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TRUE Aquarium Silicone Sealant |
AAP, Dow Corning | Fish Safe

• Aqueon (Dow Corning) Premium Aquarium Silicone
• AAP/American Sealants Aquarium, USDA Food & Construction Grade
• For Aquarium Tank Repair/Construction

Why purchase your aquarium silicone from anywhere else than the professionals @ AAP with decades of experience including apprenticeship in the manufacture of premium aquariums?

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Dow Corning, Aqueon, American Aquarium Silicone Sealant

AAP MeWe Page
AAP MeWe Page

*Aquarium Sealants and All Glass (Aqueon) are the premier aquarium silicones

*Our New Silicone Sealant is "AAP/Aquarium Sealants" Construction & Food Grade

• Stays Flexible
• Won’t crack or shrink
• Waterproof seal
• Harmless to fresh and saltwater fish
• Both Silicones cure at the “proper” rate, unlike many cheap or mis-labled hardware brands that often cure too fast causing a poor seal between glass plates and seams.
• Our founder, aquarium keeping guru Carl Strohmeyer, recommends one tube of these professional grade silicones per complete 50 gallon aquarium re-build. Often much less can be used, since these silicones are very strong in tension, so an experienced aquarium builder will likely need even much less.
PLEASE NOTE: AAP is the original and official seller of this product. Beware of clearance product sold via Amazon at a lower price, you likely will find a product that does not cure at the proper rate. We purchase directly from the manufacture, and even then the markup is only a $1.50 per container, so if someone is selling for less including shipping, you are indeed purchasing old clearance product, not to mention, harming the professional aquarium industry.
Reference: Buying Aquarium Products via Amazon (& Chewy, eBay)

American Aquarium Silicone Sealant, clear or blackAAP/American Sealants 10.2 oz. Contractor Tube (ASI #502)- $8.99
Clear & Black Available

SPECIAL; AAP/American Sealants 10.2 oz. Silicone- $8.19 (Limit 24)

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NOTE: FREE Shipping on orders over $49.99 when Economy Shipping is used!! (lower 48 USA States)

• Made in USA for AAP/"American Aquarium Products", Premier Construction Grade Silicone meeting the highest standards we at AAP require based on professionally trained aquarium building and design experience dating back to 1978.

• Safe for all Aquarium/Pond use and aquatic life

• High Performance sealant adhesive, versatile, long life, weather resistant

• Remains flexible from -80F to 400F; will not crumble, crack or dry out

• Used by many Aquarium Manufacturers

• A Quality Silicone without the brand name price of Silicones such as the "All Glass Silicone" we also sell.
A ONE year warranty from the day of shipping, when stored in original, unopened container at or below 32°C/90°F (actual product lifespan when properly stored is years as per professional use)

• Meets the following specifications; Agricultre Canada, USDA, FDA regulation #21 CFR 175.105, Mil Spec mil-46106 Type 1 and US Fed. Specs. TT-S-001543A Class B and TT-S-00230C Type 2 ClassB. UL File #E209770

• Available in Clear & Black

Aquarium Silicone, Black and Clear, Fish Safe, bottom view

Why use a hardware store brand or purchase on eBay/Amazon for silicone that is not certified as safe for human construction to place your important delicate aquatic pets into an aquarium constructed with or that is not guaranteed fresh while being backed by decades of professional aquarium building experience??

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Aquarium Silicone Sealant, Aqueon, Dow Corning 10 ounce clear 10.3 oz. (300 ML) Contractor Tube (for Caulking Guns)- $14.99

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• Manufactured by Dow Corning For All-Glass (now owned by Aqueon)

• Permanently flexible and does not crack or shrink

• Waterproof seal stops leaks

• Same strength silicone used to manufacture aquariums

• ONLY available in clear

3 oz Aqueon, Dow Corning Silicone for aquarium3 fl. Oz. - $8.59

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Repackaged by All Glass Aquarium Manufacturers,
made by Dow Corning

1. If a repair is being made, make sure to remove ALL of the damaged sealant use a clean/new Single-Edge Razor Blade, clean area to be repaired with a clean cloth.

Applying Aquarium Silicone Tutorial Picture2. Apply Silicone with an appropriate bead size for the size of aquarium or other job being constructed. In other words; 1/4" bead for 1/4" glass width.
The picture to the left demonstrates this with the construction of a 1/8" thick glass lid "hinge"
Please Click on Picture to Enlarge

3. Allow 48 hours for silicone to cure (24 hours for minor repairs)

See this article for MUCH more about correct Silicone use for freshwater, saltwater aquariums & more:
"Aquarium Silicone, Tank Repair, Applications, DIY, How To Use"

From Above Referenced Article:

"Too fast a cure will not allow proper surface adhesion especially in important seams.
It is also hard to work with in building aquariums and the person needs to work very quickly (usually too quickly) for proper aquarium construction.

Not all silicone formulas are the same, as stated earlier, Dow Corning, AAP, and GE produce a RTV silicone that cures at an even and slow rate necessary for aquariums. It is also noteworthy that most silicones labeled as 100% RTV, are still not food grade.

As an example, the popular silicone sold in hardware stores is GE012A (aka GE 1) which contains Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (aka D4). GE 1 or GE012A has D4 at 1-5% by weight.
Ever have one tank that nothing survives in? It probably had that 5% or worse of D4.
AAP Silicone has D4 @ .2% or less by weight.
Studies on D4 have shown extremely low quantities (we are talking ΅g / liter) can limit growth, reproduction, and decrease health in fish and it isn't good for us either. It also bioaccumulates. Once these silicones cure the risk is lessened, but D4 DOES still leach into water and even fatty tissues.

These hardware store 100% silicone contain D4 that is bad for your fish at low doses, although not immediately fatal at the levels leached into your aquarium. Just like you can drink water with high levels of lead or even arsenic for years and have no trouble, but eventually.
Yes there are many studies that show D4 leaches from silicone. None that we know of that involve aquariums though. Most studies are medical devices, implants, IV tubing, baby bottle nipples, water storage, etc. Guess aquariums aren't that much of a priority for toxicologists? But then you got to follow the money."

Orders are limited to TWO total "Aqueon/ All Glass" Brand (Dow Corning) Silicone per order or 24 "American Sealants" Silicone (all silicone sizes combined) as the cost of shipping often exceeds the fees we charge and as noted above this is low profit margin item provided for customer convenience and we simply cannot afford this loss.

*For orders of more than two (Aqueon) or 24 (American Sealants) please make separate orders, otherwise ALL orders of more than 2/24 will be refunded of extra items.

*For contractors requiring more than two, please consider the premium quality American Sealants Silicone over the All Glass which is excellent in cure time, flexibility and meets FDA standards.

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Professional Aquarium Repair, Silicone use experience


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Silicone Sealant

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