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February 2018 Newsletter
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    By Carl Strohmeyer
    Interviewed by Devon Trigg

    Q: What do you think of the salts on the market?

    A: Used many salts over the years. What I ended up looking for was a salt that had great levels right when mixed and a salt that dissolved quickly. I found with salts that mixed with good levels, mean Sodium, Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium, less adjustments would have to be made making the salt a better value long term.

    I've come to love and recommend the Tropic Marin Salt. While a bit more expensive, it's truly a high science grade salt. Here's more information:

    Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt is from Germany.

    For over 3 decades, Tropic Marin Sea Salt has been and is still the only reef capable sea salt in the world produced under scientific supervision in the most modern facilities designed for the preparation of high-purity pharmaceuticals.

    ALL batches of Tropic Marin undergo stringent quality control in test laboratories. Production and testing is done according to the criteria for the quality management certification ISO 9000.

    Tropic Marin Reef Capable Sea Salt is distinguished with having perfect solubility and maximum shelf life when compared with other salts.

    Tropic Marin Reef Capable Sea Salt works seamlessly with the AAP/Tropic Marine 3 Step Balling Method for reef aquarium maintenance of calcium, alkalinity, and minor/trace elements. Simply start your aquarium with this ultra premium sea salt mix, then use the Balling Method for reef chemistry maintenance (with this salt mix also used for periodic water changes).

    Important Benefits of this worldwide recognized leader in reef salt mix:

    True to Nature

    Pharmaceutical Ingredients to insure high purity

    Scientific Formula

    Contains all 70 Trace Elements

    Special Hydrates of Salt

    Precision of Manufacturing

    The BEST salt you can use for sensitive brackish water fish and even as a small additive for freshwater fish such as Guppies or Mollies when added at 1 teaspoon per gallon to 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons due to high bio available salts and electrolytes.


    Not using Medicated Wonder Shells?!

    Exclusive to AAP, the Medicated Wonder Shell. Should be used in every QT and for a follow up treatment after an illness. A wide spread effective way to cure bacterial disease and help with parasites. A great prevention tool. The Wonder Shell itself lowers oxidivative stress, which is best to keep the immunity boosted. Then the medications resolve the disease infection. A very popular product to AAP. Something we recommend to have on hand at all times!

    TMC AquaGro GroBeam 1500

    Highest grade 6500K high light sunlight LED. Full square spread. Waterproof IP67 rating. 10 HO Cree licensed emitters. Longest warranty of 5 years. The only Industrial grade LED in the hobby.

    Built by a company long recognized as a industry leaders in its innovation and quality of products. There's no better better light watt per watt of energy used. Ends up being the cheapest light long-term, because of the watts used and professional grade build.

    TMC V2 8 Watt Vecton Sterilizer

    Most UVC watt per watt from any comparable sterilizer available. Half the price of the competition! Long dwell time gives maximum exposure, which leads to a high level of protection for aquarium. Best amount of UVC for $ spent. Industrial grade made by professional brand for aquatics.

    American Aquarium Products Specials

    • TMC 110 Watt Professional Large Pond/Aquarium UV Sterilizer/Clarifier- $375.99 (SUPER SPECIAL; Limited Time & Quantity)
    • AAP CUV-218 18 Watt WITH HO UVC Lamps Compact UV Sterilizer- $95.99 (SPECIAL; ONLY until 1/30!)
    • Natural Nautilus Shell Night Light- $12.99 (SPECIAL; - Limited Quantities)
    • Tropic Marin Ultra Premium Reef/Marine Aquarium Salt- $19.99 for 7.5 lbs/25 gallons mixed (SPECIAL; ONLY until 1/30)
    • Select Driftwood- Price Varies in Cart (Select Items Until Sold)
    • AAP/American Sealants Premium Aquarium Silicone; Clear or Black- $7.19 (Limit 24 & Available Stock)
    • SunSun HBL-501 HOB Power Filter- $12.99
    • High Output T-5 #GPH287T5L/4P, four pin 14 -15 Watt UV bulb- $22.99 (Limited Stock)
    • High Output T-5 #GPH436T5/4P, four pin 25 Watt UV bulb- $25.99 (Limited Stock); fits Aqua Ultraviolet, Savio, Laguna, & more
    • #PUVLF46H, four pin 50 Watt HO T5 UV bulb- $32.99
    • Premium HO 9 Watt G23 UV Bulb/Lamp- $14.99
    • Premium HO 18 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $17.99
    • Premium HO 36 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $27.99
    • SunSun JP-033 Fountain/Aquarium Pump, 160 gph- $9.99 (Limited Stock)
    • 38-42" Large Pangansin Hat Style A SeaShell Wind Chime- $18.99 (Limited Stock)
    • Wicker Orb Oyster Shell SeaShell Wind Chime- $34.99 (Limited Stock)
    • SunSun HBL-501 HOB Power Filter- $12.99

    Recent Updates
    Aquarium TDS Chemistry
    "Before I delve too much into GH, let me touch on the the term "TDS" which is simply "Total Dissolved Solids" TDS measures conductivity and pretty much everything that is in the water. In other words, TDS is correlated to GH and frankly everything else in water that can be a solid. TDS is what you get if you let all the water evaporate out of a container. Total unDissolved Solids.
    A healthy TDS reading in a planted freshwater and most community freshwater would be about 300 ppm, while an East Afrifan Cichlid tank would be closer to 800 ppm.

    Basically you can have a high TDS, but low GH, which is why that although a TDS meter is a good device to have for any advanced aquarium keeper, it still does not take the place of a GH & KH test kit.
    As well, using only a TDS meter can result in potentially a poor RH score (part of Redox Balance) since it measures overall conductivity, but this could possibly exclude essential calcium Cations needed for healthy Redox reduction.
    One way to look at a TDS meter is as an ongoing gauge of basic minerals, but just like a test strip, any subtle changes should be looked at by an actual specific water test.

    Disease Prevention
    "Disease prevention is probably one of the most important aspects of keeping a healthy aquarium, although a generalized statement. Following the steps outlined in this article will not guarantee a disease free aquarium, but the facts are your disease incidence will be markedly lower. (Please read ALL the steps outlined later in this article).

    I have kept up many aquariums (marine and freshwater) during my years of aquarium maintenance. It was more of a challenge with clients than my personal aquariums because many of my customers overfed or did not tell me fish were sick until it was too late. However with the majority of regular contract clients, I kept a record of most everything that went into and out of the aquarium (equipment, procedures, foods used, water changes, treatments, etc.). With a few clients, most notably the Bahooka Restaurant with over 100 large aquariums here alone, we had full control, meaning we even fed the fish since we were there 5-6 days per week!

    So over the years, I have experimented with many methods to lower disease incidence and increase fish longevity. Since I had many clients with dozens of aquarium under contract, which allowed me to utilize controlled tests to back up my observations in my literally 1000s of aquariums under my care over the years.
    This provided me a lot of data both observation based and control test based which I humbly submit differentiates my work from those who make observations based one or two or at most maybe a dozen aquariums in a fish room (which also refutes the Ad Hominem attacks my work sometimes garners in a few small but vocal un-moderated social media fish keeping circles). I also regularly sought out advice of other professionals to further improve my results (which seems to be a lost art of late too based on my experience in attempting to reach out and help others).

    Taking measures to lower the chances of fish becoming sick is the best remedy for avoiding illness-related issues. For instance, many common diseases such as Ich can be limited by good preventive measures, while many other diseases such as Dropsy, Columnaris, and Aeromonas are opportunistic.

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    Aquarium lighting 2018
    Aquarium Lighting 2018

    Lots to go over for aquarium lighting. We've taken the first part of our lighting article and turned it into a video format for easy understanding.

    Aquarium Discus
    Aquarium Discus Care

    It's thought to be hard, but it can be done with some simple guidelines to follow. Check out how easy it can be!

    Aquarium Discus
    Marine Aquarium Balling Method

    The simple two part method can lead to an increase of sodium over time making an unnatural balance unlike sea water in the aquarium. This method help with getting all the other minerals, without sodium to make water that's a close to ocean water as possible. This help coral growth and fish help. New to the USA!

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    Everything Aquatic Forum
    Everything Aquatic

    One of the most helpful forums, with solid members. Ask a questions and learn from others experiences. The group has newbies to long time professionals. Talk about your set-up or check out tank builds.

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