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Pond Mini hose powered vacuumPond Mini Vacuum

Designed for use with a garden hose or 1 1/4"/ 1 1/2" vacuum hose to remove silt and debris from pond bottom. This vacuum works well for picking up gravel, small leaves, etc.

silt bag
hose adapter
shut-off valve
snap-adapter for handle
brush attachment for use on vinyl, fiberglass or smooth plaster surfaces
nozzle attachment with wheels for use on rough surfaces
Good water pressure required for best result. Pressure from your garden hose creates suction in the vacuum. This causes debris to be pulled up and into the included mesh bag. As needed the bag can be emptied of debris.

*Handle and replacment bags sold separately.

*Mini Vacuum Only- $25.99
*Telescopic Pole (neccessary for Vacuum)- $16.99
*Mini-Vac Replacement Bag- 17.99

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Pond Brush, with white poly UV stabilized bristles18" Pond Brush

18" pond brush makes cleaning and scrubbing your pond easy, while being gentle enough not to harm vinyl liners.
White poly UV stabilized bristles, blue back and soft poly end caps for vinyl liners. Fits most snap-adapt poles.

*Pond Brush- $10.99
*Telescopic Pole (neccessary for Brush)- $16.99

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