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Aquarium Asain Mopani Like Driftwood Specimens

Aquarium Driftwood

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$9.99- $26.99

Unique genuine Malaysian driftwood aquarium decor.

SPECIAL: Select Pieces of Driftwood - Price varies in cart (limited items until sold)

  • Great for freshwater aquarium decor, especially where lower pH/soft aquariums are desired such as Discus, Angelfish, or Ram Cichlids.

  • Excellent for use as a slow acid buffer and compliments mineral supplements such as SeaChem Replenish or Wonder Shells.

  • Superior to Mopani Wood in that this Malaysian driftwood does not leach tannins in the water as quickly and is easier to "cure".

  • Does not float

  • Not recommended to take the place of superior tannin products such as Pillow Moss or Almond Leaves.

  • Ideal for Plecostumus and other fish that like to nibble on driftwood.

We receive new driftwood every month, so please check back often.

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  • Each picture depicts the actual driftwood piece for sale, which means there is ONLY ONE of each unique piece and only ONE can be ordered of each piece

  • Please go to the drop down box and select the picture number you want, afterward, that piece is no longer available

  • TIPS:
    *Soaking each piece in water for 1-5 days before placing in aquarium is strongly recommended.
    Brine/saltwater is best at about 1.025 specific gravity or 1/2 cup of salt per gallon. Follow this with a good rinsing with tap water. Plain rock salt or even marine salt mix is OK to use.

    Boiling is another option (but our preferred method is with saltwater)

    SeaChem Purigen for Driftwood cleaning
    *The use of SeaChem Purigen is extremely effective for removal of "yellow" tannins (should this be desired, as these are not necessarily a problem in many specific aquarium environments).

    *As a replacement for Peat, Indian Almond Leaves, etc., and/or if more pH reducing Tannins are needed/desired for specific aquarium environments;
    These Driftwood Specimens can be cut into increasingly smaller pieces (even fibers) for more pH reducing surface OR simply to have more Driftwood specimens from one large driftwood specimen.

    *If any fungus (white spots) develops on your Driftwood; we first recommend cutting this off, then either adding salt directly and letting it sit for a day OR BETTER adding full strength Potassium Permanganate to this area (not common with our driftwood, however this tip works for ANY driftwood bought elsewhere as well).

    *Driftwood can lower your pH, so be aware of this when adding; DO NOT USE IN MARINE AQUARIUMS

    Please note, each specimen is unique, therefore there is only ONE of each specimen, please do not order more than one of any specimen.

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