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This is used for nitrate removal in marine aquariums

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This simple concept is used for nitrate removal in marine aquariums.
It is noteworthy that this is a very simplified version of this concept, this can be easily expanded upon or even used as part of a larger refugium

  1. You start with a 5 gallon bucket or 10 gallon (35 liter) tank.

  2. Fill with 6-8 inches (15-20 cm.) of #00 fine oolite sand.

  3. Run a siphon or over flow from the aquarium to this bucket or tank

  4. Add a bulkhead about 2 inches (5 cm.) above the top of the sand for water removal.

  5. Allow this water to drain into a sump for return to the aquarium via a power head or pump.

  6. A flow rate of about 150 -200 gph works best IMO.

  7. Another method is place this bucket/tank above the main aquarium and pump water directly to it and allow it to drain back into the aquarium through the bulkhead. This is less attractive unless you can hide the Deep Sand bucket/tank, however if you can it can actually be simpler and does not require a sump.

DIY Deep Sand Bucket, tank, for marine aquariums

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