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    By Carl Strohmeyer
    Interviewed by Devon Trigg

    Q: Happy Holidays?!

    A: Thank you for the kind holiday greeting. I'm assuming your asking about the holidays in regards to the business and our customers! Happy holidays to our customers!

    The holidays are actually a time we slow down as people are gearing up for family time and full stomachs. We take this time to revisit our website, written and video content. We also go through our inventory count process. We also meet and figure out what AAP wants to do for the next year. Each year our mission remains the same, which is how do we cut through the big internet noise and get great help to all levels of aquarium and pond keeping. We want to help with a Aquatic University feel. Starting with the basics and working through more advanced methods.

    We still are trying ways to keep up with trends and newer technology and apply the science to a overall healthy prevention minded aquarium and pond.

    We're considering new equiment to bring on and also what not to supply any longer. With new times, we're always adjusting.

    We want to thank everyone for their support through the years and the last 2020 year. We look forward to see how we involve with this industry and hobby!


    Featured Product

    AAP/Gamma NutraShots are suitable for complimentary or every day feeding of ALL fish, corals and other invertebrates. Use as frequently as required, ensuring full consumption and waste with the unique method of sticking morsels on glass.

    AAP/Gamma NutraShots are pre-mixed, ready to use food doses designed to enrich the livestock's aquarium environment and stimulate natural grazing and feed responses.
    The 12 mm food cubes stick easily to the side of the tank or rock work allowing your fish to graze while giving you a close up view of your fish feeding!
    For many fish such as Marine Angels, Tangs, & Butterfly fish along with freshwater Mbuna, Discus and others; NutraShots provide a very naturally stimulating feeding method!
    NutraShots are nutritionally balanced, and made from 100% natural ingredients including Mussel, Krill, Prawn, Fish, Kelp, Spirulina Algae, Aloe Vera, Omega 3, Red and Green Nori, Pro-biotic yeasts, and Garlic.
    As well, the ingredients used have been pre-digested, so livestock can easily absorb and retain the nutritional content of the food, and then dried at low temperatures and cold extruded to retain essential amino acids and proteins. All these processes ensure high digestibility and encourage full consumption of the food, reducing waste and water pollution, and ensuring better water quality.

    As the food is eaten by fish, fine particles will be released into the aquarium, providing food for small fish, corals and other filter feeders.

    A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO FROZEN FISH FOODS, an excellent diet for weak or breeding fish (especially during or following treatment), and as a compliment to fish foods such as AAP Clay Neighbor's Custom Fish Food!

    Think of NutraShots as a frozen fish food that does not need freezing (basically a hybrid frozen dry fish food with moisture content closer to many frozen fish foods), which is what makes it unique!

    Gamma Foods are the food used by Tropical Marine Centre at its four fish-holding facilities in Europe!

    Kahoja quality enhancing goldfish food and tropical fish foods are popular brands in Asia (Taiwan in particular) among professional fish keepers as well as among many fish keepers in California, although not as well known in other areas.

    Kahoja Fish foods are made from many of the same quality food source ingredients as many better known brands in North America such as Hikari often with better analysis that are more accurate to the latest information similar to the Clay Neighbor's fish food crumbles!

    Compare Kahoja to Hikari & other popular high quality Asian made fish foods, except at a lower price! Compare to most any brand in analysis too!

    Kahoja Tropical Fish Food Flake in particular has a better analysis than most premium brands as per the proven science of optimizing fiber in particular as well as lowering oxidative stress via lower energy levels.

    The premium Goldfish pellet for the in its price range.
    Compare the fiber content of 8% to the generally 3%-5% of most other competing brands including the otherwise good Hikari Gold.

    • TMC/AAP High Output 110 Watt Professional Large Pond/Aquarium UV Sterilizer/Clarifier- $469.99 (SPECIAL- UNTIL 12/31 ONLY)
    • TMC V2 Skim Professional Marine/Reef Skimmers 25% OFF- (Limited Stock)
    • AAP/TMC Bio-Calcium Balling DRY Calcium Supplementation 3 Part Set - $35.99 (Limited Stock)
    • Quartz Sleeve for Via Aqua Terminator 18 Watt UV Sterilizer, 45% OFF- (Limited Stock)
    • AAP Ultra-Premium FDA Approved Aquarium Silicone- $8.19 (SPECIAL)
    • AAP/SunSun CHJ-1503; Sm/Medium Pond Pump/Filter- $85.99 (SPECIAL- Limited Stock)
    • AAP Green Water- $2.99 (SPECIAL)
    • Natural Nautilus Shell Night Light- $12.99 (SPECIAL; - Limited Quantities)
    • Tropic Marin Ultra Premium Reef/Marine Aquarium Salt- $19.99 for 7.5 lbs/25 gallons mixed (Limited Stock)
    • Select Driftwood- Price Varies in Cart (Select Items Until Sold)
    • High Output T-5 #PUVLF211, four pin 11 Watt UV bulb (Fits Laguna Pressure Flo 700 & 1400, more)- $19.99 (Limited Stock)
    • High Output T-5 #GPH287T5L/4P, four pin 14 -15 Watt UV bulb (Fits Classic Aqua 15 watt, more) - $22.99 (Limited Stock)
    • High Output T-5 #GPH436T5/4P, four pin 25 Watt UV bulb (fits Aqua Ultraviolet, Savio, Laguna, & more)- $25.99 (Limited Stock)
    • #PUVLF46H, four pin 50 Watt HO T5 UV bulb- $32.99
    • Premium HO 9 Watt G23 UV Bulb/Lamp- $15.99
    • Premium HO 18 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $18.99
    • Premium HO 36 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $27.99
    • Wicker Orb Oyster Shell SeaShell Wind Chime- $34.99 (Limited Stock)

    Recent Article Updates
    Aquarium Water Conditioners- Review
    " The basic premise of an aquarium (or pond) water conditioner is to remove chlorine from tap water via Redox Reduction. The most common active ingredient is sodium thiosulfate, however other similar sulfate based reducers or combinations there of are also used, especially in more advanced water conditions. This is why many have a subtle “rotten egg” sulfur smell.

    As well, there are many other reducers that can break down chlorine including Vitamin C (albeit generally not always as rapidly at safe doses, reference Tap Water in Aquarium/Pond; Vitamin C Use). Even UVC energy from a True UV Sterilizer will slowly break down chlorine.

    Being a reducer and chlorine oxidizer, the chemical reaction is essentially instant (see the experiment a few paragraphs down in the article). As noted, most aquarium/pond water conditioners use sulfates such as sodium thiosulfate. Thiosulfate is a Redox reducing agent. It is routinely used as a titrant to determine concentrations of oxidants such as hypochlorite in bleach and dissolved oxygen in water.

    It INSTANTLY dechlorinates water via this Redox reaction (producing new compounds including H2O), it does NOT alter the chlorine as is done in changing ammonia ions (NH3) to non toxic ammonium (NH4)

    Recent Video Releases
    AAP Marex
    AAP Marex: Chloroquine Pyrimethamine
    Learn about one of the most effective parasite treatments for saltwater fish.

    GH Minerals Aquarium
    Really Need a Water Change?
    Find out why, just a water change is not the best. We need electrically charged minerals in our water for osmoregulation of fish. It's like charging a car battery. We need to keep a charge!

    Hydro Sponge
    Coarse Sponge Vs. Fine Sponge
    Why are people not recommending the fine filter hydro sponge? We think it's just misinformation. It's a great filter for the right applications. Find out more!

    Medication Dosing Pro Tip
    Aquarium Medication Dosing Pro Tip
    Water changes should be done before each treatment, but not in the middle of a treatment!

    Cool Stuff

    Everything Aquatic Forum
    Everything Aquatic

    One of the most helpful forums, with solid members. Ask a questions and learn from others experiences. The group has newbies to long time professionals. Talk about your set-up or check out tank builds.

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    Looking for a sponsorship for your aquatic club, group, forum, page, website, videos...? AAP might be the right partnership for you. Contact us for more details. How can we help each other?

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