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ISTA Co2 Refillable Aluminum Cylinder Set, Reactor;
Planted Tanks

Simple & economical ways to add CO2 to your planted aquarium.
Ista Co2 Disposable Cartridge Supply Set, Reactor, & Bubble Counter

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CO2 For Planted Freshwater Aquariums, Basic, simple


Great for beginners to advanced planted aquarium keepers
Simple set up
Effective for aquariums up to 45 gallons. For larger aquariums two (or more) units would increase efficiency.

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Ista CO2 Replacable Cylinder Set for planted Aquarium

ISTA Co2 Disposable Cartridge Supply Set 45 Gal

Stylish design brings additional elegance to your aquarium set up.

All cylinders come full and the set includes a high quality CO2 regulator & ceramic diffuser

CO2 Diffuser provides both functions of clear CO2 bubble reading and the best diffusing effect

An Simple to Advanced CO2 system that is easy enough for beginners to use at an affordable price

*Ista Co2 Disposable Cartridge Supply Set #00672- $59.99
*Replacement CO2 Cartridges- $12.99

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Here is a recent feedback on this product:
" I thought id drop you a line and let you know how the co2 system is working, so far im very happy with it , its super easy to set up and use! my plants are growing like crazy its definitely worth the money"

Ista Max Mix CO2 Reactor  for Planted Aquarium

*Ista Max Mix CO2 Reactor Medium- $11.99

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A sufficient CO2 supply is one crucial factor in maintaining a healthy and thriving planted aquarium/tank. A powerful CO2 reactor can be a great help. ISTA Co2 Reactor is designed to do just that.

With a patented impeller design, it completely crushes the CO2 bubbles.

Optimum dissolving rate

Both Internal and External use

Quality Material with durability

The Max Mix CO2 Reactor should be used in an upright position at all times. However upon start up the Max Mix CO2 Reactor can be turned completely upside down for a few seconds to allow built up air to escape from the Max Mix CO2 Reactor, then returned upright. Then return the Max Mix CO2 Reactor to an upright position
The Max Mix CO2 Reactor is attached to the outlet of your external filter before returning to the aquarium.

Ista Bubble Counter for Planted Aquarium

*2 in 1 Bubble Counter- $6.99

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2 in 1 functions: CO2 bubble counter and check valve

Works with any CO2 system, not just Ista, using standard air line tubing


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For Aquatic plant aquariums and ponds

Allows the monitoring of the CO2 level from any angle. Reusable color chart sticker permits user to change the position of the label on the aquarium surface

KH Test Kit recommended as well for best results

USE: Take apart CO2 Indicator
Add 1 cc of indicator solution to the reservoir then reattach the indicator firmly. Submerse the CO2 indicator vertically and attach to the desired location inside the tank by suction cup.
Stick the color chart on the glass wall of the tank to read the CO2 in your tank.

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