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Carl Strohmeyer; Bio, Overview
Founder of American Aquarium, Grants Pass Oregon

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This Brief Bio Includes this information:
*My current occupation at American Aquarium Products and American Aquarium Design from 1978-2002,
*School Years including Los Altos High- 1977.

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Michelle, Danielle, Timothy Christmas 2007 Spouse: Jodie (Joanne Middleton, Bishop Amat class of 1982)
Children: Michelle, Danielle, Timothy.

Parents: Garry and Mary Strohmeyer Grants Pass statistics, geography, pictures, Boatnik, Rogue RiverFor More Grants Pass Information, events, pictures, geography and more Please click here

Co Authored by Misti King;

Updated 2-19-12

The above picture is the Grants Pass street display for Christmas (2007) on 6th St. There are MORE Grants Pass, Oregon Boatnik Pictures at Grants Pass Information, pictures & more including a video.

Carl also has a new pictures page (that will be added to) with MANY more pictures from vacations and more: My Pictures

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Quick Overview
Carl Strohmeyer, was born on February 9, 1959 at Hart Hospital in Baldwin Park, CA. His parents (& one older sibling, Janice) were living in an apartment over his Grandfather’s garage in Baldwin Park.
Around his first birthday he moved to a new home in a housing tract in the fast growing bedroom community of Hacienda Heights (a Suburb of Los Angeles). Hacienda Heights went from orange groves to a community of 35,000 in around 10 years (it is larger now).

Carl currently lives in Southern Oregon, and has been in the Aquarium and Pet related business since 1977. He owned a Pet store and aquarium maintenance and design business in the Los Angeles area from 1978 until 2002 when he move here to Grants Pass. He designed some of his own equipment such as the "Custom 15 watt UV Sterilizer" and Medicated Wonder Shells he sells here (as well as many custom aquarium and pond filter installations and designs).
Carl has done contract maintenance for Disney, The Bahooka Restaurant (over 100 aquariums, mostly larger than 100 gallons), Coaster Co. (the largest furniture importer in North America, also based in the Los Angeles area), and many more. I also have made excellent business contacts over the years (especially in Asia, UK).
He have owned aquariums since he was 9 years old (1968), and at one time had a room with nothing but aquariums on racks, two aquariums high, in addition to this he had literally 100s of aquariums in his care in my maintenance business as well.


Los Altos High Logo Carl went to high school at Los Altos High in Hacienda Heights, CA. and College at Cal Poly University, Pomona.
He was in the class of 1977 at Los Altos High School (Hacienda Heights). He went to Hillgrove Elementary, and Orange Grove Jr. High.

Beginning years in Pet Business and the establishing of his Aquarium Business

While in college at California Polytechnic University Carl got a job at Archie’s House of Pets and within about 6 months he was the manager of the three stores fish departments and an assistant manager at the West Covina Mall store. His original “boss” was Danny DiGiacamo who was great at tutoring him in many ways. Danny later left to run his own stores and Debbie Galea took over running the West Covina store (Danny ran all three). She did not have the business knowledge of Danny, but still a good person to work under.
In 1978, during Carl's time at Archie’s he started his Aquarium Maintenance business (Carl’s Aquarium Service at the time). This unfortunately caused some friction with Debbie’s father and owner of Archie's. He was not actually active in running his business, so Carl along with Tris Higa (whom he would later marry) left to start their own store in late 1979.

The aquarium service business really blossomed when an employee at the Bahooka restaurant called Carl to treat a dying Arowana that she had been unsuccessful at treating up to this point. Carl was able to save her prize fish and she recommended him to her boss, Jack, and he soon was maintaining the multiple aquariums at the two Polynesian restaurants. Carl would add MANY aquariums and he re-worked the filter systems on the remainder of the existing aquariums.
The Bahooka Restaurant would foster many other accounts such as the Lobster House (which fostered many itself in Pasadena), an account with Disney Studios and many more. Also during this time he picked up Coaster Co. (via his store though) which would eventually grow into his largest account up to the day he had to move to Oregon.

Move to Oregon;

Due to family difficulties, Carl (& his wife Jodie) felt is was necessary to move quickly to Oregon, where he would shortly take a job at Carys of Oregon.
A couple years later he re-established his business online (his main partner for the Aquarium maintenance business still continues to run & now owns the the old business). Carl then began to follow advice many had given over the years of writing down his experience, tests, etc in aquatic articles. He continues to research and update his articles to this day.


Currently Carl's health has been an issue with his heart, neuropathy, & SIBO
This has led his doctor to recommend scaling back his time in business including answering emails, etc.


For a More In Depth Personal Biography by Carl;

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