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Celestial Pearl Danio

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Celestial Pearl Danio*Other common names: Galaxy Rasbora, Fireworks Rasbora, Chili Rasbora, Celestial Pearl Danio

*Size: Adult size: approximately inch

*Scientific Name: Celestichthys margaritatus or Danio margaritatus (since Feb 2007, by Tyson Roberts)
Family- cyprinid

*Natural Habitat : The Celestial Pearl Danios natural habitat is found in Burma. They live in spring-fed ponds that have lots of aquatic plants.

*Description : CPDs have slightly elongated bodies that are a deep midnight blue. They have beautiful bright pearly gold spots on the sides of their bodies that are sometimes arranged in little rows. Their fins have red stripes outlined in black. Female coloration tends to be slightly washed out their, gold spots are not as bright.

There is also a variety of CPD that is more of an olive green with gold spots that are more of an oval shape. The fins on these fish have orange stripes instead of red.

*Recommended Tank Size and Temperament: CPDs are peaceful with other species. Because of their small size, care must be taken when selecting tank mates. Other cold water small fish such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows make excellent tank mates. While they are best kept in groups, they really are not considered a schooling species.
Males can be seen sparring with one another, but no permanent damage is done as long as the weaker male has a place to escape.
A well planted 10 gallon tank is the minimum recommended size if you wish to keep more than one male. Smaller tanks should only have 1 male.

*Water Parameters: Success has been reported with Celestial Pearl Danios in a variety of water parameters. The water of their native habitat is slightly alkaline and moderately hard with a pH above 7.0. The most important thing with their water is the quality. Water changes must be done regularly to keep nitrates down. CPDs do best with a water temperature in the low 70F.

*Typical food: CPDs are not picky eaters. They are omnivores that will eat just about anything that they get in their tiny mouths. Various Good Quality Flake food as well as Frozen Foods are readily accepted.

*Breeding: These fish are easy to breed, but they will eat the eggs, so they must be separated when spawning is complete. They are egg scatterers.

*Contributors Notes : by Babygeige (at Everything Aquatic)

These fish are a true delight to keep. I have 7 of them in a planted 10 gallon tank, along with 6 white clouds and a female betta. Despite their small size, they are very brave little fish. While the white clouds generally stick to the top half of the tank, the CPDs will explore all areas of the tank. I highly recommend giving a group of these fish a shot if you are looking for something new to keep in your 10 to 20 gallon tank. They were only discovered in 2006, so they truly are a new and exciting addition to the aquarium hobby!

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