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TMC AquaRay Modular LED Mounting Systems
The TMC AquaRay is far and away the most versatile reef or freshwater planted aquarium LED light when it comes no only to lighting choices, but also to the potential ways to mount.
Using the basic mounting hardware included, one can mount these lights in many different ways, especially with some imagination.
Once the unique and patented TMC mounting system is added to the equation, no other LED light comes even close to the potential possibilities for mounting!

  1. Overview of basic mounting requiring no extra TMC mounting part including tank top and canopy
  2. TMC Mounting Systems Open top/Suspended lighting
  3. TMC MountaRay for Rimless or cut/trimmed rim aquariums
  4. TMC Tank Rim Mounting Bracket

AquaRay Standard Mounting PartsOverview of Basic Mounting;

This first section displays a few ideas to mount your AquaRay LEDs WITHOUT purchasing additional parts from the AquaRay LED Modular Mounting System.
After this we provide pictures what you can do with the Modular Mounting System.

The parts picture to the left display what is provided with all AquaRay Aquarium LED Light Fixtures.

With these parts you can install these lights in many different ways, some of these methods are more standardized while some at a little more outside the box DIY applications.
In the next section we will show some of options of what you can do with some of the optional TMC AquaRay Modular Mounting System Parts.

We recommend at least 2-6 inches clearance with closed aquarium (with lid) or up to 12 inches for an open aquarium for best results.

Here are a few pictures that show just of a few of these potential applications.

Please Click most pictures to enlarge for a better view (some do not enlarge)

This first picture displays the mounting of a 600 LED Strip using the brackets and screws supplied with every TMC AquaRay Fixture

1000, 1500, 2000 Aquarium LED tile to inside of canopy mounting

1000, 1500, 2000 Aquarium LED tile hung by wire This drawing to the left displays the mounting of a Mini 400/500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 AquaRay tile to the inside of an aquarium canopy using the provided Teflon screws and mounting brackets.

AquaRay Fixtures can be hung by wires over an open aquarium, either suspended from ceiling, plant hanger hook, or similar (see picture to the left)

Single Aquarium LED Light Bracket Mounting Example

This picture displays the use of the brackets in hood mounting.
In this picture the brackets which are supplied with your AquaRay LED fixture are cut so as to mount a single AquaRay Strip, then screwed into the wood canopy for a clean fit.

AquaRay LED Freshwater aquarium lighting on tank

The picture to the far left display a simple method of placement of an AquaRay strip over an aquarium.

Aquarium LED Light Mounting with Foam Pipe Insulation

This picture displays mounting the AquaRay 600 or 500 LED strips utilizing Foam Pipe Insulation material cut in half.
This allows for simple placement on top of the aquarium glass/polycarbonate/acrylic while still maintaining some space to not allow damaging condensation in the LED fixture.

TMC LED Mounting Systems Overview

Please scroll past the overview suggestions for the parts and prices

TMC LED Mounting Mounting SystemFor those needing more ways to professionally install these TMC AquaRay LED lights, the modular mounting system may be for you.

Please note that these TMC Mounting Systems are not the only exclusive way to mount your premium high output TMC AquaRay LED Aquarium Lights
These provide just another option outside of the many DIY methods that utilize the hardware that is already is provided with each AquaRay LED light fixture

Hopefully the pictures and pdfs here will help a customer or potential customer decide whether or not all or part of this system is for you.

The picture to the left displays how the end caps and cross bars fit onto the rails (click on to enlarge)

The picture to the left displays a previous generation MountaRay Set with Rails over an Aquarium (the newer preferred method is to use the Rim Mount Brackets).
The top picture is one MountaRay set with two rails while the bottom diagram is two MountaRay Sets with four rails.

Each MountaRay has an over-hang of 5.75" (146 mm);

Rails are designed in length to include the MountaRay (with some cutting of rails);
The 42.9" Rails along with the MountaRay set will fit most standard 48" aquariums, the 31.1" rails will fit most standard 36" aquariums, & the 19.3" rails will fit most standard 24" aquariums

Aquarium with trim removed to utilize LED mounting Currently the MountaRay is best fit to rimless tanks, so some modification is required for others such as cutting the trim or simple removal of the trim.
Please see the picture to the left of a standard glass aquarium with the trim removed, which is actually quite simple with a razor blade, knife, or box cutting implement

The picture to the left displays a MountaRay Set with Rails placed on top of an acrylic aquarium.
This includes and "outside the box" adaptation of the mounting brackets that are supplied with all TMC AquaRay Fixtures. In this application these mounting brackets are used to stabilize the MountaRays so as to sit more squarely on the top of the acrylic aquarium.

ONE Rail is required for the 600s and Mini LEDs while TWO rails provide the best support for the 1000 and 1500 tiles (although one rail can work as well)

Rails can be cut with a hacksaw as these rails are all oversized to fit as many aquariums as possible

Rails are NOT necessary for hood/canopy mounting, although these can make mounting easier in certain applications, such as a means for an open mounting over the aquarium, another option for hood mounting using the supplied Teflon Screws (as shown in the picture to the left), or with MountaRays

*MountaRay (SET)- $42.99

The MountaRay Set has been discontinued in favor of the more popular, more versatile, and more simple to use Rim Mount brackets (see further down the page)

The diagram to the left shows the mounting steps A1 through A4 for the MountaRay Set
The Set CANNOT be used for single mounting of LED tiles, as these do NOT include the correct parts.

*MountaRay (SINGLE for use with Mini 400 & 500)- $33.99

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The diagram to the left shows the mounting steps B1 through B6 for the MountaRay Singles.
Includes 4" mounting rail for Mini 400/500 ONLY, these cannot be used for larger 1000 & 1500 Tiles

*Rail; 1910mm (75.2" x1") EACH- $51.99
*Rail; 1610mm (63.4" x1") EACH- $45.99
*Rail; 1090mm (42.9" x1") EACH- $31.99

Please note these 1910, 1610mm & 1090mm rails will incur additional dimensional shipping fees for shipping to ALL International locations and outside the lower 48 USA States.
Please either ask for a quote before ordering or otherwise we will send a PayPal invoice for the additional shipping fees.

*Rail; 790mm (31.1" x1") EACH- $20.99
*Rail; 540mm (21.25" x1") EACH- $17.99
*Rail; 490mm (19.3" x1") EACH- $15.99

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*#1883 Adjustable Cross Link Bar SET- $39.99

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This optional part firmly holds the rails together either for suspension mounting or similar modular mounting set up.
Length= 15.75 inches (40 cm)
You do NOT need these if the rails are used with the MountaRay Sets

*#1879 MMS Endcaps- $8.99

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This optional part helps to lock your LED Fixture and rail onto a crossbar (set of two)

*#1823 Suspension Kit- $39.99

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This optional part can be used to profession hang/suspend your LED Lights directly or via the rail system.

Kit includes 2 wires (39 inches each) and all parts/brackets to professionally suspend your AquaRay lights
Please note if four corners needs to be suspended, two of these kits will be required as in the tiles or most multiple rail set ups.

*#1877 MMS T5 End Caps x 2 - $7.99
*#1878 MMS T8 End Caps x 2 - $7.99
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This optional part allows for simple/easy Retrofit of an existing T5 or T8 Aquarium Fixture inside a stock aquarium hood.
With this part, you would utilize a rail that can be cut to fit with a hacksaw, then rail is placed in the large opening while the small end fits neatly inside a standard waterproof T5 socket to be held in place.

*#1870 90 Adapter x 4- $7.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

Fits older 2012 & earlier AquaRay 600/500 Optima

TMC Easifit Mounting Kit

*TMC Easifit Mounting Kit #3- $17.99

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AquaRay Easifit Mounting Kit #3 enables a Aquabeam, 1000, 1500, or 2000 to be neatly fitted on a tank top with good ventilation or on a TMC Microhabitat 30 aquarium.

Over all dimensions: 12" x 10-1/8", while the actual "footprint" if used on a glass/acrylic glass top would be 8-1/2" x 6-1/2"

The picture below shows a planted freshwater aquarium with two GroBeam 1500 Ultma Daylight LEDs utilizing the Easifit Mounting.
The kits allow the user to also move the lights around to where they are most needed too.

Easifit Mounting for LED Light over planted freshwater aquarium

TMC Tank Rim Mounting System

*TMC Tank Rim Mounting Bracket (SET)- $27.99

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These bracket sets allow for simple mounting of the TMC #400, #500, & #600 series Mini Tiles & Strips over the top of an aquarium with both rimless and aquariums with top moulding (moulding may need to be cut for a correct fit).
For use with tiles, we recommend two sets (pictured below), with no more than two large (1500/2000) tiles mounted this way over one aquarium.

Height 6 inches, Width at base 3.5 inches, Width at top 1.25 inches

These brackets require the use of the desired length of rail, of which the AquaRay Strip is slid into and then attached to each rim mounting bracket.
Please click on the picture above left and below for a better view of how these parts work/fit together.

TMC Rim Mount with LED Tiles, using two sets

Additional Replacement Parts

*TMC AquaRay Mounting Brackets (SET)- $4.49

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These are parts that are supplied with ALL AquaRay LED Fixtures, so there is no need to purchase these unless additional parts are needed, or for replacement of lost or broken Parts

*TMC AquaRay Mounting Screw, Nut, Bolt Set - $3.49

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These are parts that are supplied with ALL AquaRay LED Fixtures, so there is no need to purchase these unless additional parts are needed, or for replacement of lost or broken Parts

AquaRay Modular Mounting System Download (pdf)

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TMC Modular LED Mounting System

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