via phone messages.

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Warranty Returns

Warranty Returns can be taken at any time, we attempt to handle as many warranty concerns "in house" to avoid as many hassles as possible for our customers including our often much quicker turn around time of a day or two (versus manufacturer return turn-around's that are often a couple weeks). All products are one year unless otherwise stated (such as many TMC products with longer warranty periods). UV lamps & starters are warranted 6 months.
For any warranty return where a new product is given, we will generally not return the product in the new packaging as most manufacturers require us to return any products with warranty issues in the box that the new replacement came from.

With replacement products, warranties will continue from the time of original purchase

For warranty returns, make sure to provide evidence of your purchase from us, such as transaction ID, original packing slip, or simply the email address you used for your purchase. This is a service provided for our customers only!, however we will service at no charge other than parts any product purchased indirectly from us with proof of purchase, however please note that the warranties themselves are NOT transferable.

With the exception of TMC Products; ALL Return Shipping Fees will apply after 30 Days, as it would with most manufacturer returns, except we are much quicker and we absorb most of these costs, unlike manufacturer returns (we would send an electronic invoice for this fee unless already paid).
Please understand we are acting as an agent for your returns at no charge between the buyer and the manufacturer and there are costs involved for us that we do NOT pass on (including costs to return to the manufacturer and rejected returns by the manufacturer that we have already given to the buyer).

With TMC Products, the customer is still responsible for shipping to us for warranty returns (even if purchased within 30 days), although we can send a prepaid label for convenience if requested for Domestic shipments.
Please note that we test EVERY TMC UV and LED Light prior to shipping and in fact to this date as per TMC UVs, NEVER have found a defect in 4+ decades other than disconnected lamps or breakage from shipping, so we know a working product was shipped. For this reason if the customer want us to re-inspect a TMC UV or AquaRay light, all shipping must be paid for by the customer regardless of shipping method used (other than proven shipping damage with insured standard or higher shipping)

*If the warranty return is needed quickly; the product and can be re-purchased and once the defective product is returned, the price of the product (only) can be refunded upon testing/verification.
This assumes the entire product is defective, not just a part, otherwise a full refund cannot be issued. Unfortunately we have had working LED fixtures returned after purchase of a replacement and we CANNOT refund for a working LED Fixture returned for warranty

Please note that if the returned product has damage such as water damage to a power supply/ballast, we cannot refund. So if you are unsure, a return for repair is the better option.

*If only a certain part need replacing, such as a UV Ballast or LED Power Supply, this part only can be returned (this would be analogous to purchasing an automobile and having a defective transmission, you will only get your transmission repaired/replaced, NOT the automobile replaced) .

We cannot exchange warranty returns for a different product unless the product under warranty has been upgraded to a newer product (Example; the TMC AquaBeam 500 is now a AquaBeam 600).

*Products that are returned for warranty with missing parts or not connected, misuse, may be charged for the cost of replacement of said parts up to our cost of the unit.

  • For AAP/TMC AquaRay LED Lights and GroBeams, we attempt to handle any problem "in house", this occasionally results in us taking any loss due to moisture damage from improper placement or ventilation.
    PLEASE NOTE that TMC as of September 2015 requires online registration for all AquaRay products to obtain the full 5 year warranty for the registered owner (not transferable to 2nd party), otherwise it is 2 years.
    Here is the Registration Web Page: TMC Warranty Information/Registration

    One symptom of humidity/moisture damage is the first emitter (next to the power supply connection) going out as well as corrosion inside the lens.
    Too much moisture/humidity is common to the majority of warranty returns (and is not covered under warranty).
    The older 500/600 models (pre November 2011) are however, a bit more susceptible to high humidity/moisture. However this was addressed with a failure rate of ONLY 0.1011%.
    Please see this note from TMC in the side bar: Link to Note from TMC

    The newer 400, 500, 600, 1000, 1500, & 2000 model LED's are not as susceptible to humidity due to improvements that include a couple of extra electrical components to protect against any current spikes entering the unit as a result to damage to the sophisticated circuitry from humidity higher than the established 65% for any electronic component. The result is less than 3% overall failure rate and this includes those damaged by high humidity/moisture.
    If you are having trouble with one of these units you should reevaluate your placement and ventilation.

    Only one of the dozens of AquaRay LEDs (even 500 models) going back a few years in our sister maintenance companies have ever failed, as adequate flow through ventilation (not just a back cut out when used in canopies) and regular cleaning of all lights (not just LED) is provided.
    It is also noteworthy based on our findings it is the sophisticated circuitry to reduce the voltage that gets damaged by humidity in these few returns (not actually the emitters), often when left to dry these fixtures will work again unless there is too much corrosion (similar to a cell phone damaged by water then dried out to work again).

    Another symptom is corrosion of contacts such as from the lights to the power supply. While this can often be cleaned such corrosion is NOT covered under either the 2 or 5 year warranty!
    Please note that TMC has been very liberal in honoring warranties even in clear cases of poor installations, connections damaged by arcing from poor connections, etc. (but we may have to wait for direction from TMC in such cases before replacing)

    We can also help with some AquaRay returns if purchased from local retailers that for whatever reason cannot help with your problem (as a courtesy at our loss) that is within 2 years of the purchase. Please provide some sort of receipt via a scan, etc. of your purchase
    However since we have invested a lot of time and ongoing research with the most extensive web site selling these LED Lights (as well as other products), only to see many use our information to purchase elsewhere on the Internet with websites that provide little up to date accurate information (just maybe a lower price), we CANNOT help with these returns of purchase elsewhere online. Remember, while we get reimbursed for parts and one way shipping, we do not get remembered for shipping back to TMCs distributor, the time to help with these returns via email, nor the labor time to test and process returns (which can take some time).

    Please also note that while AquaRay LEDs and in fact all other LED light fixtures mix well with a variety of other light fixture types, they do not mix well with Metal Halide fixtures due to the amount of heat produced. Mixing with MH lights could void your warranty, even if only certain emitters are damaged.

  • For UV Replacement Bulb Returns, please read this page first for further information and tips:
    UV Bulb Troubleshooting & Returns

    For UV Bulbs (as noted earlier on this web page); we provide a customer courtesy (one time per purchase) UV Bulb replacement up to 6 months after purchase (this also applies to any aquarium lamp other than the AquaRay which have a longer warranty period as per the manufacturer).
    Since all lamps are checked prior to shipping and since most ALL returns have shown that failure to light was due to either a defective ballast or incorrect installation, we have to insist that the lamp be returned first. If you need the lamp in a hurry, the buyer can purchase another and once the lamp in question is returned, the full purchase price of the second lamp can be refunded ("Return To Sender" can be written on the box and left for carrier)

    For new Bulbs/Lamps returned within 30 days of purchase we can provide a refund of 85% OR for UVC Bulbs/Lamps that test fine/OK (which over 95% of new returned UV bulbs test fire OK upon our tests), we can return these bulbs at OUR shipping cost as a customer courtesy (shipping back to AAP is customer responsibility).

    If a new UV Sterilizer is needed and is the reason for the return, we can provide 100% toward one of our excellent professionally used and tested UV Sterilizers. We are sorry that we are firm with an 85% refund if you choose to purchase a UV Sterilizer elsewhere, since we spend much time in testing before & after with UV Bulb/lamp returns, especially since the UV Sterilizers we sell are among the best anywhere and at very competitive prices!!

    This offer of return shipping is for USA only customers and only applies to bulbs returned to us as we shipped the bulbs/lamps!

  • For UV Quartz Sleeve, Submersible UV, & Hose Barb Warranty:
    Due to the very fragile nature, Quartz Sleeves are only warranted to arrive without any cracks, whether it be a replacement or part of a whole UV Sterilizer (which are ALL checked before shipping).

    This is due to the fact that the only defect would ever be mishandling or poor care. This would also include seals, & O rings for said quartz sleeves.
    Professionally speaking, Carl (the founder of American Aquarium) has kept literally 1000s of UV Sterilizers over the years and has NEVER had one crack or break that was not caused by his accidental poor handling, incorrect installation of O ring, care, etc.

    Poor care can include dropping of the entire UV, heavy objects placed there on, or even sudden or large changes of temperature such as leaving your UV Sterilizer lamp "on" while no flow is sent to the unit (the quartz sleeve will get quite hot and then when a water flow is returned, this will crack the quartz sleeve).
    Damage to a UV or UV-filter because a cracked quartz sleeve or incorrectly sealed sleeve O ring voids any warranty of the UV Sterilizer (however we are more than willing to help with such problems at our cost)

    With Submersible UV Sterilizers, if the quartz sleeve is cracked for whatever reason, including over heating, this can cause damage to the electrical of the unit, which is not covered under warranty. It is important that flow is continuous as over heating can damage the unit and the UV lamp, lack of maintenance or poor pre-filtration in high bio loads is not the responsibility of the manufacturer and therefore not covered under warranty.

    Further Reference:
    UV Sterilizer Maintenance

    We would be happy to replace out a UV Quartz Sleeve that has cracked during the customers use (no labor charge), but the expense of the the quartz sleeve and returning the UV and/or quartz sleeve is solely that of the customer (as well as the shipping risk)

    Hose Barbs, Connectors, etc., as with Quartz Sleeves are only warranted to arrive unbroken, as these are another part that is easily damaged with miss-use, stripping of threads, or via heavy "wear & tear" and generally only work or do not work.

  • Glass Heaters, are guaranteed to arrive unbroken as per terms of the shipping method chosen.
    As well, heaters are guaranteed for one year for defects which include failure to go on or off properly as well as leaking gaskets, but this DOES NOT include cracks since our decades of hands professional experience with 1000s of heaters has shown this only happens with misuse, even if accidental such as letting the water level get too low (it is noteworthy that no manufacturer of glass aquarium heaters provides a warranty against cracking either).
    Further Reading: Aquarium Heater Information; Care, Reviews

  • Filter Max, while these are an excellent product with decades of professional use by AAP's founder, these do have one flaw and that is the elbow, which crack easily if installed without care or are forced apart.
    We check/test each one prior to shipping to look at actual flaws and can assure the customer that each one is shipped in working order.
    This said, should a customer have an issue, we will replace (within reason, as multiple issues with the same customer indicates misuse) the elbows on on a future order. In the mean time a well placed drop of super/gorilla glue will solve the problem and is fish safe.
    However, we are sorry, but since we test these, we cannot pay the already high costs of shipping a new elbow(s) and send these out just by themselves unless these were damaged in shipping and Standard or higher shipping was paid for (Economy shipping is NOT guaranteed as noted elsewhere on this page).

  • Most other items have an implied warranty of one year but for parts that are normal wear & tear or are easily damaged from poor maintenance such as UV lamps, pump/filter impellers, etc.
    An example of NOT covered under warranty is the impeller or impeller well (such as warping/scortching of the impeller well) of a pump/filter due to damage caused by the pump/filter running dry, electrical failure, and/or debris.
    As well, the use of ANY Mag-Drive water pump with a pond skimmer VOIDS the warranty completely. Only a direct drive pump should be used for such applications!

    As well damage from dropping or any other accidental abuse such as cracks in canister filter bodies, sponge filter bases or strainers, etc. are not covered.

    Water damage due to improper replacement of a canister filter or UV O ring is NOT covered by the warranty, but as a customer courtesy within the warranty period we are generally more than happy to extend a one time courtesy discount for a new filter, UV, etc.


We are happy to look at, diagnose, etc. any product that we sell (or have sold) both in and out of warranty.
This includes free diagnosis of UV Sterilizer issues, changing of UV lamps, ballasts, starters, contacts, etc.

However as with a brick & mortar store, it is the responsibility of the customer to get the product to us and back, in other words, shipping is the customers responsibility both directions (we can send an electronic invoice and then provide a shipping label based on the discount we receive from UPS/USPS and email this to the customer).

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Steps to Take

We try to make this process as simple as we can. Here are the steps that need to be taken (we recommend emailing us, to help us identify a return when it arrives).
  1. Email Us: Phone calls are not acceptable as we need a written record as per our Merchant Credit Card agreement.
    You can email us using our Contact Form (preferred as Contact Forms never get spammed), or email us at please include:

    • Name and Email used for order (a printed email "thread" is often helpful if this is available)
    • Date received
    • What product the problem is with (assuming there is a problem)
    • If shipping breakage please provide images of the outside box and damaged item
    • Reason for return
    • How you used this product if it did not work correctly

  2. We will contact for further information if needed

  3. Return to:
    American Aquarium Products
    710 Foundry Street, Unit C
    Grants Pass, OR 97526

  4. Make sure to package the return similar to how we originally sent your purchase to reduce the risk of breakage, as breakage due to shipping us lights, etc., without a box and any bubble wrap or similar protection cannot be replaced or refunded Mailing envelopes are not acceptable for fragile items.
    In the end, breakage is the responsibility of the sender.
  5. Please enclose a letter with your return. Please include name & your order number, copy of email correspondence (or email used).
  6. We ALWAYS return ship to the last address shipped to legally provided by PayPal.
    If a different address needs to be used for our return back, this MUST be provided and CLEARLY stated in an email for legal documentation for protection against fraud
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Requirements for Return

  • Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs & shipping breakage risks except defective merchandise, and then we must be notified within 48 hours. In many instances we can send a return label electronically to USA ONLY shipments for defective merchandise, however we would need to know exact weights (assuming a partial order return). If the customer chooses to return the defective merchandise via their own shipping method after notifying us within 48 hours, we will refund the label at the wholesale cost of GROUND shipping.
    ANY merchandise returned "As Defective" that we determine via tests as non defective will be re-charged for this label upon return of the item or in a refund (this is due to the high rate of fraud).

    Packages that arrive with "COD" or "Postage Due" will be refused.

    As well any International Return sent via UPS or similar methods without brokerage/customs fees paid will be refused. Any attempt to hide these fees will result in any future sales refused to this customer.
  • The product has not been used. Although if returned in sell able condition we can refund up to 85% of the purchase price this amount can vary depending upon time to recondition, clean and what we can sell the product for based on condition). (This does not apply to warranty returns)

  • For 100% refund; The product is in original packaging material which is also in new condition.
    As well, ALL of the original parts, accessories, instruction manuals, paperwork, etc. is in the packaging.
    If we cannot re-sale or return to the manufacturer an item returned within 30 days that was in good working order but missing the packaging, parts, etc.; we can only offer 50% of the product price since we too will be forced to donate it to a local aquarium club or similar.

  • Shipping Damage/Delivery Issues (& some defective items) Pictures of outer packaging and broken items are necessary for products damaged in shipping within the USA. We must have BOTH pictures of outer packaging and the broken product.
    • Please attach these pictures to your email for us to process your damage complaint (return of such shipments are rarely required). Pictures can also be mailed via USPS, although this will likely delay your claim.

    Be assured that Purchases damaged in shipping (in the USA) go to the top of our priorities, so we usually will get a replacement on their way as soon as we have pictures.

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We check/test most all fragile products prior to shipping (including liquids) to ensure that your item was shipped in good condition, however even with the best of care in checking and packaging damage can happen and we attempt to correct this ASAP and pictures often work best.

  • Please do not return broken items and claim they were broken in shipping, asking for a refund without proof of this damage. We need proof, as there are many who have ordered an item, broken the item themselves and claimed shipping damage. This sadly is an occasional scam, and any returns attempting this will be refused.

  • Do not return defective products that were clearly purchased elsewhere.

  • Liquid products are packaged very carefully and we have found that even with severe damage 90% of the product is contained in our outer wrapping. For these reasons we do not return damaged liquids, rather we simply credit your account in full for the cost of the product, leaving the customer with generally 90% of the product at no cost.

  • International: As stated on our Shipping Policy Page we give no guarantees when shipping internationally. In an effort to provide our products to international locations we will do our best to aid a customer with losses internationally (so please do not take your frustration out on us). Please understand that lost international packages cannot be fully credited due to the lack of guarantees for us.

  • International returns MUST be emailed in advance of returns

  • In rare instances, there may be a problem with delivery. Most of the time, this is because the package was delivered to a side entrance instead of the main entrance and the customer is unable to locate the package. If you believe the package was not delivered to your address or have any other similar problems, please contact us within 5 days of when the package was supposed to arrive. Any longer delays may seriously hinder our investigation.

  • Incorrect Address Provided: We transfer all address directly from the shopping cart, however customers have occasionally typed in the incorrect address, which then causes the package to be shipped to the incorrect address.

    Once an item is shipped, we can still change a FedEx shipment up to 1 day prior to delivery to a different address, however FedEx charges us $13 and we will send a bill for this prior to requesting a new label.

    Unfortunately many of our "light" packages, rural, or international are shipped via USPS and there is no way to re-route a package. The best that can be done is for a customer to call their local PO and request that the package be held for pick up or returned.

  • Please note, we will still help a customer as a courtesy in any reasonable way we can if a package is not delivered or is return due to an incorrect address

  • Shipping charges are not refundable under ANY circumstances once an order has shipped.

  • Returns that provide pertinent information will be processed within 5 business days, usually within 2 business. Returns without any sales information, refused packages, and undeliverable packages can take up to 3 weeks to be processed and may be refused, returned to you at your expense, or restocked with a 20% restocking fee. If your return has not been processed within the specified time then please email

  • All our electrical devices are 110-120V, so these pumps, filters, Sterilizers, Lights, etc. will not work in the UK, Australia, etc. unless you have step down transformer and all returns for this reason will not include shipping and be charged a 15% re-stocking fee

  • We reserve to ship ANY product replacement the most cost effective way possible, regardless of initial shipping method or package destinations

  • Finally, 99% of the products we sell, we have either a good relationship with the manufacturer or we will simply back the product ourselves; So please do not feel you should have to "eat" a product that you feel has not lived up to its warranty (or similar), please contact us by email and quite often we are able to replace your product or repair it for no cost or simply parts other than shipping to us.

    Please note all warranty returns are for purchases made at American Aquarium Products only!

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Refunds/ Fees

  • Up to 85% of product price (if any) will be refunded for used products. Amount is decided at our discretion upon product inspection.

  • Packages refused by the customer will be restocked with a 20% fee deducted from the refund. In addition, any postage due or brokerage fees associated with recovering a refused package will be deducted from the refund.

  • Non deliverable packages due to incorrect addresses will be charged a re-label fee of what ever the charge to us is (generally $10-$15). All labels are "pasted" directly from your shopping cart, so whatever is provided (unless we are immediately notified) is what we use.

  • There will be a $1 Fee to change an order.

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Return Shipping/Packing Instructions:

All returned items should be packed in the same manner as they were originally shipped to you. Products must be returned in separate shipping box to prevent damage, as well the original product box should be returned whenever possible, although MOST replacements can be handled without it, so please do not worry over this if you have thrown away a box for an item still under warranty (however for returns under 30 days requesting a refund, we cannot refund without the original product box).

You are free to use any carrier that you choose although we are not responsible for any packages lost or damaged during the return trip.
As well, with return of UVs, Pump/filter heads, etc. with attached quartz sleeves, all responsibility for damage is assumed by the customer.

Return Address:
American Aquarium Products
710 Foundry Street, Unit C
Grants Pass, OR 97526


Please click links below:
FedEx Tracking
(FedEx Phone #800-GO-FEDEX)
USPS Tracking
(USPS Phone #800-275-8777)

Note from TMC about LED Reliability:

"From 2008 to end 2011 – we had a LED failure rate of 3.81%
At the end of 2011, we implemented significant changes to the pcb, including improvements to the wiring layout and the addition of components to protect the diodes from the current anomalies that were causing “1st diodes failures”. The first unit to carry this fix was serial number 55591.

Since this date, we’ve supplied 22,748 units (including units supplied as guarantee replacements). To date (November 2011 to the end of January 2013), I’ve logged 23 returns with failed diodes.
This represents a failure rate of 0.1011%, basically 1 in 1000.

On the back of this, we’ve also introduced major improvements to the casing design of the 600 range focussed mainly on improving moisture protection, providing more flexible mounting convenience and improved affordability. On all products, we continue to track improvements in the technology and integrate these as appropriate."


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