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Giant Red/Green Hygrophila
Bi-Color Nesaea
Fern, Aqueon
Geranium, Aqueon
Begonia, Aqueon

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Driftwood for Aquarium

Genuine Malaysian Driftwood for Freshwater Aquarium Décor

Ceramic Castle Aquarium Ornament

10" by 7" Ceramic Castle Aquarium Ornament that has a spinning water wheel

Betta Bed Leaf Hammock
A unique naturalistic leaf hammock for your Betta to rest on
A popular item for only $1.99

Aquarium Decorations
More Aquarium Décor including DeCoral synthetic decorative coral replicas

Sponge Filters
ATI Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filters for bio and mechanical aquarium filtration.


These artificial aquarium plastic and silk plants are the result of much research into unique and hopefully popular aquarium plants as well as careful design.

Each plant replicates the color and form of an existing species. Never has it been so easy to design a fresh or saltwater aquarium with compelling groupings of life like forms.
Combine different colors, shapes, and heights of these plastic and silk plant for an incredibly natural aquascape.

Save yourself the worry of maintaining real plants that fish like to uproot or eat. 'SunSun Plants', SeaGarden, & Aqueon Plant décor requires no planting and very little maintenance.

All these artificial plants décor are completely safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Simply rinse décor under warm running water prior to initial installation and for subsequent cleaning.

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*Plastic, 24 inch long red & green Hygrophila.
*Heavy, weighted base
*Great ponds, amphibians, and reptiles too
*Remove base to float on top of the water

SeaGarden Caulerpa Verticellata aquarium plant *CAULERPA ALGAE DECOR
#SG31- $3.99

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*Authentic silk replica with weighted base. Safe for salt or freshwater
*Unique 4-5" Caulerpa algae decor; Great for marine (especially FOWLR) or freshwater aquariums. Weighted base.

SeaGarden Bi-color Nesaea Aquarium silk Plant
#SG77 Large 15” – $6.49
#SG83 X-Large 24” – $11.99

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*Authentic silk replica with weighted base. Safe for salt or freshwater

Aqueon Fern Aquarium Plastic Plant

#100009821 Medium 9” – $2.99
#100009765 Large 14” – $4.29

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*Natural Gravel Weighted Base Keeps Plant in Place

Aqueon Geranium Aquarium Plastic Plant

#100009808 Large 16” – $4.79

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*Natural Gravel Weighted Base Keeps Plant in Place

Aqueon Begonia Aquarium Plastic Plant

#100009809 Medium 9” – $2.99

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*Natural Gravel Weighted Base Keeps Plant in Place

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