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Expedited Shipping

Please have Expedited Shipping Requests in by these times:

*10:00 am Pacific Time for Overnight
Requested via Contact Form

*1:30 pm Pacific Time for 2 day
2 Day is added during the checkout process (at the end of checkout)

Please read our Helpful Articles Prior to emailing/calling

*Some of these found near the top of this page, many more are found in our drop down menu under the Aquatic Information Drop Down in the top navigation bar (including the extensive Aquarium Answers Library)

*Please understand that we spend hours every day updating and ongoing research to keep these articles accurate with top notch information not found anywhere else!
Not reading our information before emailing or calling us is like taking a college coarse and constantly raising your hand to ask the instructor to explain the answers without every reading the required subject material first; How well will that go over with the instructor? Not too well, as this is impolite!

*If further information is needed, email communication is best, because we have many in depth researched websites with even more information we can send links too. These web site articles will be even more specific and in depth.

We now have gift certificates (see button below)

UV Bulbs

  1. If bulb seems to flicker: leave plugged in for a few minutes as new bulbs take longer to start.
  2. If bulb blows shortly after begging use: check your unit as this most likely means a short in the unit (caused by moisture or a bad ballast, etc.)
  3. If new bulb does not light but old one does: Most of the time this means a weak ballast/starter.

We provide a customer courtesy (one time per purchase) UV Bulb replacement up to 6 months after purchase

UV Bulb Trouble Shooting Guide

Club or Forum Sponsorships:

Sponsorship is where we prefer to spend the majority discretionary and advertising moneys. However, due to the many requests we receive, as well a very thin profit margin we operate on, we have to limit our sponsorships to certain criteria such as forums/clubs, which we already have a relationship with, support, and promote our articles/web sites.

Or those that provide indexed web pages with links to our articles such as our "Aquarium Lighting", Aquarium Ich, Aquarium Redox, Aquarium Chemistry articles or many other articles or product pages.

In the past, we have spent much $$ in forum sponsorships only to never or rarely see references to our excellent researched articles and unique professionally used products. We are sorry, but no longer can afford to blindly sponsor forums.

We will often support forums/clubs showing genuine support for our family of websites (such as Aquarium Information and Aquarium & Pond Answers).
However with most requests, we see no mention of our articles or related material, and sometimes when we are mentioned, no honest debate ensues. Rather, it is simply misinformed negativity or even disrespectful personal attacks, like one such forum example, PNWMAS forum.
Due to promises being made about our sponsorships that are often never kept, we must insist on certain criteria for forum sponsorship.

  • References to some of our many in depth professionally written articles.
  • Link on a page from a club web page noting us as a sponsor with a REAL link to one of our web pages (an article is actually preferred over our home page, as our mission is information first, product sales second).
  • DISQUALIFIER: A club forum that does not have a membership forum that is moderated, and constantly resorts to personal and disrespectful ad hominum attacks. As well a forum that purposefully moderates out good scientific content or members who attempt to post such content or defenses of such content. Examples include FishLore and Reef Central.
    As well, recommending members to purchase from places such as Amazon or eBay for products quality products such as UV Sterilizers.
  • A local club to our location in Oregon is also a positive, especially if other points are otherwise rather marginal (although we no longer will be overlooking poorly moderated forums for any reason).

You can find most answers to your questions below. Please refer to these articles before sending us your product use question, then we can fine tune your answer to your specific needs.
We try to answer all questions within the hour during normal business hours.

Helpful Articles, Websites
  1. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. UV-C Bulbs/Lamps Trouble Shooting Guide
  3. Information Articles
  4. Aquarium Lighting Facts & Information
  5. Aquarium/Pond Answers
  6. Freshwater Aquarium Set Up Suggestions
  7. How Sponge Filters Work
    For Discussions, help with sick fish, or non customer questions, please visit:
  • Everything Aquatic Forum
    Please consider asking your questions here, as this also then becomes a base of knowledge for others!!

Request a PayPal Invoice
We can provide a PayPal Invoice (PayPal accepts all major credit cards) if you rather not use our checkout system.
This is a service we are more than happy to provide at no extra charge. This will provide a simple itemized electronic invoice.
Please allow up to 24 hours for the invoice to be sent, as well, please note whether standard shipping or expedited shipping (1, 2, or 3 day Air) is preferred.
Our Policies, Statements, Useful Links
  1. Shipping Policy Page, Shipping Rates, International Shipping Policy, & Incorrect Address Provided

  2. Return Policy Page

  3. *Credit Card/PayPal Shopping Cart Problems*
    A PayPal account does NOT need to be used to purchase from us!
    However, to prevent credit card fraud, a PayPal hosted checkout will reject any credit card tied to a PayPal account that is used separately (please see the article above for more, in particular step #4).

  4. Privacy Policy

  5. Why Purchase from American Aquarium Products

  6. Mission Statement including: Abuse of our Help

  7. Customer Feedback Including Feedback Information

  8. View Cart

  9. Change Order

  10. Club/Forum Sponsorships

Please Check Spam or email used with PayPal account or order
We do have a problem with our business emails being sent to customer spam folders, so please be sure to check your spam folder for emails from us. Also be sure to mark any emails in your spam folder as Not Spam.

As well many customers have an older email attached to their PayPal or other credit account, this IS the email we will send your notifications of tracking, etc. Please check this one if different from your normal email.

*Please also note that we send a personalized email with tracking with EVERY shipment/purchase, so if this does not arrive, again check your spam or other email accounts you may have.
Thank You

As Low As We Can Go
We sell our products at very competitive prices (often below wholesale which is why many retailers purchase directly from us). Many products are purchased at the highest volume tier, such as LED Lights and we already pass this volume discount pricing on in our shopping carts and our shipping tiers as well.!
This also includes a Shipping Calculator that caps after $79 (lower 48 USA only), so a purchase of $500, $1000, etc. pays the same shipping as a $79 sale (of which we make up the difference).

Please to do not contact us asking for discounts. Any further discounts are displayed on those product pages. Such as the sponge filters.
We do however provide an additional 5% on top of bulk pricing for other retailers with the exception of canister filters for other retailers with proof of business license (this would be refunded after the transaction).

We also do NOT provide "samples", as previously noted, with our very competitive prices we cannot afford this, as well our very in depth information pages should provide most all the information necessary to make an educated decision (such as "Fish Nutrition")

All AC Electrical we sell is 110-120 V
These can be run on 240 V with step down converters, having an electrician split your electrical or in the case of the TMC LEDs, by finding a correct electrical cord adapter
An example of a step down converter for Australia (not required for AquaRay LEDs):
240v 110v Step Down Stepdown Transformer Converter 200w

Add to Orders; we cannot access your credit card as this is an encrypted secure transaction for the buyers protection. To combine an order (if not already shipped), please purchase again online (or request an electronic invoice) and then contact us to notify us of this separate order (often we notice this unless already shipped, which in this case we cannot combine the orders). We will deduct any applicable additional shipping fees less $2 to combine the orders (also see our Shipping Policy Page

All Pictures sent to our email become our property & may be used to help others unless otherwise specified!

Payment Methods; All major Credit Cards are accepted.
A PayPal Account is not necessary to purchase, our checkout system (although hosted by PayPal) does not require a PayPal account or your use of one if you do have one but not wish to use it. See:
Credit Card/PayPal Shopping Cart Tutorial
We also accept Postal Money Orders, Virtual Terminal, or we can generate custom Invoices. However Purchase Orders or Checks are not accepted (we can accept some checks, but there is a 7-10 day delay in shipping while the check is processed)

As well ALL our Transactions are performed via a SECURE encrypted "https" protocol PayPal website, UNLIKE many websites that host their own "Pay Now" buttons on their less secure "http" protocol websites.
This is why we cannot access your credit card after a transaction is complete to add to an order, unlike other websites. We must send a separate invoice or the additional items must be purchased online and then we can combine orders (and refund shipping if need be as per our Shipping Policy)

All available parts are listed on the corresponding product page or if not a link is given; SOMETIMES for parts that are not sold separately by the manufacturer, such as the SunSun Filters, etc., we will take apart a new product for customers who have purchased this filter in the past from us. However since we have yet to ever sell all parts in any product we have disassembled just for parts, thus losing money, this service is reserved for those ONLY who have purchases from us.

We are NOT API, Via Aqua, or the Manufacturer of Quick Cure (Aquarium Products now Sergeants Pet Care) etc., however if you have questions that these companies have failed to answer, we are more than happy to answer your question by email. Sending rude, demanding, accusatory, etc. emails because you purchase a product elsewhere from another company will result in immediate email blocking.
Please check our very extensive information pages first prior to email as many questions are answered there already.

We Do NOT have a Catalog, as we update our information constantly to provide the reader the best content found anywhere on the Internet. To constantly put out a catalog constantly to reflect this would be extremely costly and since we operate on razor think profit margins simply is impossible.
Please refer to our articles and selling pages (including our article downloads in pdf) for all information.

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E-Mail Us

Our E-Mail is for questions relative to the online store and its products. Please be sure to provide us with a sufficient amount of information to answer your American Aquarium Products related question.
We attempt to reply within 1 hour (often less) during business hours.
We also check & reply to emails after hours and weekends too so as to provide urgently needed customer service (although generally our email is not checked between 10 pm and 6 am PST/PDT)!

This email is the same location that the contact form goes.
The Contact Form provides us with more useful information to better help with many questions and is our preferred method of contact.
As well our email filters will never reject a contact form, however we still check our spam daily for emails where the contact form is not used, so NO EMAILS ARE EVER MISSED regardless of method used!

Please also respect the volume of emails we get and the intention of our email tech & sales support is to point questions to our VERY in depth articles (which we still spend copious amounts of time updating) or other sources for self help and then answer specific questions from these as quickly as possible (including evening/weekends).

*Please understand that we pay staff for each email (& time spent answering) for each email answered after hours, which is why we ask to restrict repeated follow up questions after hours or repeated questions by non customers who have purchased products we sell elsewhere but are using our tech support.

Our email support CANNOT be used for discussions or "Running by" of "our thoughts" of ones aquarium/pond care/setup details (such as as step by step plumbing our electrical details of a custom aquarium or pond set up), questions as to the hows or why of the information provided in Carl's articles, or questions not directly related to our products sold.
With the 4000 visitors to our articles daily, we simply could not afford the staff to answer the volume of email if everyone who reads these articles, then expects us to provide personalized answers about their aquarium/pond.

For such discussions; including questions about aquarium/pond diseases, questions for Carl, non customer help, etc; these must now be referred to the forum we still sponsor (& many of our staff including Carl often visit):
Everything Aquatic Forum

See also for further information: Mission Statement; Customer Service

ANY Emails or Phone Calls we deem Rude OR Condescending will NOT be returned and such email addresses will be blocked for future emails

Please Click Below for our Contact Form for communication with our customer service (this is REQUIRED for Invoice or Phone Order Requests for Legal Records)

Contact American Aquarium Products

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Sorry, we have discontinued our direct phone order line for technical help (customers will get our phone number via their sales confirmation).
Even then problems including: address verification, change in order, shipping issues, etc. MUST be handled by email for a written record we LEGALLY MUST HAVE. Phone messages for such issues will not be returned.

We can send electronic invoices for those who prefer to not purchase directly online.
OR make a PHONE ORDER by filling out our Contact Form, along with items desired. We will then call the customer for credit card information.
PLEASE NOTE, the Contact Form must be filled out for a written record due to legal reasons involving credit card fraud. We will not except plain emails that ask for a phone call back. The person that will call back for phone orders will call back during normal business hours (USA Pacific Time) and WILL NOT answer ANY technical questions. The phone call is only for taking credit card information, which is NOT saved for any further orders due to legal reasons.
There is a $2 charge for phone orders under $10 or $1 for orders over $10

WE APOLOGIZE for any inconvenience not having a direct phone line may cause. HOWEVER, the costs in employee time alone resulted in business losses, in part because the majority of calls were not even from customers, rather persons needing help with products we MAY sell, but have been purchased elsewhere.
On top of that, not having a written record for technical issues could result in fraudulent charge backs and this results in CONSIDERABLE financial losses!!.
Part of the reason for no phone service is a considerable amount of calls we have taken went on to ask questions that lasted 20 or more minutes, which were already in our extensive articles. There has also been calls, which have become verbally abusive to our employees.
At the same time by just having our internet sales, they have produced less fraudulent and discourteous buyers as a whole.
Sorry, but due to these issues, costs in time and money, and sales calls, phone calls that are from non-customers will NOT be returned.
If assistance is needed, please use our email!

For more, please read: Mission Statement; Customer Service

We still offer world class help via email, INCLUDING after hours and weekend tech support from staff not even in the office to utilize a phone. Few online sellers offer this (also including our staff online @ Everything Aquatic Forum).

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American Aquarium Products
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