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Aquarium Cleaning Machine;
Power Micron Gravel Siphon

Power Aquarium Siphon and Micron/Polishing Filter for a Clean Aquarium

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Aquarium Cleaning Machine, micron filter, aquatic maintenancePro Aquarium Cleaning Machine

Aquarium Cleaning Machine

(By Ancient Mariner);



Cleaning Machine Carbon replacement set
*Replacement Pelletized Carbon (twin pack-2) - $9.99

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Cleaning Machine Garden Hose adapter for use in draining water from aquarium *Garden hose Adapter - $3.99

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*Silicone Lubricant - $3.99

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*24" Vacuum Tube (Bell) extension- $13.99

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Cleaning Machine 50 micron starter kit

*50/20 Micron Starter Kit - $37.99

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For extra dirty aquariums; includes 14”- 50 micron cartridge as well as additional 10” -20 micron cartridge.
For extra dirty aquariums; remove carbon container cap & add 14”-50 micron filter & tower to allow for max filtration. After this initial use, add carbon container and 20 micron cart in order to polish water.
Additional equipment; not required for normal operation

Aquarium Cleaning Machine, extension tower kit

*Extension Tower - $37.99

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(use this for additional capacity during cleaning process, this allows for two 20 micron cartridges and double capacity for large aquariums before the micron cartridges would normally “clog” with debris).

Python/ Lees Gravel Vacuum Pump
*Also available, Ultimate Gravel Vacuum Pump Kit and faucet adapter (replaces Python Pump as well) -$8.99

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Please Note;
The APVG-100 Aquarium Cleaning Machine is permanently Discontinued by manufacturer.
We have NO plans to pursue this device further due to poor communication from the original manufacturer, we simply do not feel comfortable selling their products while still maintaining our standards of customer service and selling QUALITY products.

Consider the Eheim Sludge Remover

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Aquarium Cleaning Machine


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