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Atison's Betta Spa & Nirox Filter Media Products;

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*Bio Lif Almond Leaf Water Softener Filter Packets,
*Atison's Betta Spa Indian Almond Leaf Based Conditioner
*Premium Lignite Carbon
*Ceramic Bio Filter Rings

Atisons Betta Spa, Ceramic Filter Media, Premium Carbon

Although a less known brand in North America, Nirox is well known in Japan & other Asian countries for their high quality & innovative products such as Bio-lif premium almond leaf water conditioner as well as premium grade carbon and high pore count Bio Care premium bio filter media.
We now also sell the Atison's Betta Spa Indian Almond Leaf Based Water Conditioner from "Ocean Nutrition" since Nirox discontinued the sale of Bio Lif in North America (a great product, but it never caught on as it did with Asian Betta, Discus, and other soft water breeders)

Atisons Betta Spa Indian Almond Leaf Botanic Water Conditioner 125 mL ATISON'S BETTA SPA; Botanic Water Conditioner
125 mL- $6.99

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5 mL treats approximately 2 gallons (8 liters)

Clear Betta Spa by Ocean Nutrition contains wild almond leaf extract to simulate the natural environment of the Betta fish.

Other natural botanicals, including Yucca extract, help control ammonia, reduce stress and maintain cleaner water.

Naturally lowers the pH of the water via natural almond leaf tannins and absorbs harmful chemicals.

Contains ESSENTIAL Sodium and Calcium, HOWEVER our professional use suggests regularly supplementation of Calcium Ions for Electrolytes and Redox Balance with products such as Wonders Shells, generally used in 1/4 to 1/2 does (such as a block cut in half)
See: Wonder Shells
Please Also Reference: Redox Balance; Importance to Fish Health

A free Betta care guide is included with each bottle

For more information about the use of these products, please see this article: Aquarium Chemistry; Amazon River, SE Asia Water Aquariums

Bio Lif Almond Leaves aquarium water softener
BIO-LIF (6) 10 gram packets- $4.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

Nirox has currently suspended Production of Bio Lif.
Please consider Driftwood (cut into pieces too for more Acid Buffer leeching), Pillow/Frog Moss or Atkinson's Spa (above)

Premium pelletized carbon
150 gram - $2.29
300 gram - $4.49

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Carbon is already ready to use in pre-packaged filter bag
High Grade Lignite Pelletized carbon (sm. Pellets)

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Bio Care Ceramic bio-mechanical filter media BIO CARE 850 gr. (29.9 oz.)- $7.99

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Bio Ceramic Ring creates ideal habitat for nitrifying bacteria.
Long term performance
Works as a coarse mechanical filter media too.
Great for canister and wet dry filters.
Can be used in pond filters, including home made filters.
Purifies water and promotes a healthy environment for fish.
Simple to clean by rinsing in used aquarium water or de-chlorinated tap water.

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