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Updated 5/1/14

CONGRATS to our March Winner:
Vince Dafter!

These are our finalists for March 2014, to be voted on in April (awarded the beginning of May 2014)

We are running this contest every month! Make sure to submit your own photos and to vote.

Please click on each picture for a better view.

Each Picture will have a corresponding number to vote for in a poll following the pictures

From the left; Picture 1, Picture 2

From the left; Picture 3, Picture 4

From the left; Picture 5, Picture 6

From the left; Picture 7, Picture 8

From the left; Picture 9, Picture 10

From the left; Picture 11, Picture 12

You Too Can Enter our Next Aquarium or Pond Picture Contest;
Send your pictures by clicking this photo or sending to

Prize is a $25 credit towards next purchase -

Click on the picture to the right to enter or send an email to:

Please place "Picture Contest" in the subject line

*Rules are one winner per picture
*Pictures that do not win are automatically re-entered unless otherwise noted or new pictures by the same person are entered

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