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Planted Aquarium CO2 Generator;

Jungle Plant Care CO2 Fizz Tab Systems
ISTA Co2 Refillable Aluminum Cylinder Set

CO2 For Planted Freshwater Aquariums, Basic, simple


• Great for beginners to advanced planted aquarium keepers
• Simple set up
• Both are effective for aquariums up to gallons. For larger aquariums two (or more) units would increase efficiency.

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Ista CO2 Refillable Cylinder Set for planted AquariumISTA CO2 REFILLABLE ALUMINUM CYLINDER SET PRESSURE REDUCED .82L

• Stylish design brings additional elegance to your aquarium set up.
• All cylinders come full and the set includes a bubble counter, diffuser, and regulator
• An Advanced CO2 system that is easy enough for beginners to use at an affordable price

*Ista .82L Complete CO2 Set- $149.99

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Here is a recent feedback on this product:
" I thought id drop you a line and let you know how the co2 system is working, so far im very happy with it , its super easy to set up and use! my plants are growing like crazy its definately worth the money"

Ista Bubble Counter for Planted Aquarium
*2 in 1 Bubble Counter- $6.49

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• 2 in 1 functions: CO2 bubble counter and check valve
• Works with any CO2 system, not just Ista, using standard air line tubing

Jungle Plant Care Fizz Tab CO2 Systems for planted freshwater aquariums JUNGLE PLANT CARE FIZZ TAB CO2 SYSTEM

• Provides affordable source of CO2 via simple Fizz tabs
• Easy Set up and treatment schedule
• Kit includes CO2 reaction vial and mixing chamber
• Kit includes 16 CO2 Refill Tabs

Jungle Plant Care Fizz Tab CO2 16 tablet refill

*Jungle Co2 System- $19.99

*Jungle CO2 Fizz Tabs refill (16 tabs)- $9.99

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Sample Treatment Schedule
Tank SizePlant Coverage# of Tablets Frequency
10 US Gal. (40L) light= below 50% gravel area planted
heavy= above 50% of gravel area planted
1 tablet
1 tablet
Once per week
twice per week
20 US Gal. (80L)light
1 tablet
1 tablet
twice per week
four per week
30 US Gal. (120L)light
1 tablet
1 tablet
4 a week
above 30 US Gal. 1 tablet1-3 times per day

Diagrams (please click to enlarge)

The second diagram shows the Jungle Fizz Tab CO2 System installed on a 14 gallon aquarium.
Please note the gravel on the top of CO2 holder/diffusion chamber, we have found that this or another weight helps keep the chamber from floating up during the diffusion process.

This third picture shows a DIY CO2 Diffuser/Reactor that we believe is better than the CO2 diffusion chamber that is supplied with the Jungle CO2 Fizz Tab System
This idea utilizes a Rio 200 Water Pump, an air line control valve such as the Lees In-Line Air Control Valves, a Check Valve (to keep water from backing up after CO2 generating ceases), and a Filter Max #2 Sponge Pre-Filter
We have also found that breaking the tablet in half and performing this 2 or more times per day yields the best results, or utilizing a sealed 1 pint bottle for slower generation as an alternative.

We have found this CO2 diffuser/Reactor less intrusive, more stable, and simply better at dispersing CO2 in planted aquariums, turning your economy Jungle CO2 Fizz Tab System a better and more professional system!
This diffusion method can also be used with yeast or similar methods. (See Planted Aquarium Care; DIY CO2 Diffusers, Reactors for further information)

SANDERS FLORAMAT AEROSOL CO2 SYSTEM Currently unavailable due to International Shipping regulations for aerosol cans

• Can be set up with an air pump or without one
• Simple and VERY effective diffuser.
• Under normal conditions, does not add CO2 at night like many yeast based CO2 generators will.
• Uses simple CO2 pressurized aerosol can (provided) • When connected to an air pump and valve (not included), you can set the amount of bubbles per minute (bubble counter).

Floramat CO2 generator in tank • Simply fill the diffusion chamber every morning (no need to at night as plants do not take in CO2 at night). No problem if you skip a few days when you are out of town, however this is a very simple method of adding CO2 that is easy to ask someone “babysitting” your aquarium to perform, much easier than asking them to mix ingredients for a yeast based generator.
• The choice of many Aquarium Maintenance Professionals for years; because it works!! Popular in Germany for years.
• Superior (in simplicity) to similar price CO2 systems such as the Hagen
• Low operating cost; on average the CO2 bottle needs replacement every 4-5 weeks in the non-air method and every 3-4 weeks with the air method. When one considerers their time worth something the Sanders CO2 Floramat is very economical to use (since this is easily the simplest and least time consuming CO2 system available)

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